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"Sob ... Sob ... Sob ..." * quiet sobs *

Akkira looks around the room for a sound source, but does not notice anything unusual.

"Akkira, you should take a nap. You have hallucinations " * She rubs her tired eyelids, mumbling to herself *

"Sob ... Sob ... Sob ..."

There's a quiet wail again.

Akkira puts down the pen and gets up from the desk. She was working on the next chapter of her novel when she heard strange noises again.

When she left her office, the sound became clearer and Akkira realized that it was not hallucinations. She went down the stairs to the first floor, to the room of her youngest son. They were alone in the house, so she thought Marcel was just waking up from his nap.

"Crack" * sound of opened doors *

Akkira approaches the baby cot, in which she sees a pudgy baby with juicy cheeks who are begging for crunching.

Marcel sleeps sweetly with an absolutely delightful smile on his face. He looks so lovely, like a little Cherub.

Akkira came to the conclusion that she was overheard again, so after covering her son with a blanket, she went back to the office. However, halfway there she heard something again

She began to think about her mental health. It was not normal.

Driven by the sense of hearing, she followed the sound that became clearer with each step.

She paused in front of the clipboard door, adjusting her ears and squinting.

"Sob ... Sob ... Sob ..."

Now she was sure she was not crazy.

At first she wanted to call the police, thinking they were burglars, but for some indefinite reason she did not do it.

"There, there ..."

Suddenly Akkira heard a voice. A feminine voice that was strangely familiar. However, she was convinced that she had never heard it before.

"Crack" * sound of opened doors *

As soon as the door opened, Akkira was speechless.

*dumbfound *

Her eyes showed an unusual view. She saw the figure of a young man huddled in the corner of the room, and a crouched woman beside him, stroking him on the shoulder, in a comforting gesture.

The young man raised his head, alarmed by the sound of the door being opened. His face was red and his eyes were swollen from long crying. However, even then you could see his handsome features. A snot hung from his straight and red nose.

Akkira: "..."

The man at her sight exploded in a loud cry, which, despite his appearance, sounded extremely unattractive - just like a cat trotted on the tail.

The unknown woman also turned away. The moment she saw Akkira standing in the doorway, her eyes were wide as if they were about to jump out of her eye hole. In the next second she giggled nervously, like a teenager caught peeping during the school test.

Woman: * she pokes a man with an elbow * "I told you to be quiet. Now we are finished, "she tried to speak low, but Akkira could hear it anyway.

Still not knowing what was happening, she looked around the room, looking for hidden cameras. She thought someone wanted to do her prank.

The man was only louder crying in response to the blow.

Woman: " Ha ha ha "* nervous laughter *" Ha ha ... You see ... We ... Actually, this is ... Ha ha ... "

Akkira: "Who the hell are you?" She came closer. For some reason she was not afraid at all. When she approached, she noticed that the couple seemed strangely familiar to her ...

Woman: "We? We actually are ... * nervous laughter * "Ha ha ... Actually, we are as if ..." scratching her head, fleeing the eyes * "We are as if your ... children ... Ha ha. .. "

Akkira: "..." * CAW ... CAW ... CAW ... *

Akkira's brain has evaporated.

After two minutes, Akkira's left eye began to quiver, restoring her senses.


Children ?!

How is this possible? I'm only twenty-eight! And these two clearly have more than twenty! Besides, I already have two children! And that's two boys !!! Is it possible that these two are my children from the future? Has one of them changed sex? Maybe they went back in time to warn me about something? Or maybe they want to give me the hint of numbers in the lottery jackpot to make me a millionaire? Akkira's mind worked at its highest speed when she tried to explain what she had seen and heard.

Woman: "Well, we ... we ... we are actually in your head ..."

Akkira: "..." * stupefy *

Besides that she went crazy and found herself in some imaginary world, she could not find another logical explanation ... She had to put up with it - she was certainly insane! It was already certain ...

Woman: "Ha ha ha" * nervous giggle * "Ha ha ... Isn't that funny? Ha ha ha Such a surprise ... "

Man: "Waaahhh ... Waaahhh" * loud lament *

Akkira: "..." * forehead covered with black lines *

Woman: "You see ... Ha ha ... This one here is Mu Sheng, and I'm Yao Xi ... Ha ha ... Can you believe it?"

Akkira: "......." * view of the fleeing soul from her body *

Yao Xi (?): "Actually, now you are sleeping and we are in your head.. ha ha" *nervously *

Akkira: "..."

That's how it seemed to me too suspicious that Marcel sleeps so politely and calmly ... it's too good to be true ... * mental sobs *

Akkira: "Okay ... * annoyed, massaging her temples. * What are you doing here? Even in my sleep you will not let me rest? "

Mu Sheng (?): "Waaahhh ... Waaahhh ..." * deafening lament *

Yao Xi: * pokes Mu Sheng with an elbow in the rib * "The case looks like this - Mu Sheng read readers' comments ..."

Akkira: "..."