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265 Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds have recently become very popular. The most known would probably be the airpods. Wireless earbuds are nice and convenient since there is no longer a need to be within super close proximity to your device.

The only reason I would use wireless earbuds is if I wanted to listen to music whilst exercising. And if I were, I definitely wouldn't use airpods. Those just aren't secure enough.

One problem all bluetooth earbuds have, is latency. This isn't a problem for watching videos or listening to music as apps like YouTube can accommodate for the latency. [You won't notice any latency if you are just listening to music.] If you however try them with things that requires live audio, anything that has an input [video game], you will definitely notice a fairly large delay in the audio.

Additionally, the built in microphones are generally terrible. Please don't use them for extended talks. Short phone calls are alright, but the sound quality is just bad.
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To sum it all up, only buy wireless earbuds if you often exercise. Otherwise just use the much cheaper wired alternative.