Reverend Insanity
711 Giving Up on Possession
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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711 Giving Up on Possession

Cranes cried out, flying beautifully in the sky, displaying their elegant appearances.

As the wind blew gently, the trees on Fei He mountain were swaying lightly.

The sun was high in the sky, but the sunlight could not penetrate into this dark gloomy underground secret room.

The underground secret room was plain and simple, the surroundings were stone walls and other than the stone bed at the center, there was nothing.

Moist water vapor slipped into the cracks of the walls, as moss grew on them.

On the stone bed, there was a rotten and ruined body of a young rank five Gu Master, it was Gu Yue Fang Zheng.

In order to detect Fang Yuan's location, coordinating with He Feng Yang to attack Hu Immortal blessed land, Fang Zheng was plotted against by Lord Sky Crane and lost control of the failed blood demon flower Gu, causing him to lose too much blood and his soul went on the verge of collapse, as he entered a deep state of unconsciousness.

"You want to revive Fang Zheng?" He Feng Yang was right beside the stone bed, looking at the spirit incubating flea which was floating in front of him.

Fang Zheng's master was inside the spirit incubating flea — Lord Sky Crane's soul.

At this moment, a firm voice came from within the flea: "Yes lord, I am willing to give up this possession opportunity, please save Fang Zheng instead."

He Feng Yang turned his gaze towards Fang Zheng who had fainted, saying softly: "The injuries to his body might seem terrifying, but it is not a big concern, even without my help, the sect has many ways to heal him. The problem is his soul. He did the blood sense forcefully this time, it caused a huge burden on his soul, his soul was only a step away from collapsing."

"Actually, the current situation is most suitable for you to possess his body. This body has A grade aptitude and a rank five aperture, his soul is extremely weak so if you undergo possession now, you would win the contest between souls without doubt. Wasn't possession your goal all along?"

Lord Sky Crane laughed bitterly.

Ever since he used the method to harm Fang Zheng, Lord Sky Crane had been recalling Fang Zheng's appearance and all the memories of their experiences had been flashing through his mind.

Fang Zheng's purity, his pursuit of justice, it reminded him of his younger self. Fang Zheng's desire for revenge was so similar to his own experiences.

"Subordinate's original plan was to possess Fang Zheng. But... now in my heart, I feel guilt and reluctance. According to logic, he has the bloodline of First Gen Gu Yue, yet he has been calling me master and trusts me, he had never thought I would harm him. He believes in justice, just like I did in the past. If I kill him and succeed in the possession, I would have to live within his shell in the future, how would I face myself?"

Lord Sky Crane sighed.

He Feng Yang was silent for a while, before he raised his hand and placed it on Fang Zheng's forehead.

A green light that was gentle as water dripped down from He Feng Yang's palm, spreading all over Fang Zheng's body.

Everywhere the green light reached, his swollen flesh and scars healed rapidly at a visible rate.

After several breaths of time, Fang Zheng's body fully recovered, his breathing relaxed, but he was still unconscious.

"I have already healed his physical body, and stabilized his soul. As a reward for being my subordinate, I will give you another opportunity, Sky Crane. You do not need to give up on the possession chance, I will give you some time to consider it, think it through properly." He Feng Yang said.


He Feng Yang retracted his hand: "The possession technique we have is not complete, it originated from Northern Plains. Right now, our sect's Old Lord Can Yang has followed Feng Jiu Ge into Northern Plains, he had been assigned several missions from the sect him. One of them is to collect more information and improve the possession technique. When he returns to the sect, Sky Crane, you will have a higher chance of succeeding in the possession. By that point, you would have already reflected thoroughly on it, give me the answer then."


Without waiting for Lord Sky Crane to finish speaking, He Feng Yang waved his sleeves and his figure vanished.

Hu Immortal blessed land, in an underground cave.

The wisdom light halo that was shining in many colors shone on Fang Yuan's face.

Fang Yuan's brows were tightly locked, his expression was grim and uncertain.


Suddenly, he opened his mouth, spitting a mouthful of green zombie blood. At the same time, countless joyful wills in his mind collapsed and disintegrated.

This was the first time Fang Yuan had gotten injured from using the light of wisdom.

Fang Yuan stepped out of the light of wisdom, finding a mushroom nearby and sitting on it like a bench.

He stretched out one arm to wipe the zombie blood around his mouth, as he inspected his mind while enduring the huge pain in his head.

His mind was experiencing tremors, thoughts disintegrated on their own the moment they were created. The surrounding boundaries of his mind had mild cracks on them, this was the backlash due to Fang Yuan's forceful thinking.

At this moment, as long as Fang Yuan had a thought, intense pain would assault his mind.

He shut his eyes and stopped all his thinking, he was like a rock statue without any movement.

A while later, he slowly opened his eyes, inspecting his mind again.

The tremors had stopped in his mind, but the boundaries still had remaining cracks on them. The speed of his thought generation was slower than before, but they would not collapse upon creation.

That was to say, Fang Yuan could think again.

This injury was no doubt a valuable experience, Fang Yuan learned many things from it.

"Wisdom path deductions have a risk as well, one can get injured. Just like strength path, overexerting oneself would cause them to pull their muscles, and their tendons might even break."

"This time, I was trying to deduce a difficult question of the star path, I used a large amount of joyful wills and the unlimited inspiration from the light of wisdom to deduce countless possibilities. It surpassed the limits and endurance level of my mind, thus I got injured."

"I thought I could use the power of wisdom Gu to deduce the recipe of star shoot Gu. But now it seems that my star path foundation is too low, the unlimited inspiration can give me countless possibilities and directions, but I will need to deduce every single possibility. At the same time, during the process of deduction, more choices would be generated."

Star shoot Gu was Star Lord Wan Xiang's self-created Gu worm. Using large numbers of star rain Gu, small numbers of spring wind Gu, as well as many other Gu worms, one could assemble the killer move — Spring Star Rain.

The effect of spring star rain was to increase the growth rate of plants. Fang Yuan used it many times to nourish his star fragment grass.

But star shoot Gu was a consumable Gu, right now, he could only purchase it from Star Lord Wan Xiang, and Star Lord Wan Xiang was making a huge profit out of this Gu.

Fang Yuan had wanted to use the light of wisdom to reverse engineer the star shoot Gu's recipe, but he did not succeed, and even got himself injured.

"Although star shoot Gu is a mortal Gu, it had been tampered with by Star Lord Wan Xiang, the recipe is very hard to reverse refine. Unless my star path realm reaches master level, if not, it will be hard to succeed." Fang Yuan had a realization.

Star path master level realm, it represented a foundation in star path, and could greatly reduce the possibilities when undergoing deductions. It could help Fang Yuan reach the correct answer much quicker.

Fang Yuan made an estimate based on the difficulty: "If reverse refining star shoot Gu's recipe requires star path master level attainment, then researching an entirely new Gu recipe to create the starlight firefly Gu would be even harder, most likely, star path grandmaster realm is needed. As for modifying Dou Min Jun's star path inheritance and creating an entire new star path Gu worm, to amplify the effects of attacking, defending, movement, and healing in star path Gu worms, that would be even harder. At least quasi-great grandmaster realm attainment is required."

Starlight firefly Gu was a necessity in activating stargate Gu, it would not hurt to have more of it.

But in Dou Min Jun's inheritance, a bit of star Gu, brilliance of two stars Gu, three stars in the sky Gu, four stars cube Gu, five stars aligned Gu, these could amplify the offense of star path Gu worms. If this was circulated, star path Gu would definitely become much more popular, it would even have a mild effect on the current status of the different paths.

Fang Yuan's original plan was to reverse refine the Gu recipe of star shoot Gu and starlight firefly Gu, one was to escape from his reliance on Star Lord Wan Xiang, but also to have a method to obtain even more starlight firefly Gu for his use of stargates.

In addition, raising the effects of a bit of star Gu, brilliance of two stars Gu, three stars in the sky Gu... this series of Gu worms would help in developing a whole new star path killer move that would suit Fang Yuan's needs, and raise his battle strength.

But after making an attempt, Fang Yuan knew that this was not feasible yet.

Even if he had the light of wisdom and had unlimited inspiration, his refinement path realm was master level, his star path realm was merely ordinary, it was hard for his plans to work.

"It seems that to raise my battle strength, I have to focus on my strengths and make use of my advantages." Fang Yuan assessed himself, he was a blood path grandmaster, strength path grandmaster, flying quasi-grandmaster, refinement path master, enslavement path master, as well as transformation path master.

He first eliminated blood path.

Blood path Gu Immortals were heavily targeted by everyone, because blood path cultivation focused on harming others to raise one's own battle strength. The righteous and demonic paths were both unwilling to face such a huge threat like blood path Gu Immortals.

Only during the five regions chaotic war, when the law and order of the regions go into chaos, would blood path emerge again.

Although Fang Yuan had Blood Deity's remnant recipe, he did not want to deduce the completed recipe yet, he did not have the financial capability to refine blood deity Immortal Gu now.

Furthermore, the blood path inheritance in his previous life had yet to mature, he could not retrieve it yet.

Next, Fang Yuan eliminated strength path.

Strength path had once flourished in the past, at present, it had already heavily declined. Even though there were incredible geniuses like Chu Du, it was unlikely for the past glory of strength path to reappear.

The might and prosperity of a path not only relied on genius Gu Masters and Gu Immortals, they also relied on resources.

In the present era, the resources for strength path had mostly gone extinct, or were extremely rare.

Strength path had little prospects, many Gu recipes were lost, and the future was grim. Even though Fang Yuan was a strength path immortal zombie, he did not want to walk on this path.

The reason he chose strength path was because the conditions back then were very convenient, he would use it as a springboard, to change to another path in the future. He later became a strength path immortal zombie because he was left with no choice in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Unless Fang Yuan was like Hei Lou Lan with multiple strength path Immortal Gu, who can raise her battle strength using these Immortal Gu. But such a situation was not feasible for Fang Yuan.

Blood path and strength path were dead ends, flying quasi-grandmaster was merely part of his battle proficiency, refinement path did not excel in fighting, Fang Yuan's only options were enslavement path and transformation path.

But enslavement path needed beast groups.

At the level of Gu Immortals, ordinary beasts were of little use. Their core beast groups would be elevated from mutated beast kings and beast emperors to desolate beasts.

Fang Yuan used the light of wisdom and thought about it for a long time.

Three days later, he finally made a breakthrough in transformation path.


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