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I talked about bullying 2 days ago, but social media takes that to a whole new level. Now it isn't about a small group of people, but everyone who has access to the internet could be getting together to ruin someone. Social opinion is super easy to manipulate to the point that the manipulated don't care if they are as it can be used as an excuse. Imagine sending death threats to a person who was accused of a crime. If he's ever proven innocent, you'll probably be thinking, well whoops but how could I have known. You'll automatically switch into self defense mode, which is mainly just making up excuses.

I am 99.9999999% certain of being able to create any kind of fake news, that would be realer than any real news could ever be, as long enough money is involved. If $1 million isn't enough than $1 billion. If a billion ain't enough than a trillion out to do it.

What if a self mocking joke gets misinterpreted as racism, or just a joke in general taken out of context. It'll be more than enough to ruin a person's whole career and destroy their mental health.
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It's much easier to bully someone online as the person you're mocking will never recognize you.

That kind of behavior is just plain sadistic as you get your joy from hurting someone else. Someone who doesn't have the power to retaliate against you directly as there are hundreds or even thousands of you ganging up on them.

If even one of them could explain to me how sending death threats and worse to someone for being a privileged () for making a racist joke, isn't that racist in and of itself, I'd be amazed.

I like to believe that karma exists. And you know what they say, "Karma's a bitch" so unless you want to get utterly annihilated, don't intentionally (or subconsciously) try to hurt others.

I'm not writing this to accuse anyone so please don't suddenly go super defensive. I'm just trying to remind people how all this negativity could have been avoided if humans weren't naturally sadistic. This chapter won't change the world and I won't pretend like it will. If we didn't enjoy the pain of people in general, the world would be a much greater and safer place. Revenge wouldn't make sense, and there also wouldn't be a need for revenge. Theoretically wars wouldn't exist considering all the variables that would be affected if saddism was removed.