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11 Sons of the Golds I

Three days after we made the call, someone arrived. of cause we were expecting some people to come in after the call, but I thought that was fast.

It took me two years to reach here, but probably this world authorizes them with a stronger transportation power that my legs and feet are to me.

I sat on my room's balcony staring at whoever it is. As the distance between us got smaller, the view of the person coming got more clear. I later recognized that it wasn't a person, but two. They supposedly were an adult and a teenager.

They looked familiar. The way I was sitting at my balcony, looking at them, and waiting for them to come closer felt like something I have always done. I was a first time experience. I never had someone to wait for. Not that I remember.

They looked familiar. I know those people. I met them somewhere. Perhaps in the GW one day?

It's normal if I don't remember, because was very rare of me to stay in one place more than three days.

It was dawn and the sun was rising slowly. The sky was red and pink mix with fire colors and faded rising golden rays. My morning tea tasted bitter, and I liked it that way. My balcony set was cold, but I still sat on it. It was my morning place, my peace place; where I felt most comfortable.

The two people still approached the Golden house. they where so near now that I could see there facials. 'Who could they be?' I thought... 'Now I know why they seemed familiar, they must be Edward's brothers.'

They both came by the main entrance; just above my balcony. 'Have they really not noticed me staring at them? I bit they did!'


"Hey, Enzo that girl on the balcony~ it must be, you know, the famous ACF?"

" A girl ha? Arthur did mention something about the female or male ACF controversy. I can see it now."

"Brother is it her? is it her?"

"There you go again? Have your golden maturation* failed you? You shall stop acting like a 5 years old already."

"Am I not a 5 years old?"

"Not here" a third person replied

"Dawn you should have told me sooner. You're my Key aren't you?"

"Thought you'd realize"

"I'm a first timer"

"And technically your the last G1"

"Is he?!" exclaimed Enzo.

"Now that we are by the door. I can't wait to meet big brother Ed,' he thought loudly. "And~ what is the magic spell to opening this door?"

Golden Dictionary:
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Golden Maturation: It's the 10 years time lap between the SW and GW.