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Alexis was having a headache due to the over the flow of owner memories..rubbing and kneading her muscles around her head Alexis has noticed that owner 's older brothers....'.huh I have already occupied this body so now I am their sister'[Author: yeah yeah rolling eyes]

Alexis's brothers really love her though they don't show that kind expression in their face unlike directly showing their love they loved to show their affection toward this pitiful... I mean little sister in a weird way... just like now.

"take this box " a young boy around twenty-three years old said coldly. He, Belin Anwar is the eldest brother of Alexis. He is a senior level swordsman. his personalities is cold-hearted in the eyes of others but all of the Anwar family members know that he is a warm person in heart who wants to protect his beloved one.

"Brother, what is this ? "smiling while asking but it doesn't reach her eyes because Alexis knows that although this brother doesn't laugh or smile but loves to joke with his siblings how did she knows this ??? cause in his young age of 15 by saying toad can turn into a prince. he has made this body owner who was only five years old to kissed ugly toad.... and that toad was personally captured by him....humph.

[author: huh!! Alexis, don't you told me he is YOUR brother now? such a shameless girl shaking head]

"why are you making an ugly face??? take box hurry, eat herbs and make a sound meow"

"meow~~~"dumbfounded, Alexis 'did I just make meow sound ?'ooo bad habit...

"baby girl don't listen to elder brother words....here drink my medicine I just made this especially for you" giving sweet smile, he is the third brother name haji anwar..and a dual magi (fire and wood)and also an advanced level pharmacist.. he and fourth brother, Iain Anwar are twins just like i and Arthur ... they are now eighteen years old....

'third brother please don't smile that looked creepy...you know' holding her tears..third brothers medicines are advance and could help her .....but his newly produced medicines are not the medicines but the methods to go heaven~~~~~hu hu hu .... secretly crying.

'Unlike the third brother, the fourth brother is an archer. he is in intermediate level and loves to cook .... because of this brother my weight is similar to panda...' thinking about her weight she feels pain in her ass.

Talking about her brothers Alexis became aware that her second brother was not present in this pack.

"umm brothers where is sugu brother?"Alexis asked softly to her brothers..every one became silent. seeing pin dropped silent Alexis got worried.

nobody was taking the step to told about sugu so haji's patient broke and said "he went in a mission so don't worry ok baby girl"

"okay...." although she knew this was not the truth., she gave a sweet smile to her brother.

seeing the smile in their sister's face they signed secretly.they all know that how fond both second brother and fifth sister were so they couldn't bring truth....in front of her...

after giving their gifts and cared all brothers went to do their own job leaving Alexis alone in her room. Alexis settle her head in the headboard keeping her mind in peace .....long sighed come from her mouth.....'huff' She closed her eyes...and a small tear dropped from her eyes corner....she clearly recalled all those things happened to her and her only brother max...



"Max where are you.....?"Alexis was holding her i-phone and the other side on the phone was Max... Alexis and Max both are orphans.... their father left them when they were young, that time they were poor their mother work in other houses to only fed them .... their father was a bastard cause you know our mother was from a wealthy family but also .....she left her house just to lived her whole life with that jerk.

Both of them met in a random street. mother helped their father when father needed the help most.... because of this, both started to loved each other....they got married, had two children and left those mother&children in mud.....mother loved her husband like a moon love earth whatever earth do or go, the moon only revolves around the earth.

"sis... I am in the way to graveward "Max replied in hurry.....today is their mother's 7 death anniversary. Mother dead due to the car accident leaving only both sister and brother pair alone ..their father found another rich woman in the same way which was used to capture their mother heart.

In this seven-year, Alexis became the mother, sister, father to the max. Alexis established her business only at the tender age of eighteen, Alexis was very intelligent and another ability was she was very hard working so it didn't take a long time to expended her business. she became the youngest woman to rule the business industry...

"sis, let's go" max met with Alexis in the gate of graveward .... max was carrying a large bouquet of white flower..they went to their mother's headstone. They prayed for only one min however form the back, a knife come as straight as an arrow to Alexis' heart "ahhhh..... MAX run RUN MAX ....."ALEXIS shouted

MAX clutched"sis ...SIS...."

Alexis was full in blood ...she was breathing heavily ....

"MAX, YOU WILL DIE TODAY ... THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, DID YOU LISTEN BECAUSE OF YOU ...Your sister dead hahahaha" person in black cloth with a knife in her hand said.

That person was insane. after that, she came forward to strike max. He blocked that but didn't notice from a certain place a person was marking him with his gun and with the BANG sound the bullet shot straight to max head, blood flowed from the bullet sport.

Slowly the vision of max blurred and there was not any noise from that moment...

This death anniversary not only became their mother's but their also .....