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Then Ravshana and Innokenty clashed with each other. It turned out that the girl with Asian features was specialized in throwing darts. It seemed that Petrovich put shooters against those who had specialized in close combat on purpose. However, this time the fight was over pretty quickly. Despite the fact that Ravshana seriously wounded Innokenty, hitting him twice in a row, he just ran into her like a mad bull and beat her to death with his powerful blows in less than a minute. She screamed a couple of times and was sent to the graveyard. Innokenty was sitting beside Olga, mute and defiant. For some reason, he refused to respawn and heal his wounds, keeping to a principle that I didn't really understand. Well, his opponent will have it easy. I hoped that that would be me.

The third couple was our archer-athlete and the crossbowman Sergey. Apparently, our leader decided to put two shooters against each other. The archer took advantage of Sergey hesitating at the beginning and managed to shoot him in the right eye. Somebody had told me about this skill. Accuracy was increased at the cost of attack power. A player of an equal level was unlikely to get hurt, but Sergey, apparently, hadn't raised his endurance enough and paid for his carelessness. Now it was just a matter of time. With such a wound, the crossbowman's marksmanship wasn't worth a damn. He didn't manage to hit the nimble girl who finished him off in three shots — one to the chest, one to the throat, and one to the forehead. The crowd roared in approval and Petrovich even gave Dasha the thumbs-up.

Opponents have been matched decently up until now, except for the wounded Innokenty. I never would've expected such cold prudence and violence from Dasha, although I have been taking Olga seriously even before that.

In the meantime, the ex-cop and Vlada took their place in the arena. Of course, she was still in command of her detachment, but that didn't exempt her from taking part in the tournament. Semyon immediately started showing off his skills and was bravely swinging his dagger, which cut through the air with a whistling sound. Vlada summoned her swords, holding them in slightly outstretched hands, and headed toward him.

Semyon continued showing off, but I noticed how tense his jaw muscles became when Vlada was within striking distance. With a barely noticeable movement, he tried to stab her in the stomach, but she reacted instantly and caught his dagger in the crosshairs of her blades. I wondered if that was some sort of a defensive skill or she was really a sword-master. Having estimated his opponent's skills, Semyon jumped to the side, seized his dagger and attacked Vlada with a deceptive maneuver. And again, she managed to repel his blow without difficulty; or so it seemed, at least. As if spellbound, I watched their fight. Despite my attitude toward Semyon, he seemed to have been born with a dagger in his hand. He wielded the weapon like it was a part of his body and Vlada repelled his attacks as if she could predict them. Their speed kept increasing and it became difficult to keep track of their movement. Suddenly, Vlada crossed her swords in front of Semyon's neck, like blades of giant scissors, and his head rolled down onto the ground. His body shuddered, collapsed and fell silent. Vlada moved the blades and quietly proceeded toward the winning group. It was strange. If she was able to cut off his head, then her strength must've been twice as high as Semyon's endurance. What was the point of all that dancing then? It made no sense. Maybe she just wanted to take advantage of the situation and show off. Most spectators took the fight at face value because they didn't have much experience when it came to cutting off people's limbs. On the other hand, it could have been a combo attack, but it happened so fast that I couldn't make it out. The Major's and Marina's duel was the shortest one. The girl fought with a monk-like staff straight from movies about Ancient China and did so quite confidently, even managing to knock Michael off his feet once. However, he jumped up, cut her staff in half and then, yelling like a psychopath, cut the girl from shoulder to ribs with his sword. She dropped the fragments of the staff and tried to cover herself with trembling hands, but the Major cut off her head with the next blow. He then triumphantly waved with his sword and joined Vlada and the others with a victorious smile on his face. This wasn't the first time that I saw that crazy grin on his face. Could it be that the swordsman wasn't quite right in the head? His behavior aside, the fight was a good example of the difference in strength among the squad members.

The archer Stas and our newcomer, ropemaker Lena, were next in line. At first I thought that the outcome of the battle was obvious. But then I reminded myself that even the most obvious fights could be quite unpredictable. And I was right. Despite the difference in levels, Lena, a redhead with a bob haircut, managed to catch Stas during the first minute, entangling his legs. Firmly tightening the knot and immobilizing her opponent, she summoned another lasso and tried to throw it onto the archer's neck. But his hands were still free so the girl was forced to jump back the next moment, trying to pull an arrow out of her chest. The following one pierced her throat, and the third came out of the back of her head, having crushed her teeth. A pity; I really expected her to win. Her skills and battle tactics were too extraordinary. However, given the fact that Stas clearly had Fortress, and that the girl's attack obviously dealt less than 150 points of damage, she had no chance of knocking him down.

And now, for a certainly interesting fight... Our slim blacksmith against the tall and muscular Nikolai with a polished bludgeon. The man from Vlada's detachment showed no emotions; he was calm and confident. This was not surprising, considering that Dmitri looked so awkward and skinny in comparison with him. The blacksmith grinned and summoned a hammer, a most suitable weapon for him, and headed toward Nikolai. The man attacked sharply and briefly, wisely stepping back after missing. He made no mistakes and almost every blow hit its goal, causing Dmitri to cry out in pain. The poor man even howled once since the damage that was being dealt to him was tremendous. Every one of his attacks and counterattacks was repelled by a blow of his broad-shouldered opponent's bludgeon that hit Dmitri's hands. The blacksmith's limbs had enlarged and reddened so much that it seemed that it was hard for him to hold his weapon. However, one of his blows still hit its goal. Nikolai's bludgeon broke into several pieces with a deafening crack. Only a couple of fragments remained in the man's hands. Dmitri roared triumphantly and attacked, swinging his weapon before the strike. Nikolai blocked it, hissing in pain as he had to do so with his bare hands. Throwing aside the useless bludgeon, he hit Dmitri in the stomach with his fist. The guy bent over and made a gurgling sound as if he was about to vomit. He then hit him in the jaw. There was a nasty crunch. I bet that that was a combo! But, a second, later Dmitri hit the man in the temple, instantly knocking him out. The blacksmith then managed to hit his other temple and break his skull.

"Victory!" Dmitri shouted and immediately grimaced in unbearable pain. Clearly, he was not a fighter. The attack that had destroyed the other man's weapon with just one blow must have been a unique blacksmith skill. I was ready to bet on that. If something like that was available to all crafters, maybe there was a special alchemist's ability? I smiled widely even though I didn't intend to.

Nikolai's body was removed by Paul, and the resurrected man silently took his place among the losers, furious as the devil.

I was pretty sure that Paul and Lina were before me and Cyril.

"Cat!" Petrovich shouted. "Your turn! Come out!"

I shuddered in surprise. Well, maybe it's for the best. The most important thing is not to lose the first battle. I won't get a second chance. I better save my magic for the final fight. Try not to panic!

Looking at the arena from the side was quite different than standing in front of your opponent. Too much depended on the outcome of this fight. Cyril Fursa, the man with a scar, looked at me with eyes that reflected nothing and slowly rolled the hilt of the dagger in his palm. He didn't blink once.

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Cyril Fursa

Level: 12

Age: 32 days

Skill: knife fight

Additional skill: ambidexterity

I was suddenly able to see other people's skills. But why did that become available just now? Seven fights had passed, and the effect of the so-called Half-Mind manifested only now. Maybe I wasn't doing it right? It would be nice to know what "ambidexterity" meant.

While I was thinking, Cyril slowly, but confidently, started the fight. He had the same skills as Semyon, but my opponent didn't make any unnecessary movements and didn't try to show off. He fought.

Unlike him, I had a rough time. As for magic, I could only afford using Stone Skin to protect myself, and weakening spells that appeared to be my scythe's additional effects.

The enemy is getting ready for a critical strike.