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27 Confrontation with Li Yu Feng

The elevator opened on the private floor of Hospital X, the silver matte door slid open and a tall man in an expensive black suit came out.

His face looked as if carved by Michelangelo himself, making that on the cheeks of nurses remaining in the elevator,juicy blushes bloomed. Even when the elevator doors slammed shut and blocked the view, the women didn't return to their senses.

Li Ye Han walked unhurriedly along the long corridor, hands in his pockets. He looked like he was pulled from the cover of a fashion magazine, and he moved as if he was walking along the catwalk of the most outstanding designer.

Everything was perfect in him. From silky, charmingly tousled black hair, obscuring these mesmerizing cobalt eyes, perfectly tempting lips and hard jaw, to the very tips of expensive varnished shoes.

He was so devilishly handsome that he seemed almost unreal, and his inaccessible and cold personality only emphasized this impression.

Li Ye Han was heading towards the most distant hall on the whole floor.

He had to leave the hospital earlier and go to the company, where Long Fei gave him important information that he came across during his investigation. And his friend's words were still echoing in Li Ye Han's head: "It looks like Ruo Yan actually fooled you, she was adopted just before your accident, so there she can't be Xixi, but Yao Xi doesn't either. I have information that Yao Xi came to this orphanage after your accident. "

Li Ye Han stopped, unable to take another step. His mind became a battlefield on which contradictory feelings fought.

He was furious that the woman had cheated him for such a long time. But that's all. No disappointment or broken heart. In fact, it even made him relieved that it was not Ruo Yan. Despite the fact that he thought she was Xixi, he did not feel the mysterious attraction he felt in the presence of Xixi. He treated Ruo Yan well only because he thought she was Xixi. Li Ye Han felt that he owed her something for saving his life. He wanted to repay for help. But it was not love. It was not the feeling he had for this little brave girl, with the golden heart, of his memories.

In addition to the rage that he was easily deceived, Li Ye Han felt nothing more. However, the thought that she had to work with someone who wanted to kill him did not give him peace.

Long Fei was right. Even if he did not want to, Li Ye Han still had to pretend that he care for Ruo Yan, if he wanted to catch the culprit.

Li Ye Han frowned when he thought about Yao Xi.

Although he did not want Yao Xi to be his Xixi, he felt a strange stab in his chest when it was confirmed that it was not her.

An inexplicable sense of regret filled the thoughts of Li Ye Ha, fluttering and ripping out of control like a wounded bird.

Disappointment squeezed his heart. He felt like this for the first time. And he did not know why. After all, Yao Xi had been completely alien to him for so many years. He'd seen her several times, but his gaze did not stop for more than a few seconds. So why did he suddenly have these strange feelings? Was he feeling guilty that he was in some way guilty of her accident?

Quite possible.

And although he had never felt guilty before, he preferred it rather than admit to the strange emotions that have raged him since the day she was lost

There was one more question in Li Ye Han's mind: If neither Ruo Yan nor Yao Xi are Xixi, where is she? How did she spend the last years? And is she still alive?

Ever since he left his office, his head was full of Xixi, he could not focus on driving. Li Ye Han was so absorbed in his own thoughts that he nearly caused an accident on his way to the hospital.

Li Ye Han could not stop thinking about a little girl who with her courage and optimism turned upside down the whole world he knew.

The radiant face of the girl appeared in front of Li Ye Han's eyes, not allowing herself to be forgotten. He carved a picture of it in his memory so deeply that he was sure he would recognize it even after all these years.

Never before and never later had he met anyone who made such an impression on him. Someone who would help him selflessly and save him from certain death, even though she was not safe herself.

Her unselfishness caused that the young heart of Li Ye Han was filled with an indescribable feeling. He never felt anything like it later. He could have been himself, and Xixi had never seen in him the heir of the most powerful family in the country. For Xixi he was only Li Ye Han, no one else, no one less.

The more he thought about Xixi, the more he was furious at Ruo Yan. If it was not for her, he would not have lost three years of searching, and the thought itself made Li Ye Han's blood boil.

And the knowledge that he still can not deal with Ruo Yan for daring to deceive him made him feel how anger penetrates him to the bone, unable to find an outlet.

Li Ye Han was in such a state that he could barely record what was happening around him, when suddenly the words coming from the office next to him ripped through the vapor of rage into his mind.

"Are you kidding? Is this the girl that this handsome man brought back yesterday? The one who had a blood transfusion? How do you know that?

Li Ye Han stopped suddenly, as if someone pressed the pause button in his system.

He looked around and saw the open door to the nurses' office. He could not see anyone, but he could clearly hear the hushed voices of two women coming from behind the open door.

"Shh" She silenced the other woman. "Today, when I was completing the medical card of this patient, I noticed it. I do not know if she is so lucky or unlucky. I'm sorry for her.

After a short break, the first voice said: "In my opinion, it is certainly luck. Someone upstairs watching over her. "

"If someone really was watching over this poor girl, it would not have happened. First she was in a coma for three months, and now she almost died. Imagine if it was not for the man who gave her his blood, the doctors wouldn't be able to save her yesterday, she would die on her birthday. Don't you think it's very sad? "

"It would be sad if she actually died, but she survived, and that means that happiness favors her."

Li Ye Han did not listen further what the nurses say. He had a void in his head, processing what he had just heard.

'Yao Xi had birthday yesterday' This thought circled Li Ye Han's head like a spinning wheel. 'Does this mean that Yao Xi has a birthday on the same day as Ruo Yan?'

How can there be such coincidences in the world?

Li Ye Han has never been interested in anything about Yao Xi before. First, because he thought that Yao Xi took his chance to live with Xixi, and secondly because Li Ye Han considered the Yao family as parasites, preying on others, to climb the ladder to the very top of the elite.

He thought Yao Xi was the same. He never even tried to see if his judgment was right. For Li Ye Han it did not matter. Anyone who was not Xixi was not worth his thought.

Now, however, he was filled with an unpleasant feeling of repentance. And he did not like this emotion.

He shook his head, wanting to get those unwanted thoughts out of his head. He must have confused guilt with something else, something he did not understand. He did not want to feel that way.

Clearly frustrated, Li Ye Han combed his thick black hair with right hand.

He decided that he would not think about it any more. Ever since Yao Xi came back, he was more and more inclined to think about her. Li Ye Han wanted only to return to the time when she was indifferent to him. He could not bear the thought that something was out of control.

Li Ye Han stopped abruptly outside the door of Yao Xi's hall. His legs grew into the floor, as if something would not let him enter. It seemed that an unseen wall suddenly appeared out of nowhere, blocking its entrance.

Moments later, the hall door opened and Li Ye Han's eyes showed a person whom he didn't want to meet at that moment.