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"Okay, I'll admit that your conjecture makes a little bit of sense, but it's definitely not enough to change my mind," the Lich Walker said, a little shakily. "I can't agree to believe something that goes completely against the Spatial Laws!"

"Right. It's time for us to visit an expert on the Laws of Space, then," Baiyi declared. With that, he and the Assassin Walker began to head back to Da Xue.

At dusk, they arrived at Baiyi's micro-realm through its transporter portals. Baiyi hurried over to Attie's chalet and knocked on the door.

"Oh, is that you, Master?" Attie's voice rang out from inside. As a martial artist of a high level, Attie could identify a person by their gait. This was why, from inside the house, she had been able to tell it was Baiyi at her door, even without seeing him. 

Despite this, Baiyi waited outside the door for far longer than he expected. He could hear rustling on the other side of the door, but the door remained closed. Baiyi started to get suspicious, thinking that Attie was hiding someone from her master. 

He was about to use his psychic sense on the house when the door finally opened, and a neatly-dressed Attie was standing behind it. She had on a staff uniform that greatly resembled Mia's. Her long, lean legs and tall figure exuded an air of maturity. 

"What took you so long?" Baiyi asked as he walked in.

"I was doing number two, alright?" She replied flatly. "I thought you went out for work, master. Why did you return so soon?"

"There are a few things I need to consult the War God on, so help me out, please."

"Sure thing~!" Attie exclaimed, delighted that Baiyi had asked for an audience with her very own Lord War God. Visibly exhilarated, she pulled out a strange-looking club from her storage pouch and narrowed her eyes, trying to contact the War God. 

"Lord War God is not picking up my call," Attie said a moment later, shaking her head sideways in helplessness. 

"Eh? Why? I thought we had a pretty enjoyable chat the last time!" Baiyi said, astonished.

If Baiyi was to comment on his relationship with the War God, he would say that he had never tried to contact the War God except absolutely necessary. The last time he had conversed with the War God was five years ago; back then, the War God had requested to start a sect in the Faculty of Theology to convert some students who were not religious. Then, with the help from the Bard Walker and the Shadow Walker, Baiyi started the sect, and the main focus of its members were mainstream values like study well, think positively, love nature, help the weak, etc. 

A child would find this phony, but the War God, who seemed simpler than a child, was, after reading Attie's report, pleased with Baiyi's efforts. One could only wonder how a god — a being capable of manipulating Laws — would be so easily satisfied. 

Baiyi did not do much for the sect after that. He had left the Shadow Walker — who used to be a pope — in charge of it. Only ten students had joined the sect so far, and no one had joined it in years. At Da Xue, this sect was nigh-invisible. 

Baiyi had not contacted the War God since then. Now that he had a reason to, the War God did not pick up. Had the god =forsaken him?

"Let me try with the War God's Sword," Baiyi said. He grabbed the black hilt from Attie and shook it violently; after that, he raised it to his ears and shouted, "Yo, bro? You up?"

If it was easy to initiate a conversation with a god, no one would see that god as a diety anymore. If this was the case, the Church would not have made the Temple of Auguries a forbidden area.

"Urgh, it's not working; time for a different approach," Baiyi said, shifting his gaze to Attie. He patted the seat opposite him and said, "Come over here, Attie."

"H-huh?!" Attie suddenly turned red. However, she was elated, expecting the issuance of a more bizarre request the moment she sat beside him. Hence, she rushed over to sit next to Baiyi and looked at him with eager eyes. 

A few moments later...

"Ah~! Ah, ow! M-Master, not so hard... Please be gentle..." [1]

Baiyi let go of her cheeks, with a helpless expression on his face. He proceeded to give her forehead a hard flick. 'I was just pinching your cheeks — something I often did when you were a kid! Do you really need to make these unnecessary moan-like squeals?!'

"Okay. Cut it out. Try talking to the War God again," Baiyi said. 

Whatever connection that pulling her cheeks and contacting the War God had was completely lost on Attie, but she still obeyed him and narrowed her eyes concentration.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There was still no response. 

'What the eff is up with that guy? I'm being mean to his goddamned messenger right now, but he chooses to do nothing? Oh, is this level of bullying too mild for you?' Baiyi mused. His eyes shifted from Attie's cheeks to her legs, which were covered by a pair of white, silk socks. 

He had to admit that the contrast created by Attie's dark skin against her white socks was quite sexy. As Attie as a seasoned fighter, her legs were firm and curvy, more so than those of other girls.

Attie was quick to notice what Baiyi's eyes were fixed on. With a flirtatious chuckle, she whispered, "Master, do you want a feel of them?"

Without waiting for an answer, she kicked away her heels and placed a leg on his lap. This turn of events was something she had expected would happen between herself and her master someday, but she had imagined that she would be physically forced into it. Now, however, she was actually willing. [2]

Baiyi rapped her forehead in response. 

"Aah-ow~! Master! That's not nice!" Attie groaned, feeling wronged.

'Not nice?! Is this nice for public decency! If I were really that horny, do you think the Warrior Walker, the Fairy Walker, or the Assassin Walker wouldn't be willing to spread their legs for me — allowing me to 'drill' to my heart's content? Do you really think that I would ever be so desperate and degenerate as to do anything to a little girl like you?'

None of these were said out loud, though. Instead, after giving Attie a knock on the forehead, he asked, "Where's your Kitty Cat hairband? Where's your maid uniform? Change into those, now!"

"Oh, so that was what you needed, master! Okay. Don't go anywhere; I'll be right back!" With that, her lean but firms legs moved as she hurried upstairs. A few minutes later, she came downstairs with a pile of different maid uniforms. The cloth pile also contained several stockings of different colors. 

Attie dropped the pile of clothes and reached down to pull her skirt up, probably intent on undressing. 

Smack! Her forehead had been rapped again. 

'What is going on with her brain?!' Baiyi felt helpless. 

"Aww... You don't want to see me get dressed right in front of you, master?" Attie asked in dismay, with a tinge of pity mixed in..

'No! Of-bloody-course not! I saw it countless times when you were young and against clothes! Besides, you haven't changed one bit after ten years, other than your height of course. What could possibly have changed from the last time?' Baiyi thought. [3] 

He immediately ordered the girl to return to her room and change. With a gloomy expression, Attie picked the pile of clothes from the floor and stomped up the stairs. Baiyi made sure to call out, "Remember to wear the most conservative maid outfit you have, you hear me?"

Several costumes from the heap she had brought down were costumes a real maid would never dare put on! Look at that very short skirt and the collar it came with… Those are already for adult roleplaying! When did she find the time to buy these in secret?

Attie finally gave up on making advances and wore what Baiyi ordered her to wear — a conservative costume! When she came back down the stairs, every inch of her, except for her face, was covered by clothes; her costume resembled those used centuries ago. The only cute item on her person was her Kitty Cat hairband. 

"Try talking to the War God again, please," Baiyi said.

With a gloomy stare at Baiyi, Attie began to focus again, and soon, she began to sway from side to side as though she was drunk. The light in her eye faded, and soon, she seemed like a lifeless doll. An emotionless, robotic voice escaped her lips as she said, "Oh, f*** this s***; I'm done with you bullying my messenger! Look at what you've done to her!"

The slew of curse words was enough to show how furious the War God was; the robotic voice made the curse words sound funny, though. 

Baiyi knew he had succeeded this time. With a shrug, he replied, "Yea? Tell me the monstrous things I did to her. I told her to change her outfit, correcting her lopsided beauty standards."

"You scum! You forced a girl to wear this horrible, outdated, atrociously unfashionable rags, which hides every part of the female body. This thing was supposed to have been lost in time. This is the worst punishment one could give a girl! [4] " Attie, who had been possessed by the War God, bellowed. "Your beauty standard, good sir, is the worst I've ever seen for millions of years."

'Pfft! What do you know? Do you understand the elegance of long skirts? Can you recognize the cute factor only found in conservative outfits? You're no better than those guys in the comment section,' Baiyi thought [5]. On the outside, he simply said, "Enough distractions. I have some questions to ask you."

He hurriedly briefed the War God on what he had found out so far, and the theories he had attached to them. After that, Baiyi asked the War God about his conjecture; the Voidwalker to know if he had been right. If it were true, then how could the perpetrator manage to go against the Laws of Space? What would a God of Space like the War God think about all of this?

"Your understanding of the Laws remain superficial. They are not as simple as you'd hoped, nor are they as complicated as you might have imagined," the War God answered. "Go, seek that realm and discover your own truth. Oh, and also, be ready."

After saying that, the possessed Attie hurled the black sword hilt at Baiyi, which he caught. Upon letting go of the hilt, Attie's eyes rolled backward, and she fell backward.

Baiyi caught the girl with his mana before she hit the floor. He examined her and was relieved to realize that she was just asleep. She may have suffered fatigue from the possession. Although Baiyi had only spoken to the War God for mere moments, being possessed by a god, for even one second, caused great strain on mortals. Even some like Attie, a warrior whose skills and powers continued to soar rapidly, would not be able to stand being possessed by a god for too long. 

"Sorry for putting this much strain on you," Baiyi muttered. He had seen this happen twice, so he understood why the War God refrained from talking to him through this medium. Deep down, Baiyi really cared for his Kitty Cat Maid, who was the War God's Messenger.

He wiped away the beads of sweat on the unconscious girl's forehead, and then he carried the girl back to her bedroom. He removed her socks and tucked the girl into bed. Baiyi could not forget what the War God had told him. He sat by the bed and kept patting Attie's head, waiting for her to wake up.

For some reason, the War God had chosen not to answer Baiyi's questions; instead, the god had given him a very vague answer, and a piece of even more vague advice, which one might suspect did not contain any substance. Nevertheless, he spent some time pondering the War God's words, for they could be equated to a divine augury.