pokemon with a system
18 enhancement and recruitmen
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pokemon with a system
Author :VampireDragonGod
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18 enhancement and recruitmen

Black: charmeleon we will capture a pokemon near here ok

*char* charmeleon nodded

So we walk and reach a small lake

(It was here nearby when I saw it, now where is it? Well I will just use my spiritual perception)

And I close my eyes and try to sense the surrounding and a few seconds later I sensed what I was looking for it was on the lake near the surface hiding under the lotus leaf, I walk towars the lotus leaf

Black: hey there I know you were hiding under there little buddy, can you come out

After a few minutes it still didn't come out but I didn't move in my place and it looks like it knows that I'm not joking and it stop hiding and slowly come out and reveal itself in me, in front of me is a frog pokemon that has sky blue skin and it has a sticky bubbles in its neck, it was a shiny froakie and it looks at me with caution I use my appraisal

[Froakie (female)

lv. 12

Bloodline purity:100%


HP: 70






Moves: lick, pound, bubble, camouflage, quick attack]

It's strong and also have a egg move camouflage it will be useful depending on the situation and terrain

Black: there's no need to be cautious buddy, I'm just here to recruit you if you wanna join my journey

*froakie* froakie close her eyes and looks like she was thinking about my offer well I need to attract her with benefits

Black: if you come with me I'm gonna make sure that you will evolve in your final form

Froakie just open one of her eyes like its saying to me that's not enough

Black: how about these I can also give you something that will enhance your elemental energy

Froakie then look at me like I'm lying

Black: it's true believe me, if you want proof then I will show you

I said and look at charmeleon in my back and took something out of my inventory it was the flame enhancing pill it was red like blood but it was releasing red energy that was circling it

Black: charmeleon it these

*char* charmeleon look at the pill with admiration cause she can sense her fire energy inside her body was being energetic, so she didn't doubt me and took the pill and ate it

*ROAAR* she roar like a true dragon this time not just sound like it, afterwards the flame in her tails get bigger until it was the twice her height but after that her flame looks like being condensed until it was back to its original size but now her flames was now releasing orange and white flames

Black: see that, I told you I'm not lying

I said to the dumbfounded froakie, and it looks like she recovered because of what I said and she look at me with admiration but maybe because of her pride but she still didn't accept my offer and made a gesture by pointing charmeleon and herself and looks at me with fighting spirit

Black: so you want to know if I'm really capable and not just relying on those things by fighting us

*froakie* froakie nodded

Black: ok if that's what you want ok then let's fight

Afterward we position ourselves and stare at each other

Black: charmeleon use flamethrower

*Char* charmeleon open her mouth and use flamethrower, her flamethrower is like her tail it was a combination of white and orange flame, but froakie wasn't even bewildered and use her quick attack to dodge she looks like a used to fighting then she used bubble attack

Black: intercept it with your flamethrower

*Char* the flamethrower then intercept the bubble but the bubble quickly evaporate and the flamethrower continue to advance toward froakie, but froakie used the quick attack again to dodge and get closer and used pound

Black: use metal claw

*char* then her claw glowed with white light and attack froakie, they exchange moves charmeleon is faster and stronger than froakie but froakie use her small body to dodge and use quick attack as movement skill to dodge but she can't also hit charmeleon and can only dodge but she get hit occasionally and by using quick attack to dodge she tire herself fast and now she pant

Black: now use your ember to close her escape spot and finish it charmeleon with metal claw

*Char* charmeleon then swing her tail at the side of froakie then use metal claw to hit froakie and froakie fainted
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