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12 Sons of the Golds II

"And~ what is the magic spell to opening this door?"

"There is no magic word to opening this Door Nixon Gold" confirmed Enzo.

"Gold who?~ I'm a Ka~"


"You startled mee~"

Enzo pulled his hand forward to catch the door nod, and open the door when someone opened the door from the other side. Both Enzo and Nixon weren't expecting it. They stood there waiting for someone to appear from the other side. Who could it be? Is there someone who is expecting them?


[Edward point of view]
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There was a PERSON. They both felt great force from that person, and couldn't take their eyes away from the beauty they have just encountered. They both felt like they were falling deep in a blue dark sea. A sea that swallowed in every person it encountered. It was't big, but every deep.

Enzo always after that day called HER 'The Girl Who Could Send Everyone to Sleep.'

Her existence was fully engulfing. She stood there- didn't really move-, but they both were taken by her.

"What a nice eyes you have MY LADY?" stated Enzo

"..." ACF was just standing there.

I don't really think ACF liked my brother's comment then. Knowing her, she doesn't like these type of talks. And from my brother! I really hated it.

Enzo stood there waiting for a reply, but Asami didn't really want to answer. That's when Nixon took over the conversation.

"Hello" he started, "I'm Nixonn~ Edward's younger brother; actually youngest."

"Hello there" ACF smiled, "I've been waiting for you to arrive. Loyal have mentioned you few times"

"Loyal? Who is this Loyal, brother?" he questioned Enzo. Enzo came closer and whispered to Nixon. "Oh, he's here too~."

Asami just guessed that we all knew each other back in the SW as well, so she didn't question the secrets that were being spilled in-front of her.

"So if you are Edward's brother... Then who is that with you?"

"It's my eldest brother. I'm a first timer here."

"So we were expecting..." ACF stoped.


"Enzo... and now there is a Nixon too... WELCOME BOTH Of YOU!!"

That was the first time I really saw Asami's pure smile...