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12 First meeting!!

In a room which looks luxurious and fine, decorated with simple furniture and grey color ceiling. There was a young boy who was sitting on the chair. He was looking at the document which was in his hand.

He put down the document on the table in front of him.

He lost in the thought of a certain girl who was a chubby figure which shows the cuteness of her but it can't hide the intelligence of her.

When she looked at him with the cold eyes, when she ignored him and when she blocked his attack.

At that time, a kind of feeling immersed in his heart that had the eagerness to melt the cold eyes into warm when they looked at him, to only make her eyes to see him and to only be in his surrounding.

"Ah, I kind of know this feeling it means..." David was only thinking about Alexis the moment he led eye on her in the Academy.

[author: David you are admitting that you like her.. hehehe ^~^]

"it means I have a feeling for her...as a brother" David concluded this kind of thinking. He has made his mind to make Alexis as her sister. Yes, she is now my sister. David thought himself.

[author: what bull shit are you throw to my readers. you-you idiot, can't you least say that I am interested in Alexis but no you immediately make your future wife as you sister haaaa... somehow I am mad 😡 ]

As he ignored my words, David was only thinking to meet with her again and make her sister before he went to the center country.

Without any time to waste, he took his step on the academy ground. He looked at the classroom of Alexis as he knows from his brother. But disappointing only come to his look, he couldn't find his yet to be a sister.

David narrowed his eyes brow and expand his magic to search for her location.

It didn't take him to locate her. He now knew that Alexis was in the rooftop and she was surrounded by a group of eights girl and Among them, there were some who was powerful than her right now.

[author: hehe....only right now...David you are over thinking I will make sure to make the slow process in her cultivation....😆😆]

( Wait you, author, while I am in my space with my lovely oggy and here you are thinking about slowing my cultivation, I will make you cry when the time come)

[author: sshee... I got goosebumps. something is not right]

Knowing Alexis can't win over the group, he decided to save his yet to be a sister.

With the flash of the move, he got Alexis in his arm and exit from there without giving other girls to see the face of him.


Alexis didn't know what happens with her. With a few seconds of time, she arrived at the forest of the academy.

Alexis was revealed that she was within the premise of the academy but there was a huge problem in front of her than that.

And that is David Walker. She sought to leave this place immediately and hide somewhere were this demon will not find her but now she couldn't do anything caused David was gazing at her as he could see her naked body through her clothes.

The silence covered between them none were to start their conversation as they only looking at each other.

'Help God why this devil wants from me. I am not strong enough to be is the opponent. Can't he just ignored me.' Alexis was cursing her luck.

David didn't know the wild thoughts of Alexis. He glanced her to found some extra expression but he couldn't get his goal because Alexia has the same cold face when he met with her first time.

After a few minutes of an attempt to change her expression he gave up and decided to break the silence.

But before he could ask, she said"you, Mr. Walker what the motives of your as me bringing in this forest?"

David slightly raises the corner of his eyebrow when he heard her bold question 'heh..motives!!'

"Sorry to disappoint you miss Anwar, but it not you are thinking" David whispered on her ears and Alexis could hear him laughing short and softly.

It made the ears of Alexis turned into red.

"what do you mean? I am not thinking that you are."Alexis nervously said those words.' Ahh, what did I say? why can't I be calm near him? .. I have to stay away from him' Alexis didn't know that this small meeting with him, make her life and his life into a new way. Alexis will not be able to live without him and same as for David also but that will be in the future. As for this time, they will be in sister brother relation or friends.

" miss Anwar what is the meaning of 'that' as you said?" David again thought of teasing her. But seeing her making dark expression he decided to stop teasing her.

"Be mine.be my sister" David went straight to the point.

"heh!! Be..b.be yours" Alexis was shocked as she heard him saying 'be mine' but after thinking vividly she understands those words meaning.

He was not saying her to be 'his woman' but to be 'his sister' as she was not wrong when she heard him saying' be my sister'.

Alexis breathes long and calms her heart and mind to not go wild. A smile was pasted at her face while looking at him.

" Don't you remember me...? I am your brother "

"huh.Mr. Walker, I think there is some mistake. you also already know I have Five brothers except them I don't remember any other brother."

oh, but it can not be impossible either, if his father has some illegitimate children then they are her brothers but in the case of David Walker, it is totally impossible. Cross sign as proof.how can a handsome guy like David be the son of that ugly father of her?? there is no possibility.

[author: how rude of you to say some bad words of your own father. By saying that word it also makes you ugly. as there is saying like a father like a daughter. you also have some blood in you vain tsk tsk. Haha you said yourselves ugly puff]

Alexis first analysis his words any thought that he is missing his sister as she heard his sister was dead at a young age. So she nodded in agreement.

"Okay, I will be your sister from now on.. so.Mr Walker do not feel sad about her" Alexis softly said to David but her eyes has missed the surprised look in David.

David was stunned from the words of Alexis 'does she thought that I was sad about my dead sister so I asked her to be my sister...hmmm it also can be used hehe'.



"I mean say brother to me"

"umm.. brother"

"add David also"

"hah!..oh..brother David"

Satisfied with her obedience he smiles secretly.