Monster Paradise
95 A Life Skill Card
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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95 A Life Skill Card

Aside from special Life Skills, the common Life Skills were not so difficult to learn. Rather, the difficult part was upgrading them to the next level.

Similarly, Army Attack Tactics was not that difficult to learn as well. Most iron-level hunters were able to complete the first level within three days. 

Lin Huang was taught by a specially appointed person that specialized in the Army Attack Tactics practicing crystal. Lin Huang could now gradually divide his Life Power into parts.

The Life Power which initially resembled a clear stream started to divide into two streams, the two streams then divided into three streams, three streams began dividing into four and eventually, his Life Power was divided into 12 streams after he completed refining his Life Power. It was akin to a large military unit that was broken into 12 smaller units.

Lin Huang was puzzled as he wondered what the purpose of refining his Life Power into 12 streams was for. However, after watching the demonstration by the middle-aged man, he finally understood the purpose of doing so.

This was because he saw the 12 streams of Life Power tangling among one another, forming a rope which rotated at lightning speed until it resembled an electric drill. 

"Ah, no wonder so many people are confident with Army Attack Tactics , this set of skill changes the form of one's Life Power." Lin Huang's eyes brightened up at the thought of this. Lin Huang could now attack his opponents with different forms of Life Power.

After watching the video tutorial, Lin Huang now had a broader understanding of the use of Life Power.

He could finally understand why the Life Skill was named Army Attack Tactics . Life Power could be divided into smaller groups like how armies were divided into divisions of troops to carry out different attack tactics be it offensive or defensive; the commander would only have to instruct them and they would carry out his will. This was the core principle of Army Attack Tactics .

Lin Huang spent about nine hours managed to master forming his Life Power into the shape of an electric drill and completed the first level of Army Attack Tactics . His progress was quite good and he performed almost as well as a genius! However, he still could not compare to the true geniuses.

According to the information Lin Huang retrieved from the network, An Luoyu was the fastest person to master Army Attack Tactics and this was about 20 years ago. He spent about half an hour to complete the first level. He was a true genius.

Upon completing the first level of Army Attack Tactics , he received a pop-up notification from Xiao Hei.

"Life Skill detected. Do you want to turn it into a card?

"Does it require card pieces?" Lin Huang asked.

"No, as it is a self-learned and self-mastered Life Skill, you do not have to give anything in order to turn it into a card."

"Alright, turn it into a card." Lin Huang nodded.

"It's done. You obtained a Rare Life Skill Card."

Lin Huang immediately looked at the card that he had just obtained.

"Life Skill Card"

"Life Skill Name: Army Attack Tactics"

"Rarity: Rare"

"Mastery Level: Level 1"

"Effect: 12% increment in the rotation speed of Life Power. Increases attack power and defense power by 12% respectively."

"Remarks: For the first five levels, with every upgrade, each of the Life Skill effects will be increased by 12%." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Card Remarks: Usable"

"With every upgrade, there will be 12% increment. Five levels will mean a 60% increase. When one reaches the sixth level, each of the Life Skill effects will be increased to at least 72%. It is indeed similar to the power of an Ultimate Life Skill." Lin Huang had previously checked out the effects of different levels of Life Skill.

For low-level Life Skills, the speed, attack power and defense power of Life Power increased by less than 30% while mid-level Life Skills increased the effects from anywhere between 30% to 50%. On the other hand, high-level Life Skills would increase the effects on Life Power between 50% to 70% while Ultimate Life Skill increases the effect on Life Power between 70% to 100%.

"Xiao Hei, after turning it into Life Skill card, will I be rewarded with card pieces when I practice?" Lin Huang asked.

"Yes, you will obtain card pieces."

"What are the rules for leveling this skill?"

"It will be upgraded to the second level with 200 card pieces. After upgrading to the second level, it will require 400 card pieces to upgrade to the third level. Then, 800 card pieces are needed to be upgraded to the fourth level. After leveling to the fourth level, 1,600 card pieces are required to upgrade to the fifth level."

"Starting from the sixth level, there are some changes to the rules of leveling the skill. In order to upgrade from level five to level six, it requires 10,000 Life Skill card pieces. From level six to level seven, 30,000 Life Skill card pieces are needed and to upgrade from level seven to level eight, you will need 90,000 Life Skill card pieces. "

"Upgrading from level eight to level nine is a whole different set of rules. It will require 810,000 Life Skill card pieces."

"810,000…" Lin Huang was speechless but he muttered, "Lucky for me, it isn't too difficult to reach level six.."

In just a short while after the Life Skill card was made, Lin Xin came back from school and he unlocked his door when he heard the front door open. "Brother, I'm home!" Lin Xin shouted.

"What do you want to eat? Take your pick from the kitchen." Lin Huang said as he walked down the stairs and towards the kitchen. He took out the leftovers.

After changing her shoes, Lin Xin went to the kitchen chose three dishes.

Lin Huang was steaming the rice and said, "I forgot to steam rice. You might need to wait for a while. It was a busy day today."

"It's okay. I am not hungry yet." Lin Xin pulled Lin Huang to the living hall and sat on the sofa. She opened the photos saved in her Emperor's Heart Ring and pictures of sceneries popped up in front of them. "Brother, I've made up my mind! Let's go to Xiagong City!"

Xiagong City was a popular vacation site because of the palace ruins.

The palace ruins were 80 kilometers west of Xiagong City. People have said that they were remnants of the old times and was evidence that the Protoss had once descended upon this world.

The ruins had now become a popular tourist spot and had around 10,000 visitors per day!

"There are tickets available for Xiagong City next Monday. If you've made up your mind, I'll book the tickets now." Lin Huang shared her joy.

"Let's go to Xiagong City!" Lin Xin nodded her head.


Lin Huang opened the ticket booking webpage and checked. There were a few tickets available for next Monday and the two rooms they wanted were next to each other. He immediately purchased the tickets.

"You still have classes tomorrow. We will go to Baqi City on Saturday. We can have some fun there for two days before we board at Baqi City early the following morning." Lin Huang suggested.


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