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13 Do you like it?

Alexis doesn't know what just happened And how just this great person has become her brother.

'Boss wooowww....!!!'Alexis heard a loud shout in her mind. That was, of course, oggil's voice.

'what thing is 'wow' in this kind of situation?'Alexis doesn't understand the way of thinking which can be thought by soul assistance.

Some time she pities other cultivators who have this kind of assistance. In this dangerous time, it should be 'HELP!!' instead of ' WOW'.

[author: tsk tsk alee you are also included in that pitiful group...(covering mouth to stop the laugh)]

' Ayaa my beautiful Boss you should be happy. He is more powerful, handsome and last but not least he can be used in many ways' Oggil said out his all thoughts. He has the evil smile but surely Alexis can't see his face cause he is in his soul form which has only smoke like structure.

Thinking like her oggy indeed, there are many ways to use him.' ah! ah! definitely, God has given me huge lucky charm muhmuhhehe' Alexis couldn't surprise her laughter longer and laugh out loud.

From the beginning to end, David has his eyes only on Alexis.

Some times his new sister closed her eyes, sometimes she talks without sound and sometimes shoots her head.

'Did I make a mistake to recognise Alexis but my power is working properly(taking his small spark of thunder power)??'

When David released his power. it makes Alexis who seem to be in her soul pool, shocked.

Alexis gulped a mouthful her saliva.

'did she has done something bad to make him mad? GOD don't make him angry. I will not be able to handle him and this is all because of author humph'

[author: WHAT you are blaming me for making you weak?!!huh! alee you are the mc here...you should do more practice. hhuhuhu you are bad girl making me, a weak and small girl crying..( be offline)]

Alexis: what 😦, just happened to her? (shaking head as she doesn't know her mistake)

"ah...ha...haha so...new bro..umm brother David I have classes to attend so bye" Alexis could not wait a minute to be finished in this wild forest.


"what..haha what is it, brother?" Alexis stopped walking after David said to.

Alexis was so nervous that she doesn't even notice she was laughing none stop.

Seeing Alexis's nervous David couldn't help but be happy.

"Wear it" David took out a white pendant don't know from where but it was shining and so beautiful.

Alexis couldn't take her eyes away from it. She was only looking at it as it was meant to be hers.

Seeing her like that David doesn't say anything. He went to the back of Alexis and slowly and smoothly he placed the pendant on the soft and creamy white neck of Alexis.

The sudden moment makes Alexis blush.' What was he doing?'.

Little Bit David has knowledge that he was interested in Alexis. He thought, ' this cute fox is way too cunning and smart.' Because of it, he wanted to make her sister.

Yeah, that is an excuse for the feeling developing on his heart. He didn't know anything about her. She was just the stranger to him when he met her but even in her ugly appearance, she captures his attention.

He is a cold and strong person who didn't pay most important to the lowly people but didn't even notice so, his attention went to her. In his mind, he thought to make her stay by his side in every means.

He had just a kind of feelings toward Alexis as they knew each other for long periods of time ago. In order to find the reason for his weird feeling, he decided to make his sister.

" do you like it?"David comes from his thoughts and he saw a new expression on Alexis' face which make his heart to skip a bit.

Up until now, Alexis has always shown her aloof face an angry expression but today he saw her blushing in excitement.

"umm, I like it...thank you" Alexis seriously said. though she was still blushing she didn't forget to say 'thank you' to David. This was the most beautiful gift she ever had.

Seeing her like she really meant 'thank you ' he smiles and said" Good... I will not able to be by your side for a certain period of time in that period you have to be good and behave..understood"

David said those word so sweetly which make Alexis more to blush.

David left her alone in the forest after saying those words. He was happy and somewhat sad also for leaving his newly made sister.

When David figure disappeared, Alexis gave one slap on her each side with her both hands.

There was a red area on her soft cheeks." OUCH...it hurts.."

She doesn't know what just happened to her. She has made the great person her brother and not only that she even got a white pendant....ahhhhh! lucky...(dancing for two minutes). humph.. let's go to class.