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14 “heee....what a beauty..!!!.“

Alexis pushed the door of the classroom. All the students' eyes lead to Alexis. She was happy and sad at the same time.

She's happy because the great lord David hasn't done something to her such as killing her or at least beat her but to be disappointed, he didn't do anything. And sad thing is, he made her his sister..'SISTER'. My God, I can't take this huge responsibility.

Alexis comes out from her thoughts when she heard the whispers from her classmates.

She made her composed and released her noble aura. Her eyes were clam and cold which was like an ICE nail to her classmate, bringing the cold feeling to their skin.

Everybody became silent. Alexis went to her sit and didn't say anything. After that, the teacher came and started to teach them.

The day went by and Alexis couldn't wait to go home and see the properties of the white pendant.

Alexis didn't pay too much attention to her classmates. She was looking outside.

Suddenly her blue eyes land on the huge mass of people.

Lots of girls and the small number of boys were surrounding a thing, she thinks.'Ahh that is not a thing but a person.'

'Hee what a beauty..!!!. ' she was stared at him for a long time which was making the boy in the centre of mass to feel chill down in his spine.

[author: Poor boy....he is now her next target😔]

What are you saying dear author?.he, my next target, Navy!! he is my new servant....Umm😌😌.

[author: 😑😑 what's the difference between them?]

The boy in the centre of mass looked around him but he couldn't find the eyes which were on him. In this mass of people, only the people who are affected by his face, surround him.

He, a third-year student in this magic school, is the most beautiful male. Many admired him.of course not only the girls but also the boys.

Today he wanted to be alone and feel the peace of the environment.

But not only god wanted to pair him with girls but also guys..WHY GOD, YOU ARE INTENDING ME TO BE GAY....isn't it???


*flashback where the god intending him to be gay*

" senior please be my boyfriend." a girl with the brown girl confessed.

" haha!!! senior...kiss me and be a boyfriend." another girl said.

Many girls who were here to help to confessed the first girl's love to him, were now fighting between then because of his beauty. He can only sigh.

"seniorrr.....please take my first time" from far place a loud voice was heard. Everyone's eyes lead to voice location.

He narrowed his eyes to see the clear vision and found that the smoke of dust was not only the smoke but the large mass of boys and girls, making there way to him.

He grasps' shit what 😦 are they?'.He was ready to run but he was late by a second. A force pulls him from running. A huge mass of people surrounded him and he couldn't do anything.'😣😣yeah yeah be in line to confessed...' He can only say those word to them.

everyone starts to confess to him but this time the confessed were a little bit off. The confessions were not like before such as to be a boyfriend or to kiss but..this is too much to handle me...

" senior give me France kisses."

"no senior gives me all kind of kisses."

"huh!! who do you think you are...noo senior give me those."

" can you please...wish some others kind of things like..da.." before he could say 'date' word a boy with the muscular body came forward and said.

"senior take my virginity... I have protected my body only for you to taste"



These blunt words make silent in mass.

' bro.. isn't this kind of blunt way to confess your feeling, make me gay too. I really don't want to become gay guy huhuh😭😭' he can only cry secretly beside his bedside.' no one cared about me..'.

". ...yeah.my also senior"

" nooo senior mine"

"....me too"

"...no mine "

*flash back end result: still fight now after this confit*


like that He is now in this kind of situation where he can only silently listen to their words.

He doesn't know how to or what to say to these kinds of people.

Because of them, he couldn't attend his classes. Even so, he is known for his talent. Having an element of Ice, with a good background he is like a prince but though he is beautiful and powerful. Still, it will not change the fact of an illegitimate son of the Darwin family.

He has induced the humiliation and hate from his own father and family member. when he was small his mother who always loved him once turned her back to him.

He knew that day, the mother of his has wanted him to be the way to attract the attention of his father but at last, failed so she made him drink the poison so she could attract his father pity for him cause he was his son.

When father knew about his mother dirty ways, father hated his mother and him too.

His father was not a good person as in seem in outside. father never cared about his mother and him.' Young me had always blamed the father for not loving mother and me who were always yawning for his love but he only loved his mistress. my mother is his legal wife but no one knew this fact cause father has already shown the legal madam of Darwin family.haha it was all trap of his own family.'

while thinking those things a sad expression was on his face which was noticed by Alexis from her classroom.

'Heh! ....'

'umm he is my pig servant.'

'dear boss don't look at him...look front'oggil was persisting her so unwantedly looked at the front and noticed that her teacher was gazing at her like he wanted to kill her and make pig soup.

'hehe..' it will be fine to not look at outside.

The lesson was done and so she wanted to talk with her pig servant but she doesn't get the chance as her brother Arthur pulls her to go home with him. Sigh! she could only walk with him.


Alexis was lying in her beautiful bed. She was still recalling her weird time with David and beautiful beauty.

'oggy don't you think is kind of weird?'Alexis couldn't help but asked Oggil cause she is having this unique feeling immersing inside her.

'what is ' weird ' that you're talking about the boss?'.oggil lazily questioned her instead of answering.

'Well, I am having this feeling that with this kind of relationship with David will make me something else'.Alexis seriously said.

[author: Alexis totally forget about her pig servant.😓🤦‍♀️]

'of course, you will become strong not only in power but also in the background'. Oggil was clearly seeing his lazy and powerful life after a short period.

Giggle.....fill the mind of Alexis, not the pretty one, in Oggi's giggle there is vividly showing evil intention and exciting vibes.

" Sister....what are you doing?" Arthur enters the room of Alexis but when the moment he comes inside of the room, the first thing he saw his sister is in an alien position.

"what..what are you doing?"😱😱