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"please, don't ki....ll kill me. what I have done to you?" said a girl dressed in blue but one cannot classify what types of dress worn by her cause all her dress is scattered like a flower and tore up by the group of girls..

" oh ...cousin...you haven't done anything wrong " a girl standing in the middle of the group said. she gazed at the pitiful girl and said" you know cousin .... I am more beautiful than you and have dual magic but ALSO because I was born in the second household I was always compared with you which make me very very wants to kill you. now my wish is going to happen and you are going to die today" ha ha ha all other members of the group started to laugh at the pitiful girl.

"Jessica...my father has always treated you like his own daughter and i also have always thought you as my elder sister why..y..y are you doing this???? if you want to be the member of the first household then i will tell my father to adapted you so ..so plea..." before she could finish her sentence Jessica used her magic to puss her down from the top of the academy building to the cold ground.

'humhp, I don't need your donation. I was just telling you. You are just a waste in Anwar family' Jessica thought in her mind. Even though that pitiful girl now was lying on the cold ground and taking her last breath Jessica was a smile to her heart content. After satisfied with her killing act she doesn't regret that just now she has killed her own cousin and left from there..



In the big bedroom which is decorated with a simple white ceiling, fine furniture was placed near the corner of a bedroom and most important the large king-sized bed in the middle of the room was the center of attraction. A girl having pale complexion was laid. She looked lifeless. A strong wind entered through the windows of that elegant room. the little touch of wind made light curtains of a window to flattered itself.

a fresh line of wind flowed through the corner of pale girl face which make girl wake up. "ALEXIS .....ALEXIS wake up ...HEY, fatty wake up.." a loud voice come from the door and sound of walking towards her in fast speed bring the slide irritating expression on Alexis...

A young boy went near the bed and started to shake her ."HEY wake up you lazy bum ..., you idiot wake up.." shaking her up and down.

" max, why are you shaking me..? let me sleep more~~~" ignoring the young boy call Alexis turned her body to another side of bed, covered herself with soft blanket..."do you know max I just dreamed about strange place and girl, she died because of her cousin and her world is full of magic he~ he~ he ~~~"murmuring softly..

"huh...why is room temperature getting high..??"Alexis throw her blanket, turned to look towards young boy ...her blurred vision only seeing red colour 'like fire 'all her thoughts in mind flew away now her eyes only concentrated on a young boy in a fire.Her face was making expression like(=0=)||||!!!!

'fire ...fire is that fire???? OMG....max in a fire... huh oh no he is not max..... where am I????!!' Alexis swallowed large saliva of her mouth "who... who are you??" asked to him. Alexis was controlling her mind to not go crazy.. she focused on young boy face ..

" hey you fat bum.....you are already an idiot don't tell me you have lost your memory ?????" seeing her blank face young boy shocked "you you.... your memory... who did this to you ?tell me tell me ..."

"stop right there who are you? where am I? oh, not that .....what are you???" young boy startled after her question 'don't tell me she not only lost her memory this idiot has become newly born calf ?!!!!'

'do I know him ?' while searching in her mind suddenly an extreme huge powerful pain with unknown memory started to flow... she was getting dizzy but she maintains her stand position.

This world is a magic world just like she saw in her dream. She occupied this body after her death on the earth. she, Alexis Wilson the top businesswoman has not even started her peaceful days and her soul transmigrated in this weird world... This body original owner's name also Alexis but the surname is Anwar. Her appearance is overweight so one could not define the face structure. not only this she is the daughter of great mage lord but she is waste in magic because of this she always got bullied, her father also ignores her. She has total of five brothers and this one is her twin little brother, Arthur.

'this brat not only showing respect to the elder but also telling me fat bum'

"hey are you listening to me or not oi fat bum"

"shut up ..... you brat," she said in angry. in full speed she went near Arthur and give him one shot of strike in his head." show some respect to elder ....do you understand?"

"{*=*} ....." expressionless Arthur mumbles "yea...h sister...." satisfied with his answer Alexis made "hmm" sound..

"huh why I have to respect you .. you are the idiot and one an only waste of Anwar family" after coming out from his expressionless world he said in angry.

"umm so..sorry for saying waste.." thinking that he went overboard he apologized to Alexis. Although Arthur is only five mins late in birth than Alexis he is genius in magic, having lightning as magic which also rare magic in this world many praised him and father....also... though he always called Alexis a fat bum or idiot he loves her more than his life...

Making her eyes smaller Alexis gives a sweet smile and said "okay I have accepted your apology "

"sis .... did you really lose your memory ....you don't remember me " sadly asked.

"oi don't make that crying face you looked like a monkey which has just eaten sour lice "said in a funny way...



ha ha ha both laugh loudly...."don't say that sis...."holding tears near the corner of his eyes Arthur smile towards his five mins older sister...

both of them were having their sis/bro moment suddenly a cough sound came from the door...

both noticed not only them were in this room but others were also...

"did you really lose your memory, Alexis?" amid forty man asked.

"no ....father I didn't lose my memory. you don't have to come to see me here" not in loud, not in low voice Alexis answered him. this mid forty man who looked mid thirty is the father of this body. this father has always ignored her only daughter, me oh I mean this body. he knew this body has always got bullied but he didn't care her and now her only daughter has died.... 'poor man' thought Alexis herself.

after hearing his only daughter saying those word a tiny string pain caused his heart in pain but that hunch didn't last long and only empty emotion remains...in heart. He knew he has always ignored this daughter. he also want to love her but that feeling doesn't allow him to do that..... he could only watch her from far...