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23 Chapter 22: Midnight Visi

After the meeting, Axel went to a shop to a jewelry shop to buy a souvenir for Star.

The moment Axel enters the shop, the women inside stares at him. His handsome and manly features, his tall figure and his radiant aura are more than enough to make the ladies stare at him.

"I wonder what he's doing here"

"He's so tall and handsome"

"Is he a model?"

The women in the shop started to gossip about him.

As the ladies continue to stare at him, he goes to the section of the store where all the expensive pieces of jewelry are. As Axel continues to look at the pieces of jewelry, a silver necklace residing inside a casket caught his eye. It was a crescent moon with two Stars nestled inside. Styled in sterling silver, white diamonds shimmer along the moon and blue diamonds fill one star. Axel was reminded of Star's eyes when they went stargazing 16 years ago. He was reminded of how the stars reflected on Star's eyes.

He asked the staff to remove the necklace from the container. The staff immediately obeyed his order and removed the necklace from the casket. The staff handed him the necklace and Axel was even more mesmerized than before.

"I want this," he said to the staff.

Without saying anything, the staff immediately prepares the necklace. He placed the necklace inside a navy blue box. He then asked, "May I ask who this is for?"

Axel smiles gently and as he was reminded of Star, he starts to miss her even more.

"It's for my wife," he said and smiled.

The ladies who heard what he said turned their heads to his direction. Their eyes were about to pop out because of the shock. They were slightly disappointed to know that he was actually married.

"Oh, I see. You must love her a lot"

Axel smiled, even more, showcasing his perfect teeth. "Yes, I do"

Axel paid for the necklace and left the shop. He checked his watch and saw that it was already 10 pm. He went inside his car and drove to the airport. After 3 hours, the plane landed in Incheon, South Korea.

When he exited the airport, he saw his other secretary waiting for him and his car was already ready. He thanked his secretary and got inside his car and drove to Star's house.

It was already 12 in the midnight when he arrived at her apartment. He rang the doorbell and waited for someone to open the door. After a few seconds, Star opened the door, looking like she just woke up. She was surprised to see Axel show up at their apartment at 12 in the midnight.


Star's eyebrows furrowed at the sight of the smiling Axel in front of her.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?"

Axel looked at his watch before answering, "It's 12:03 right now"

"So what exactly are you doing in front of our apartment at this hour?" Star asked and crossed her arms.

"I missed you"

Star sighed at the sudden statement. "Come in"