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'They call me Lowell'

Lowell... as in YOUNG WOLF?! Is that her GN*? Probably, no one share their seen-name* here.

I have to ask her to come back, but am I in a place where I can? I mean we never met before, and this phone call is our first encounter.


Li Jun seemed to be struggling, I had to pick up from here. The situation started missing its point. I appreciate his courage for picking up the phone.

I asked him to hand me the phone so I could help him with called Lowell back.

"How have you been?" I started.

Lowell instantly recognizes my voice. we have none h=each other for few years now.

"If it's not Loyal? Have been doing great actually! Can I ask you a question before you start anything?"

"Go ahead"

"Is she real ACF? That girl a just spoke with?"

[in his thoughts] 'So she thinks Li Jun is a girl?'

"Yes, and since it's a her I guess~ it's better for you to call 'her' Asami."

"Aha~ So now what do you guys want?"

"okay. so..."

"Let me take a guess. Since Asami, The ACF, is here. I have to come back to greet her."

"True, but not exactly. It's Iden who requested you all to come back."

"Iden ha. It gotta be something serious. I'm in of course" [I could see her rolling her eyes while saying speaking. It's a very famous habit of her.

After asking her to spread the words with other G1 people, we concluded the call.

I sighed. she has strong connections. she basically was that one person with all the information. she really values knowledge and believes it's the greatest weapon to success... And I liked that in her.

Li Jun seemed to be expecting us to do more calls. so I had to tell him more about her.

"You know Li Jun, that one call was enough. we could expect everyone here soon. and beside Ed's Big Brother (stress) is coming in few expected day.[Teasing Ed]"


Ed glared at Loyal.

I was just standing there. Can I real lead these people to something? Is this even right?

Golden Dictionary:

GN: Golden name

Seen-name: Seen World names (birth-name)
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