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31 Did She ever tell you when her birthday is?

Yao Xi barely suppressing her disappointment and hatred in one, revealed a gentle smile when she commented, still without looking at him: "Mr. Li, I received a personal invitation from Ruo Yan, why should I not use it?"

"Then why you didn't tell anyone about the accident?"

Yao Xi thought for a moment before revealing a devious smile, which additionally added with a sarcasm dose in her voice: "Do you ask for concern, or do you just blame me for the grandfather shouting at you, Mr. Li?"

She looked at him, careful to avoid the area around his face, especially his eyes. She kept her eyes fixed on the perfect jaw of Li Ye Han, so she noticed how his teeth clenching tightly, boiling with anger. A second later, she saw his jaw relax as his perfect lips spit out the next words: "Don't test my patience."

Although Yao Xi was afraid of this man, she could not deny that she was still intoxicated with his perfection. Even if her eyes were focused only on the small area of ​​his lower jaw, Yao Xi could clearly see the tempting narrow lips. And when she lowered her line of sight, she could not take her eyes off Adam's apple, to which she always had a weakness.

Yao Xi mentally had to hit her head properly in order to shake off those fantasies that took a dangerous direction. She cleared her throat when, shrugging her shoulders, she responded with a voice that was out of emotion: "Mr. Li, do you think I can communicate telepathically? I was in a coma for two months. Did you want me to magically release my spirit to tell my husband that I'm in the hospital, like in movies? " Yao Xi unconsciously clenched her hand on the quilt, trying to stop the wave of pain slowly piercing her heart. "Later when I woke up, even if I wanted to, I wouldn't call to let you know." She lifted her beard bravely, still stubbornly avoiding the area around his eyes "You never gave me your phone number."

Li Ye Han watched her intently, as if trying to find some mistake in Yao Xi that he could use against her. But he gave up quickly when he did not find what he expected. Finally, he tore away his piercing gaze from her and walked to the window, staring at a distant point outside: "In that case, why didn't you tell about your birthday? "

Yao Xi stared at his figure for a moment, which seemed strangely lonely to her. When the sense of these words reached her, she was shocked and incredulous to decorate her sickly pale face. But it did not last long before she laughed loudly, and the sound was not like the joyous laughter she usually used in the presence of Li Ye Han. There was a note of helplessness, bitterness, but also sadness and even hatred. She could barely control her tears. Why could this man tear her heart apart in just one sentence? 'No matter how hard I try not to take into account his words and deeds, he will always find a way to pierce me with an arrow.'

Li Ye Han turned toward her, leaning on the parapet, but Yao Xi could turn her head in the opposite direction just as a single tear managed to slip out from under her closed eyelids.

"Tell me, Mr. Li," feeling the pain in her right hand, Yao Xi looked down and then realized that she was clenching her fist all the time. With great difficulty, she loosened her grip and covered her hand with her other hand, trying to hide her nervousness. "Have you ever heard of a woman who reminds her husband about her birthday?"

Yao Xi could say a lot of bad things about Li Ye Han, but she was right at one point. This man was naturally cold and indifferent. He would never answer her, and she would never get an answer. She was nothing in his eyes, so it was obvious that Yao Xi's birthday had as much meaning to him as some irrelevant paper on the street. Zero.

Not counting on the answer, she asked another question, which tormented her throughout the years of marriage. She was convinced that her voice would be answered by a dull silence. However, she believed that she must hear it if she wants to free herself from this toxic, one-sided love once and for all and move forward. Even if she knew the answer, she still had to hear it personally from Li Ye Han.

"Did Ruo Yan ever tell you when her birthday is?"

" What does this have to do with this?"

His sudden response caused Yao Xi to raise her head, surprised. She did not expect to hear the answer from the mouth of the ice cube properly. She came across his piercing gaze again, but this time Yao Xi managed to escape in time before she was trapped again. Ignoring the delicate tickling somewhere at the very bottom of her heart, she demanded, "Just answer."

"She didn't."

"And yet you knew what day her birthday was." It was not a question but a statement of fact. Now, when she heard confirmation from Li Ye Han himself, she could let go. She had to give it up.

Yao Xi felt as if someone had put a knife in her heart and turned it mercilessly. She wanted it herself. She asked for it. Yao Xi knew perfectly well that he would never know something as irrelevant as her birthday. What does he need this knowledge for? He already had his sweetheart. He did not need anybody else.

Yao Xi nodded, using a sarcastic smirk to mask misery and regretting the sore heart

"I'm tired, Mr. Li. I'm sorry, I will not escort you. " She announced dispassionately, closing her eyes, thus giving Li Ye Han to understand that she wanted to go to sleep and should leave.

However, she did not hear his footsteps, but she felt she was approaching her bed. Yao Xi froze, knowing that nothing good will come of it. She opened her eyelids slightly to make sure she was still a safe distance and saw Li Ye Han slowly approach her bed and pull out a chair. He sat on it, crossing his legs and resting comfortably. He looked like he was sitting on the throne, and his royal aura only intensified this impression.

Not knowing what she intended, Yao Xi opened her eyes wider and watched his relaxed figure. He looked like he was the master of this place. And through the mind of Yao Xi flew the thought that people like Li Ye Han even in the hospital room present themselves divinely and pristine.

She moaned inwardly, feeling despair fill her to the brim. How could she free herself from this tyrant when he did not even want to give her peace?