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let's conquer Fairy Tail
Author :Sjtek
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7 My magic

The next morning I woke with a nice soft feeling on my chest. The two women's breasts were pushing up to mine. Looking to the left and right of me I could see them both sleeping peacefully next to me.

I was sure blessed to receive this sort of power, so I could actually be in this sort of situation. But because I had this hypnotic power I could make it a reality. Even though my life was on the roses right know, I wanted more.

I could still remember a lot of beautiful women from the mange and anime. I wanted to have them all. But for that I had to become way more powerful than this. Right now I was just an average human with a hypnotizing power.

So the first thing I had to do was see if I could use any form of magic available in this world. If I had I would train it like crazy to get the power I needed to bring everyone to my knees.

But even if I can use strong magic I wanted to train my body as well. I wanted a great body, which was fast, strong and could take a hit. I knew that for this to happen I would have to train and that would take a while.

This didn't dishearten me at all. Cause while training I could always have fun with my girls. And while time would pass the number of girls I would have and thus could 'play' with would increase as well.

So to get on with it. I stood up from bed washed me together with Lucy and Monica. There were some erotic actions, but I held myself back right know. I wanted to get on the road as quick as possible.

After breakfast I instructed them to go buy a carriage and all the things we needed to live for a bit. When they came back in the afternoon with didn't waste a lot of time. We packed everything up and soon left in the carriage.

After a bit of travelling we were next to a forest and I decided to check if there was any sort of magic power in me.

We arrived at a desolate place in the forest where nobody would disturb us. I instructed the two girls to prepare dinner as it was already getting late.

I walked to a place with a bit of space around me. I had no idea what to do, so I just decided to yell "Roar of the fire dragon" and opened my mouth. Not like I had any expectations for it, but nothing happened.

So I decided to just sit down and think how I could feel any sort of magic. I started pondering quite hard. A few minutes passed and I was still deep in thoughts, but then something happened in my mind.

I could feel I learned something, something about how I could use magic. There were two sorts of it, but they were in conjunction with each other.

One was about spatial magic and the other about time magic. I immediately thought that, if I could really use this space/time magic it would be way too op, so I decided to check it out.

I first started with the time magic. I focused on a small place with all my mind and wanted to slow time in this small area. At first I didn't see anything changing. Leaves in the area were still falling with the same speed as before.

I decided to just focus even harder and what surprised me was that the leave that was falling actually slowed down. While it wasn't much at was still something. I was feeling ecstatic, but this broke my concentration and the slow magic ended.

After it ended I was completely exhausted. I only slowed down time in a small place with a small amount, but I still got completely exhausted. But this actually wasn't strange right now. I still had the body constitution of a regular person and it was my first time using magic.

If I could already use it with great strength who could stop me. If I wanted to get stronger I would have to train a lot. Right now the only variation of time magic I could use was slowing time. But I felt that when I got stronger and more familiar with the magic I could do more things with it.

And there was still something I hadn't checked out. The spatial magic. But I was still a bit worn out right now and the girls were telling me dinner was done. So I decided to first eat dinner and sleep in the tent which was set up earlier.

Tomorrow when I was fresh again I would try out the spatial magic.

I ate dinner together with Monica and Lucy. After dinner we talked a bit about all sorts of thing and soon decided to go to bed. There was only one tent as we would well always sleep with the three of us.

I was still a bit tired from using that small bit of magic, but I'm always up for a round with the two ladies.

They both had their first times already taken away and we even had a threesome together. So they became more proficient in pleasuring both me and each other. So after we were done I was even more exhausted then I was after practicing time magic.

At first after one time they passed out, but right now when I finished one she laid down. Then after I finished the second, the first was raring to go again.

So this became one more reason to get more body strength. I couldn't just let my women walk all over me when we were having sex. That just couldn't do. So I had to increase my body strength.

Right now it were only the two of them and I could just barely keep up anymore. When more women came into play I wouldn't keep up with them anymore. So it was time to get some strength.

The next the day I woke up peacefully. There were again pressing some nice soft mounds on my body just as yesterday. This would probably be the case every morning from now on.

Without waking them up I got out of the tent and ate a small breakfast. I didn't waste anymore time and walked to the same place as yesterday. It was time to try out my spatial magic.

For know the only ability from the spatial magic's I could use was to send a small wave of Spatial magic to an object which will harm it. This sounded really weak now, but I just knew that if I trained in it and get access to more types of spatial magic it will become really powerful.

The only thing I had to do was feeling the magic power inside me, stick out my hand and guide the spatial magic to the point I wanted it to go to. This was easier said than done. I tried it a lot of times and I could finally feel a small bit of spatial magic moving from my body, through my arm and out my hand.

But as soon as it came out it dissipated. But still this was already a major breakthrough. Now I only had to train more and more. So my power would increase and I could send this wave of spatial magic to wherever I want.

So I decided to make a work-out schedule. In the morning I would practice the spatial magic in the morning. Then I would do body exercises in the afternoon, so my body strength would increase as well. Then in the evening I would practice my time magic.

Right now I was still really weak, but I knew that once my body became stronger and when I would become more proficient in the spatial and time magic I would become way stronger.

Combined with my hypnosis power I would be able to defeat everyone. So for now I had to train, but soon in the future I could do anything I wanted.
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