Reverend Insanity
713 True Solid Bat Wings
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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713 True Solid Bat Wings

A wind wolf had its head lowered, its four limbs were stealthily moving as it traveled in the lush grassland.

The prey that it was targeting was a pink flower rabbit.

The rabbit's two ears were standing on end, listening to every movement nearby. The rabbit's head was buried in the flowers, eating pollen as food.

As a cool breeze blew on this mountain, flowers blossomed in this lush greenery, giving off waves of fragrant smells.

The wind wolf slowly got closer, but the pink flower rabbit had no idea.

Suddenly, a black shadow flew past the ground rapidly.

The pink flower rabbit was shocked, it raised its head. Even though Hu Immortal blessed land had no eagle groups, it sprinted away in fear, managing to survive this trial, causing the wind wolf to fail in its hunt.

Fang Yuan, who was flying in the air, observed all of this.

He could not help but start to think: "Right now, I have ample funds, and my own blessed land has turned into a dead aperture, I might as well manage this Hu Immortal blessed land first. After the journey in Northern Plains, the beast groups in Hu Immortal blessed land had fallen in numbers, becoming very sparse. Right now, I am already selling guts Gu, the rockmen transaction is simply unnecessary."

"Hu Immortal was an enslavement path Gu Immortal, Hu Immortal blessed land has a grassland landscape, it is most suited for raising fox groups. If I raise the vitality of Hu Immortal blessed land and make it flourish with life, when I revive, I would gain much greater benefits if I fuse this Hu Immortal blessed land."

Thinking so, Fang Yuan inspected the bat wings on his back.

This was the third time he had tested out flying with these newly transplanted bat wings on his back.

The processed bat wings, if spread fully, were not even half of Fang Yuan's arm length. They were yellow-brown in color, and were quite petite, they seemed much less impressive than the prior light illusion bat wings.

But Fang Yuan did not care about appearance, he only looked at its value and usefulness.

The new light illusion bat wings gave Fang Yuan almost double the speed boost, at the same time, the duration of his flight had greatly increased. After all, the bat wings back then were only a phantom, the bat wings now were real physical wings.

The flesh, skin, fur, bones, and blood were all condensed and refined. There were also many Gu worms inside these wings.

The Gu worms residing in the bat wings were used to activate the newly modified movement killer move, light illusion bat wings.

"No, right now, using the name light illusion bat wings for this killer move is no longer appropriate. I should call it true solid bat wings." Fang Yuan created a new name for this newly modified killer move.

He was more pleased with this movement killer move true solid bat wings than the lion fur armor.

If this movement killer move was sold in treasure yellow heaven, it could be sold for six immortal essence stones or more!

That was because true solid bat wings had much potential left, one pair of bat wings was not its limit. It could transplant three pairs of bat wings at most. The origin of these wings should be at least desolate beasts. Of course, ancient desolate beasts and immemorial desolate beasts would be even better.

If Fang Yuan could transplant three pairs of desolate beast bat wings on his back, his speed would be at least three times faster.

Light illusion bat wings was the most widely spread movement killer move during the five regions chaotic war due to its price to value ratio. On that basis, raising one's speed by three times as much would be even more impressive.

Even though it could not compare to movement Immortal Gu like Worldly Wave Trace, or Rising Azure Cloud, if Fang Yuan met Plump Lady again, her light sand escape would not allow her to run from Fang Yuan's assault.

As the winds blew intensely behind him, Fang Yuan flapped with his wings and flew up into the sky.

After flying to a high altitude in midair, Fang Yuan closed his eyes and felt the sensation of the air currents blowing on the bat wings silently.

His immortal zombie body could not feel any pain, his sense of touch was nearly non-existent. This was a strength and also a weakness.

When Fang Yuan transplanted the bat wings, he spent a lot of effort in order to retain the sense of pain and touch that the bat wings had. Only by doing this could he have a clearer and realistic feeling of the air when he flaps his wings, to feel the strength of the air currents, and to sense the state of the wings.

Losing the sense of pain numbed him and made Fang Yuan fight more fiercely.

But flying was another matter.

Flying required meticulous control, especially when Fang Yuan's flying attainment had reached quasi-grandmaster level. Only by regaining his sense of pain and touch could he truly display his actual flying attainment.

If it was a pair of zombified wings, the feeling would be very vague, especially in intense battles, when he needed to rely on the wings, sensitive nerves would allow him to react and adapt more easily, instead of being rough and careless.

"With a boost in movement strength, I will be able to advance or retreat at will. After I get three pairs of wings, true solid bat wings will be an exceptional mortal killer move, it would only lose out to worldly wave trace Immortal Gu."

Fang Yuan was a strength path Gu Immortal, he obtained a strength path immortal body. Worldly wave trace Immortal Gu had the law of water path, when Fang Yuan uses this Immortal Gu, water path and strength path do not work together perfectly, there was a problem of them restricting each other.

If a fire path Gu Immortal uses worldly wave trace Immortal Gu, his speed would be even slower than Fang Yuan.

The most suitable would be water path Gu Immortals, when they use this same Gu, by expending the same amount of immortal essence, they would achieve greater speed.

Most importantly, true solid bat wings was a mortal killer move, compared to using worldly wave trace Immortal Gu, it had a much greater value to cost ratio.

This was the intelligence of humans.

Using the combination of many mortal Gu, they could achieve an effect that was only somewhat below Immortal Gu.

Using Gu, nurturing Gu, and refining Gu, they were extremely profound and deep.

"The corpse of a desolate beast is rarely seen, even if Gu Immortals sell new beast corpses in treasure yellow heaven, they might not be bats. To collect two more pairs of bat wings, I would need to actively seek them. It seems that now, I should take some risks and go to Starry Sky grotto-heaven."

The immortal aperture of a rank eight or nine was known as a grotto-heaven.

The owner of Starry Sky grotto-heaven was a rank eight Gu Immortal from one thousand and seven hundred years ago, Seven Star Child.

Seven Star Child had died long ago, during Fang Yuan's previous life, one day, Starry Sky grotto-heaven fell from high up in Central Continent, it broke up into tens of immortal aperture fragments, and was scattered all over Central Continent.

Fang Yuan had already become a Gu Immortal, he could not enter these grotto-heaven fragments.

These fragment worlds of the grotto-heaven were already very fragile, Fang Yuan's cultivation level was too high and if he tried entering one, it would destroy the extremely unstable grotto-heaven fragment.

Thankfully, Fang Yuan had a bunch of elite subordinates in Blood Wing Demon Sect.

After competing with several Gu Immortals, they split a relatively large grotto-heaven fragment world between themselves.

Fang Yuan and the other immortals sent their respective Gu Master disciples or subordinates towards the grotto-heaven fragment world to explore and find resources.

Fang Yuan left a will in each of his capable subordinates' minds to direct and supervise them.

Thus, he was rather familiar with the scenery inside Starry Sky grotto-heaven.

"In this life, currently, Starry Sky grotto-heaven is still high up in the sky, it had not fallen or broken into pieces. The scenery of Starry Sky grotto-heaven in my mind will allow me to use Fixed Immortal Travel to enter the grotto-heaven in advance, to take the resources inside. I remember that there were a number of desolate beasts inside the grotto-heaven, there were even ancient desolate beasts and among them, there was a star demon bat desolate beast. My goal this time is to go and kill the star demon bat, and obtain the wings. At the same time, I can check the situation and see if I can capture a desolate beast and bring it to Lang Ya land spirit." Fang Yuan planned in his mind.

There were still many places in Fang Yuan's memories that were similar to this Starry Sky grotto-heaven.

But for some, now was not the time yet, and others were simply too dangerous.

Starry Sky grotto-heaven was the immortal aperture of a rank eight Gu Immortal, it had not reached the point of breaking down like in Fang Yuan's previous life, it was still very strong now.

"In my previous life, I only sent people to indirectly explore the grotto-heaven fragment world. By that time, the heavenly spirit was no longer around. But in this life, if I go now, the heavenly spirit is sure to be alive, it can summon the entire defensive power of Starry Sky grotto-heaven. If I had not become an immortal zombie, I would not have the qualifications to explore it."

Fang Yuan did not know too much about the current Starry Sky grotto-heaven, he could only deduce it based on his previous life's experiences.

In his previous life, he was not the person who benefited the most from this opportunity. It was a rank eight immortal zombie who rose up as a result of this. The ten great ancient sects which had been extremely forceful all along suffered a loss under the hands of this immortal zombie.

Next, this immortal zombie entered the Central Continent Zombie Alliance branch, and easily defeated the branch leader, becoming the one in charge and calling himself Star Constellation immortal zombie.

He had been the cause of many incidents, during the five regions chaotic war, he was an overlord that could hold his own in his territory.

As for the real Starry Sky heavenly spirit, Fang Yuan did not see it, and did not know the conditions for the grotto-heaven to belong to a new owner.

A few days later, Hei Lou Lan brought strength qi Immortal Gu and entered Hu Immortal blessed land using a stargate. Next, in Fang Yuan's stone nest, she and Fang Yuan, together with the thousands of hairy men, refined the eighth batch of airsac Gu.

After this, Hei Lou Lan did not leave immediately, instead she stayed in Hu Immortal blessed land and listened to Fang Yuan's information on Starry Sky grotto-heaven.

With Fang Yuan's current strength, it was rather dangerous to enter Starry Sky grotto-heaven.

Thus, Fang Yuan invited his allies.

But Fairy Li Shan was cooperating with Qin Bai Sheng right now, her mountain pledge Gu was having great use at this time, it allowed Qin Bai Sheng to gather his forces and eliminate the enmity of his foes, he was preparing for a Northern Plains auction that was of unprecedented scale.

Qin Bai Sheng's compensation to Fairy Li Shan was an Immortal Gu.

With such great benefits, Fairy Li Shan obviously chose Qin Bai Sheng and gave up on working with Fang Yuan this time.

As for Tai Bai Yun Sheng, he was with Shark Demon now, entering the sea and exploring Yu Lu blessed land.

Even thought Tai Bai Yun Sheng wanted to help his 'junior brother' Fang Yuan, he was afflicted with death sentence awaits Immortal Gu, and could not split himself into two, there was nothing he could do to help.

Only Hei Lou Lan was free now, she agreed with Fang Yuan to explore Starry Sky grotto-heaven together.

According to the Snowy Mountain Alliance, since the two were exploring and taking the risk together, any losses to Hei Lou Lan would not require Fang Yuan to compensate her twice the amount. At the same time, their gains would be split into Fang Yuan getting sixty percent, and Hei Lou Lan getting forty percent.

After resting for a few days in Hu Immortal blessed land, Hei Lou Lan entered Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan tried to activate Fixed Immortal Travel with the image in his mind.

He tried for three or four times, but he did not succeed.

Fang Yuan was not surprised.

The image in his memories, although it was a portion of Starry Sky grotto-heaven, it had already fallen at that time, and the scenery had changed drastically.

Thankfully, Fang Yuan had many images in his memories.

After trying for a dozen times, after he spent more than ten beads of green grape immortal essence, he finally succeeded.

With a flash of jade green light, at the next moment, he appeared inside Starry Sky grotto-heaven.


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