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419 You Ungracious Traitor of a Student!

When the beautiful archer appeared, the students went wild. 

"It's Professor Nydore! The one and only! Do you know that Professor Majesty spent his pay for three months just so he can get this card?!"

"Haha! Don't take that rumor seriously, bro. Professor Majesty, well... You know the formation in the boxes gives him preferential treatment. Anyway, Professor Nydore is a pretty rare card, but more importantly, it's an incredibly useful card. Yes, useful for other needs, too."

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The battle between Chazz and Wallace put impressive tactics, strategies, and rare cards on display, baffling the spectating students. This elicited cheers from the onlookers. 

"F**k that; it's Miss Dale! God dang it; I have been looking for that for a f***ing long! I even spent my allowance for three months on this for f**** sake, but she never comes home!"

"Huh? You could use Miss Attie like that? I never expected Professor Attie's card to be used for anything other than for licking..."

"Oh my god; oh my god! You guys! Did you see that?! That's Professor Nota! Professor Nota, I love you! You're my number one waifu!!!"

As the intensity of the battle increased, Chazz and Wallace revealed even more amazing cards, and soon, they each had one card left. The battle was at its peak, and the next move would decided the victor. 

"It looks like I have no choice. You're asking for this, so behold! My ultimate card!" Wallace yanked out the last card on his deckholder and yelled, "Come! My strongest card!"

A new hologram appeared and instantly obliterated droves of Chazz's units. When the dust cleared, the hologram was visible to all; it was that of a suit of armor with a hideous scarf covering its face.

"It's... It's Principal Hope!"

"You mean, this card — the stuff of myths and legends — actually exists? Did you see what it did?! It insta-killed every creature that one's opponent deals, and it is completely unaffected by every trap card. It also possesses enough attack power to one-shot every creature on the field! The card's only drawback is that it can only be used in one round; if you consider that a drawback, though. This card is basically a cheat card!"

"Holy s***! This is the rarest card in our current summoning pool! The most brutal way to use this card is to show it at the very last moment, as your trump card. Anyone not under the protection provided by defensive spells is doomed! Who would wait until the end of the game to use their best defensive spells? Nobody would! Hence, if you whip out this card at the very last round of the game, victory is already yours!"

Chazz, who had been relaxed throughout the battle, now had an unsightly expression on his face. His face had changed the moment he saw that nigh-unscalable SSR card. With a low voice, he said, "You... had this card with you all along? Damn it. I told myself that I should not underestimate you, but I ended up doing just that. But how… how did you obtain this legendary Super-Super-Rare card?"

"Ha! You wouldn't understand the lengths I went through. I spent a semester tuition fee for this! My parents gave me a beating for that, yes, but every time I take it out and hold it in my fingers, I realize that my sacrifices had been worth it!" Wallace exclaimed.

"Remember this card deep in your bones, Chazz! My ultimate card: 'One Final Hope — Death to My Enemies' Hope!' Give up your pointless struggle; your final card cannot possibly be a defense type, is it?!"

"You're right. My last card is not a defensive card. It is not even the most powerful card in the deck, and no other player would think of using it on a battlefield. There is only one reason why this card is placed last in my arsenal: I have never met an opponent who forced me to reveal it..." Chazz muttered in a solemn tone of voice. His head was hung low, so his face could not be seen. 

"What are you waiting for then? Give up already or die!" Wallace replied coldly. 

"Despite the many things being taught at this prestigious university, you learned to spend your money frivolously?! Oh, I get it.; you came all the way to Da Xue just to find a 2D waifu, didn't you? Well, let me help you take one step closer to that dream then. I'll flatten a 3D brat like you into 2D!" Baiyi growled.

Suddenly, feathers began to rain down to the ground, and a few moments later, two splinted feather dusters joined the pile. Baiyi had just broken these feather dusters during his butt-whooping, and without wasting any time, he had pulled out two brand new feather dusters. Not just Wallace and Chazz, every other student in the vicinity who had shown some level of addiction to the game were smacked with the feather dusters. No one was able to escape Baiyi's wrath, and soon, every one of them had tears in their eyes. No one dared to call Baiyi out for that. 

They knew that Principal Hope using a feather duster should be considered a kindness. If he was enraged, he would use his Saint Quartz Staff anytime. Unfortunately, this was not the worst form of punishment that Baiyi had in his arsenal. If he was to use a big, black tome that he owned...

If a student survived being beaten that that, then there was every chance that they would molt afterward. 

After exhausting his stash of feather dusters, Baiyi had finally calmed down. As he approached the boxes, the students watched him with tear-filled eyes, waiting for him to incinerate the boxes in a fit of rage.

However, the Principal merely placed his hand on the boxes for a while before announcing, "I've added two new rules into the formations here. From now on, the maximum gold coin allowed for a single pull in a month would be five gold coins. In addition to that, the rate of summoning high-rarity cards has improved, with every third gold coin guaranteeing an SSR card being pulled. To ensure that these two rules stay, I'm transferring the authority to oversee this game to Miss Vidomina and Miss Tisdale."

Hearing that the Principal not only not discontinued the game, and instead improved the unjust system they were playing in, the crowd's tears were now flowing once more out of joy as they cheered and cheered.

"At least I've done something I'd always wished I could do back on Earth," Baiyi mumbled in a voice only he could hear. 

It was then when one of the students asked, "But, Sir Principal, if we limit the amount of gold we could spend in the summoning pool... Doesn't that drastically reduces the amount of fund we could collect? With this restriction imposed, being able to print out new cards every month would have become the maximum we could afford, let alone carrying out our charity work..."

"I'll think of something to compensate for that," Baiyi snapped severely. "None of you should worry about all of this, anyway. Your main concern should always be your studies; Remember that millions of others would trade places with you right now just to get an education in Da Xue. You should not squander the fortunes you have with nutritionless games like these!"

His voice barely left the air when a new voice rang from the outside of the clubhouse door, getting closer and closer, going, "Hee hee hee! Look at the two hundred gold coins I just conned out of that bimbo Assassin Walker! I'm going to put it to good use today... My aim? That Principal Hope card! I mean, come on, he's my best student, you know? It's an absolute travesty that his most treasured teacher can't seem to summon him. Hmm... Now that I think about it; isn't it suspicious that I still haven't owned him yet? We're so close in real life, guys..."

As he was talking, the Archmage entered the clubhouse while being surrounded by his most ardent followers before his gaze neatly fell onto his aforementioned "best student".

"G-g-golly, I think there's something back in my office that I've forgotten to attend to. Ta-ta!" With that, the Archmage turned and started into a sprint.

"Remember what I said. If I found anyone crossing my rules, they should expect something more than a feather duster." Baiyi left one final warning as he summoned his Saint Quartz Staff into his hand—and dashed right after the escaping perpetrator.

A few moments later, the students could hear a spine-chilling shriek from far which was apparently the Archmage's. "L-l-let me go! Let me go you wretched, devilish, ungracious traitor of a student! I disown you! I disown you, you hear me?! My real Best Student is there in the box still waiting for his teacher—whom I'm sure he very respects—to claim him!"

Following this small incident, Baiyi's plan to improve his popular ratings among the students seemed to have taken a small positive step: his place in the Favorite Teacher poll had gone up in one spot, while his spot in the Most Terrifying Teacher poll had gone down in one spot. However, he remained in his positions for all other polls.

Meanwhile, one of the students' top favorites, Professor "The Emperor of Teachers" Majesty, had become completely absent in many game tournaments these days, possibly because he had his three months worth of pay withdrawn while his expansive deck of cards was confiscated.

As for the operation of the game's summoning pool and related mechanisms had all been transferred under the purview of the horrifying Disciplinary Principal Vidomina, no one could predict the future of this particular pastime at the moment.

By evening, all of the Voidwalkers had finished giving their lectures. They gathered as per Baiyi requested, and quite immediately, they noticed the principal seat being empty. 

"Where's Sir Archmage? He wouldn't have missed a meeting as important as this, right?"

"He's throwing a tantrum since I'd burnt some unimportant cards from him," Baiyi answered flatly. "Let's not be bothered by that and move on to the reason why we're here today..."