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Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince

Author:San Yue Jing Zhe 叁月惊蛰

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UpdateTime:9/17/2019 11:11:59 PM

Updates:Chapter 46: Giving the Betrothal Gifts

Bai Aoxue, the best mercenary in the 21st century, is accidentally sent back to the Chengxi Dynasty in Great Continent due to an explosion in her mission, and trapped in the first daughter of Prime Minister. After her rebirth, she is set up by her father to marry the 5th prince Jun Yeyan who wears a mask all day long.
In the face of bloodthirsty enemies, discord between brothers, collusion am...
《Wild Princess: Marrying an Ugly Prince》 Text
Chapter 1: A Cowardly Girl or A Devilish Girl in the Bai Family?
Chapter 2: The Devilish Girl Had A Cow and Punished the Arrogant Maidservants
Chapter 3: Imminent Trouble
Chapter 4: Bai Qiwei
Chapter 5: The Emperor Granted A Marriage
Chapter 6: The Thoughts of Two Foxes
Chapter 7: Not Knowing Each Other at the First Encounter
Chapter 8: The Theory of Lion and Dog
Chapter 9: Preparations Before the Meeting
Chapter 10: A Night Visit at the Fifth Prince Mansion with the First Confrontation
Chapter 11: A Schemer’s Plan
Chapter 12: Spreading Anger i
Chapter 13: Spreading Anger ii
Chapter 14: Turbulent Undercurrents
Chapter 15: Build up Prestige
Chapter 16: Bai Aoxue Punished Su Qianqian
Chapter 17: Since You Like It, Drink All of I
Chapter 18: Bai Qiwei Showed Up to Save Them
Chapter 19: Never Stop Until Making a Mess i
Chapter 20: Never Stop Until Making a Mess ii
Chapter 21: Conspiracy and Suspicion
Chapter 22: Completely Abandon
Chapter 23: Dowries and Interests
Chapter 24: Plans and Tracking
Chapter 25: Various Motivations
Chapter 26: Raid of Assassination
Chapter 27: Summoned to the Imperial Palace
Chapter 28: Feigned Civility
Chapter 29: Ruthless Emperor, Hard to Ascertain.
Chapter 30: Why Do Women Make Things Difficult for Women
Chapter 31: Staying in the Imperial Palace
Chapter 32: The Origin of Moyu Hall
Chapter 33: Who is More Insidious?
Chapter34: Allies Take What They Need Individually
Chapter 35: Sea Accompany with Songs and Sheng
Chapter 36: The First Beauty
Chapter 37: To Destroy Flowers
Chapter 38: Crisis, the Emerge of Conspiracy
Chapter 39: A Grisly Secre
Chapter 40: A Cold and Merciless Viper
Chapter 41: To Kill with Poison Like a Demon
Chapter 42: Prince Peerless Charmed the World
Chapter 43: Prepare the Bride-price
Chapter 44: The Day Has Eyes
Chapter 45: To See My Little Princess
Chapter 46: Giving the Betrothal Gifts