Realm of Myths and Legends
Jin, a hardcore gamer who still lives with his mom at the age of 24. He has never held down a steady job since graduating, his gi...
Author DaoistZenFeng
Rise of The Undead Legion
Three years ago Conquest was released, redefining virtual reality and gaming. ‘An entire world on a server. Dive in and play the ...
Author biako
The Legendary Mechanic
What do you do when you wake up and find yourself inside the very game that you love? What do you do when you realize you that yo...
Author Chocolion
Soul of Searing Steel
Joshua woke up in the middle of a battlefield one day only to discover that he has been transmigrated into a popular MMORPG, Cont...
Author Gloomy Sky Hidden God
Virtual World Close Combat Mage
Description Due to a mistake on his student’s part, a super Martial Artist had received a wrong class in an online game and had ...
Author Butterfly Blue
The World Online
Betrayed by his sworn Brother, Ouyang Shuo miraculously finds himself 5 years in the past. Only this time he would embark on a wh...
Author Sheng Xiao