Why Did You Summon Me?
417 Two Separate Adventures Begin
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Why Did You Summon Me?
Author :Sixteenth Basket of Mantaos
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417 Two Separate Adventures Begin

Baiyi was not sure what the War God's words implied. One possibility was that his initial theory may have been wrong, so the War God humored him with a prophecy-like statement before leaving him to solve the mystery. Another possibility was that he had been right, and the War God's words could be seen as a backhanded way of affirming his theory, implying that he wastes no time in trying to solve the mystery. 

After thinking about it for a while, Baiyi leaned towards the second possibility, purely because of the War God's parting words —"Be ready". That was an ominous warning that the War God would not have uttered if he was being perfunctory. 

'Be ready for what? Be ready with what? Why do gods never give straight answers? Do they just delight in giving vague replies?' 

Baiyi really wanted to brush the War God's warning aside; after all, he considered the deity a nag, who only said those words to put him on edge, subsequently fooling him. To Baiyi, the War God was known for his love for chatting, as well as his weird sense of fashion, but the deity had always helped him out. At the end of the day, Baiyi did not consider his divine friend the type that would fool around with such an important matter. 

All that aside, one thing was clear from the War God: he had to go to Duat. 

'Urgh. Do I really have to go to some dumpster littered with bones? Disgusting. I can feel the reluctance in my own bones... Because of all this, I'll ask the Empire for a raise,' Baiyi mused to himself. He got up and walked to Attie's bedside desk, where he wrote a letter to the Southern Duke, asking the noble to demand more rewards from the Empire on his behalf. 

While writing, Baiyi caught sight of an open diary on the desk. He was clearly able to see the first entry: 

'October 21st. Sunny. Feeling sunny too. 

Finally, this trip is over. I am tired and aching for a long nap, but now is not the time. My sisters are coming to my house for a get-together, and I want to make them something scrumptious. I haven't seen them in a while! I bet they miss my cooking, heh heh.

'Everyone seems full after the meal; we are all so satisfied! Hmm... Mia is going to leave for her excursion soon, alongside Mordred — of all people). I'm... worried about them. I'm so worried that I am really considering her my War God's Sword, but I'm not sure if Master and Lord War God will agree to it.

'Master came to see me tonight. I'm so happy! I love my Master so much! It seems he's only staying for a while; he will not be staying the night. Seriously! Am I really not his type? He just dotes on Mia all the time! Then again, I did hear rumors that he liked girls that have small statures, so this could be because of my height. He does not like me anymore because of how tall I've become! Sigh… What do I do?'

Attie had written in the official Southerner language, and this made Baiyi feel moved, and a bit embarrassed. As he was not the type of person to invade someone's privacy, Baiyi did flip over to the next page to read the rest. He did not know when his Kitty Cat Maid began writing a diary.

This new hobby of her was strange to Baiyi; after all, in the past, she almost seemed to use up all her lifeforce to write just one character. Sometimes, she forewent the entire essay and, instead, turn in a drawn cat for her homework. 

Now, look at her! She had grown into a docile, understanding, and good adult, who put others before herself. She also went to great lengths to take care of others. She had become incredibly adorable. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Baiyi went back to writing his letter, and this time, he did not specify the extra rewards he wanted. This was so that the Southern Duke would demand whatever he saw fit. As soon as Baiyi finished, he used magic to transform the letter into a carrier pigeon. After watching it fly out the window, Baiyi returned to Attie's bedside, waiting for her to recover. 

Attie did not open her eyes until the next morning, and as soon as she did, she spotted Baiyi sitting beside her bed. "M-master?" She blurted out in shock.

"Yes, it's me. I was worried, so I decided not to leave until you were up," Baiyi replied sympathetically. "How are you feeling? Better? Is your head still spinning?"

Attie shook her head sideways before grinning sweetly. "No problem at all. Lord War God takes great care of me, you know."

Suddenly, she raised her blanket and looked inside it. When she saw that her clothes had not been made a mess of, she looked upset. 

'Really?! You were hoping I would do something immoral?!' 

Baiyi consoled and teased Attie for a while before taking his leave. He already had a lot to do; spending the night with Attie had tightened his schedule even more. 

Of course, it was his time that was spent, not something else. 

The Duat trip was not going to be an easy one for him, so Baiyi needed to prepare. However, he had something else to do before that. Today was the day that his youngest daughter, Mia, went on her excursion. Since he was already at Da Xue, there was no reason for him to not see her off.

However, he did this from afar, for if Mia and the students she was leading saw him, their moods may change. He watched the students gathered in a large square, with Mia and Mordred standing at the forefront. They both had solemn expressions. 

Mordred had transformed again. She had discarded her loli appearance, which she only used when she was alone with her sisters, for a beautiful teen, who was clad in a grey-white armor set. She was holding a helmet which had two horns at its side; this was the gift Baiyi had given her for her fortieth birthday. Baiyi, as a Soul Armature, only inhabited an armor set, and it was because of this that Modred wanted an armor set of her own. 

Baiyi had not denied her request. He gathered the best materials he had at the time — with a sizeable amount of them being materials newly synthesized by the Alchemist Walker — and, with the Engineer Walker's help, joined the Blacksmith Walker to forge an armor set for Modred. It was this armor set that she had been using for the past three months.

The armor set contained some advanced technological features: autopilot, intelligent defense activation — whereby the armor automatically erects a magical barrier around its user when danger gets near — appearance transformation, etc. The armor could be shrunk and expanded, fitting Modred snugly in whatever form she chose to assume — including her full dragon form. 

The armor set jointly forged by three Voidwalkers, who were undeniably the best in this business, was bound to be more technologically advanced than anything most have ever seen. With its capabilities, the armor set did not lose out to Divine regalias. It was a lavish gift that had cost so much time and effort to make. It was the perfect definition of a 'hi-tech battlesuit', which the Engineer Walker and the Blacksmith Walker had talked about the previous day.

This armor set was even better than the armor sets that Baiyi forged for the Voidwalkers. This was not a problem for the Voidwalkers, though; with the crazy amount of power they had, the perks provided by Modred's armor set would not benefit them. 

Moreover, they had no plans to reside in armor sets forever, so they could not care any less for the armor sets that they inhabit; as long as the armor sets worked as they should, the Voidwalkers were fined. 

As for Baiyi, he was happy to see Modred in that armor. It made him satisfied with the effort he had put into making it. He valued nothing more than her safety, and the armor was made to ensure that. 

Behind the students were rows of magical marionettes, which had been provided by the Faculty of Engineering. Flying above the crowd of students were five enormous dragons, which had been provided by the Faculty of dragon-riding. Add Mia, Modred, and the other teachers accompanying them into the mix... and one would see that the group packed enough firepower to rival most armies in the world. They were so capable that they could even be sent into battle at that moment!

Sometimes, Baiyi wondered what would happen if the Empire declared war on him. All he would have to do is to summon all the staff and students of Da Xue, as well as bring out his resources. With these preparations, he believed that he would not need the help of other Voidwalkers to win the war — no matter how much manpower the Empire deployed. 

That was all just within his head. Should he and the Empire clash for real, Baiyi knew that some of his students would stand against him. He would lose a lot of capable fighters. 

With all the necessary preparations done, the students and teachers marched towards a transportal portal that would send them directly to their destination, where they will undergo training. When all the students and most teachers had stepped into the transporter portal, Modred and Mia walked in, and before they disappeared, they turned around, facing the distance, and waved, toothy grins manifesting on their faces. 

Baiyi decided to start dealing with the tasks he had at hand. This time, he had decided to bring along a few companions, as these undead creatures had looked to possess partial control over the Laws, making them dangerous enemies.

The Lich Walker — the necromancy extraordinaire — was one of the companions; because of this, the Paladin Walker, the Cleric Walker, and the other Voidwalkers on the side of light refused to participate. Hence, Baiyi could only bring along a Voidwalker who had no care for light or dark — the Hitman Walker. As there was a high chance that he would have to conduct researches on the spot, Baiyi decided to choose an academically accomplished Voidwalke with him as well. His master, the Archmage, was not interested, so Baiyi had the old geezer guard Da Xue in his absence; in his stead, Baiyi chose to bring along the Scholar Walker. For support-related aid, Baiyi had to choose between the Engineer Walker and the Blacksmith Walker. After carefully pondering, Baiyi decided to choose the Blacksmith Walker. This was because the Blacksmith Walker's creations were more than capable of handling an infinite amount of undead. 

As for his final companion, Baiyi let the Warrior Walker, the Fairy Walker, and the Assassin Walker come to an agreement on their own. This trio had their own rules by which they could descend into the real world. Since the location they were headed to was fraught with danger, they decided that Baiyi would not need the Fairy Walker, who was prone to attracting calamities. Baiyi secretly hoped that the Assassin Walker would come, as she would be able to gather intel better than the other two. He could not rely on the Hitman Walker — who claimed to be a world-class assassin — because his stealth was pitiful. To him, the Hitman Walker was better suited to be a meatshield, attracting the heavier attacks so that the team would have an easier time. 

After all that, Baiyi's companions was the trip was decided: the Lich Walker, the Hitman Walker, the Scholar Walker, the Blacksmith Walker, and either the Warrior Walker or the Assassin Walker. It was a team of six people.

Should a fight break out on their trip, Baiyi knew that the group would spend an incredible amount of energy. Hence, he decided to bring out the energy core that he had taken from Molocchus's corpse. It contained an insane amount of energy, which Baiyi had been infused into it over a ten-year period. Baiyi had not used it before, so he knew that it was full of energy. Within the translucent, crystal-like energy core, Baiyi could see a huge block of black matter hovering within!

It was time for him to finally put this back-up energy into good use.

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