Monster Paradise
93 Special Life Columns
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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93 Special Life Columns

After quitting the game, Mu Zimo changed into her purple silk pajamas. She clicked on the recorded battle between Lin Huang and her at her desk and watched it again.

After a short while, a girl in pink pajamas walked into the room. She looked exactly like Mu Zimo.

"Sister, what are you watching?" asked the girl in pink pajamas. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I'm watching the recording of the game battle." Mu Zimo did not turn her head around, her gaze never leaving the projected video.

The girl in pink pajamas watched the video together with her from behind. She frowned when she saw how intense Lin Huang’s attack was.

After she finished watching the video, Mu Zimo turned back and asked her twin sister, "Zixi, what do you think?"

"There is something strange about the columns in his Life Wheel. The number of Life Wheels that he has is different from that of any other person. Based on the frequency of his high-speed attacks, he would need at least three Life Wheels or more in his body to supply such a large amount of Life Power for an attack that lasted this long." Mu Zixi explained.

"I feel the same way!" Mu Zimo felt assured.

"It doesn't matter if he was born with the Six Existential Realm Life Columns with six Life Wheels or the Octadragus Skydragon Life Columns with eight Life Wheels, he is definitely no ordinary person. I wonder which family he's from, he's so young..." Mu Zixi said with a smile.

"Hey, are you making fun of me because I'm not as good as he is?" Mu Zimo rolled her eyes.

"Well, firearms have always been your weakness and you're fighting with a guy with these special Life Columns while your power is restricted to iron-level rank-1. Don’t feel bad for losing the game." Mu Zixi tried to make her sister feel better.

"My power can only be restricted to iron-level rank-1 since I have the power and speed of a rank-3 hunter even though I'm just a rank-1 hunter. If I were to fight with the combat abilities of a rank-2 or rank-3 hunter, that would be bullying. Besides, the fact that I lost to someone that had the same combat abilities with me proves that my firearm skills can still be improved." Mu Zimo shook her head as she tried to console herself.

"Why do you waste your time practicing with a gun? You already have the ability to use bows and throwing knives as your ranged attack. You should strive to become a transcendent!" Mu Zixi suggested.

"You do know that there's no news regarding the transcendent monster that I've chosen? Since I have nothing to do now, I might as well practice my gun skills. You’ve been quite free lately, why don't we play Gun Master together?" Mu Zimo asked.

"I'm not going to play that game!" Mu Zixi said with a pout. "I'm going to bed."

Mu Zimo turned off the video and slept under the covers with Mu Zixi.

After a short while, the sound of Mu Zixi yelling at her was heard, "Don't touch me whenever and wherever you please! Go to sleep!"

It was 10 o'clock at night when Lin Huang left the game cabin.

He was quite satisfied with the experience he gained in the game cabin; he even beat an actual gunmaster. However, he noticed that there was still a huge gap between an actual gunmaster and himself.

The techniques and skills of an actual gunmaster would be different from him, at least. They would not only have a single attack skill like he did and instead, would have immense power from a variety of gunfighting techniques.

"I'll look for some tutorials on gun techniques and learn from actual combat videos between gunmasters. If I'm able to brush up on my gun skills, it will not be difficult to beat the Gun Master Assessment." Lin Huang was aware of his weaknesses. "I'll pick up a gunfighting technique after receiving the gunfighting certificate."

He heard sounds from Lin Xin who stayed upstairs and was not asleep yet. Lin Huang took the game ring and returned it to Lin Xin so that he could buy a new one for himself.

"Brother, you've played for so long." She knew that he had just come out from the game cabin. He was still sweating.

"Yes, I tried the basic mode and played another round in the hunter zone." Lin Huang nodded.

"Did you win?" Lin Xin was curious to know.

"Of course I did. Don't you know who I am?" Lin Huang boasted.

"You're amazing!" There were stars in Lin Xin's eyes. If her brother could win the game, it was an indicator that her brother was a really good player.

"It is 10 o'clock now, get to bed early." Lin Huang rubbed her head softly. He saw the tourist website that Lin Xin was checking out so he asked with a smile, "Are you going on a trip soon? Have you decided where you're going to head to?"

"I've chosen a few places but I haven't made my final decision…" There were so many places she wanted to visit.

"Which few places have you chosen? Show me." Lin Huang insisted.

"I want to go to Qiantang City, the A-grade foothold the most. The photos and videos uploaded on the network are decent. However, it's quite a distance. It'll take at least a month to reach if I take the Demonic Crystal Spaceship…" She was being optimistic even though she knew very well that she couldn’t go there.

"It's indeed nice... However, you don't have enough time since it's your final year in this coming September. It takes more than three months to travel to and fro. You can consider this destination next year after your graduation." Lin Huang advised. The super big foothold was indeed beautiful.

"The second choice would be Cold Mountain City, a B-grade foothold. It is said that the entire foothold was built on the cold mountains. The foothold is covered in snow during all four seasons. It is summer now and this place is a summer resort." Lin Xin loved cold, snowy weather.

"How long does it take to get there if you travel on the Demonic Crystal Spaceship?" Lin Huang was certain she had all the details.

"It takes only one month and we can still stay there for half a month." She still preferred to go to Cold Mountain City.

"The amount of time spent traveling on the ship is quite long… Are there any other choices?" Lin Huang was uneasy as the time taken to go to Cold Mountain City was longer than their actual vacation time.

"There's also Bamboo City at a B-grade foothold and it takes only a week on the Demonic Crystal Spaceship. There is also Xiagong City, located at a B-grade foothold as well and it takes only eight days to travel there. Also, Baqi City is in a C-grade foothold…"

"Since we're going on a trip, we should just ignore C-grade footholds. Let's go to the big-sized footholds, the B-grade footholds. There're only two choices left which are Bamboo City and Xiagong City who happen to be close to one another. There is a place called Black Water City but it is not a touristy place. Choose one location between Bamboo City and Xiagong City. After you've graduated, we can travel to places further from us when we have sufficient time for traveling." Lin Huang said.

"Alright." Lin Xin agreed with her brother.

"Sleep early. I'll take a bath before I sleep because I'm sweating." Lin Huang went back to his room.

"Good night, brother!" Lin Xin immediately shouted as Lin Huang left.

"Good night!"


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