The supreme sovereign system
Alfonso was a historian of earth who suddenly appear in the body of Alfonso Lockheart, a fallen prince that is the Lord of a form...
Author phamtonbullet
Godfather Of Champions
Description This is a story about the pursuit of victory. — “I subscribe only to the theory of victory. I only pursue victory...
Author Lin Hai Ting Tao
A Valiant Life
Description I am Lin Fan and I’ve become a jack of all trades just because of a powerful Encyclopedia. In the first ever compet...
Author Xin Feng
The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Description “I can’t accept this! I can’t! Even as a ghost, I’m going to spend eternity cursing that your relationship will shat...
Author 白鹭成双
Description Chang An, capital of Tang, the most powerful empire in the continent. A heaven wrecking massacre shook the city to i...
Author Mao Ni
Release that Witch
Description Cheng Yan traveled through time only to end up in Europe of the medieval period, becoming Roland, a Royal Prince. Bu...
Author Er Mu