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Why Did You Summon Me?

Author:Sixteenth Basket Of Mantaos

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Imagine being forced to live, after death, as incorporeal bodies trapped in a vast space of nothingness for thousands of years, with nothing to do but exchanging past memories with other cohabitants (read: weirdos). Everybody wanted out, but there was no way to leave the Void… Until one day, a young man was finally summoned, as a powerful but reluctant mentor, by a bubbly and motivated but completely naive young girl. Baiyi, finally out of the Void, was the only one who could save all of the other 32 souls from their prison and his summoner might just be The Key to their freedom. However, Baiyi had to use the techniques and abilities the other souls had taught him throughout the years, and together with his own extensive knowledge of anime and game tropes from his shady and dangerous past as an otaku, to face the biggest challenge of them all: training the clumsy young girl he was forced to partner up with… into a competent sorcerer! This is a story of heroic adventures, cunning strategies and romantic tales. How will our MC thrive in a world completely strange to him? Where will his ambitions and abilities take him in the palace? 你为何召唤我
《Why Did You Summon Me?》 Text
Chapter 1: We Are Waiting
Chapter 2: The Opportunity that Came Abruptly
Chapter 3: She's a Good Kid
Chapter 4: What a Boring Life You Led
Chapter 5: This is the Perfect Age!
Chapter 6: Men in Opulence
Chapter 7: Let the Show Commence
Chapter 8: This is All I Could Do For You
Chapter 9: What Kind of Game Do You Guys Think This is?
Chapter 10: Is This What You Meant By Being Professional?
Chapter 11: The Paid and the Green Service Lane
Chapter 12: This is Youth!
Chapter 13: Where the Hell Are You Guys Focusing At?
Chapter 14: This Is Too Good to be True!
Chapter 15: This is the Advantage of Being a Woman
Chapter 16: A Marvelous Adventure
Chapter 17: A Social Expert
Chapter 18: Even Thieves have Their Day
Chapter 19: A Confident Facade is the Deadliest Weapon
Chapter 20: Nothing is Impossible When You are Young!
Chapter 21: Not You Too!
Chapter 22: What Do You Plan To Do With That?!
Chapter 23: Pero Pero
Chapter 24: Let's Switch the Armour
Chapter 25: I'm Gonna Tear You into Pieces!
Chapter 26: What the Hell Did You Come Here For?
Chapter 27: Life is a Theater
Chapter 28: It All Depends on the Theatrics
Chapter 29: This is a Tricky Situation!
Chapter 30: Really, I’m not that kind of person!
Chapter 31: Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG)
Chapter 32: A Man's Way of Communication
Chapter 33: I'm Turning Into a Taoist Today!
Chapter 34: The Boss has Levelled Up!
Chapter 35: You Guys Have Gone Too Far!
Chapter 36: Don't You Feel Even The Slightest Bit Of Shame?
Chapter 37: Perhaps He's a Nice Guy?
Chapter 38: Of Course I'll Forgive You!
Chapter 39: An Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 40: It's M-M-Moving?
Chapter 41: Mr. Sorry
Chapter 42: YES! I'm Cured!
Chapter 43: The Profession I Once Envied
Chapter 44: What An Intriguing Suggestion
Chapter 45: Stop Mentioning the Past Please
Chapter 46: Oh Missy! You Have Been Thinking Too Much!
Chapter 47: If Only He's Mine
Chapter 48: My Tiny Little Wish
Chapter 49: A Generous Fat Cash Cow
Chapter 50: This is Truly Remarkable!
Chapter 51: Do You Really Want to Wake Her Up?
Chapter 52: You're Putting Me in a Very Difficult Situation!
Chapter 53: Get Lost!
Chapter 54: It Looks Like this Outfit is Far More Impressive than I Thought
Chapter 55: The Trump Card
Chapter 56: Farewell
Chapter 57: Isn't this Simple?
Chapter 58: Ahhh Justice is Going Down Soon!
Chapter 59: This is an Option!
Chapter 60: I'm a Good-Natured Person
Chapter 61: These Stories are All Fake
Chapter 62: A Surprise Encounter
Chapter 63: A Pledge of 6000 Years Old
Chapter 64: Loyalty is a Beautiful Thing
Chapter 65: The Last Survivor
Chapter 66: The Second Day of the Holiday
Chapter 67: Let's PK!
Chapter 68: It's a Success!
Chapter 69: There are No Shortcuts to Success
Chapter 70: 70. Our Promise
Chapter 71: A Greeting Gift
Chapter 72: A Simple Research Finding
Chapter 73: E-Er... Is This Kind of Battle Even Allowed?
Chapter 74: Mia's First Victory
Chapter 75: A Fair and Square Match
Chapter 76: A Special Throwing Skill
Chapter 77: One Last Hope
Chapter 78: Instant Kill
Chapter 79: Vidomina
Chapter 80: The Fateful Match
Chapter 81: What Happens if She Doesn’t Believe You?
Chapter 82: What’s With That Trinket?
Chapter 83: Sharkie! Bite Her!
Chapter 84: No fury like a Hammerhead Shark
Chapter 85: This One’s Limited Edition
Chapter 86: How Lucky I Am to Have These Two as My Students
Chapter 87: This is So Unfair!
Chapter 88: Warm-Up
Chapter 89: Quarterstaff Fighting
Chapter 90: Please... Have mercy on me!
Chapter 91: What Am I Supposed to Do? Life’s Just Ridiculous!
Chapter 92: 92.I-It... It's You?
Chapter 93: You Must Be the One I'm Looking For!
Chapter 94: He's Worthy to be Won Over
Chapter 95: A Simple Happiness
Chapter 96: This Game is Not For You!
Chapter 97: A Reason to Be Obdurate
Chapter 98: There's Still Hope for Her
Chapter 99: I'll Be in Charge
Chapter 100: I'd Like an Expedition Like This Too!
Chapter 101: Please Don’t Tell Me He is That Kind of Guy!
Chapter 102: They Are Not Cannibals!
Chapter 103: A Surprise Attack
Chapter 104: We Do Not Share the Same Beauty Standards
Chapter 105: Look At That Colorful Man
Chapter 106: I Have a Unique Wall-Climbing Skill
Chapter 107: Ancestor
Chapter 108: A Slight Disappointment
Chapter 109: Let’s Not Be Too Violent
Chapter 110: Having a Language Barrier is Downright Troublesome
Chapter 111: Singing is Our Ultimate Problem-Solver
Chapter 112: The Arrangement
Chapter 113: In an Awkward Predicament
Chapter 114: The First Step of the Plan
Chapter 115: You’re Overthinking
Chapter 116: Having Teenage Fantasies Amidst Chaos
Chapter 117: Nobody Can Defeat Her Here
Chapter 118: Let Us Have a Thorough Look At Her First!
Chapter 119: Great Minds Think Alike
Chapter 120: I Didn't Mean to Do That!
Chapter 121: What Are You Trying to Do?
Chapter 122: An Important Discovery in Her Body
Chapter 123: He's Not As Good As You Described
Chapter 124: A Dire Situation
Chapter 125: I think she’s kinda cute!
Chapter 126: Can You Guys Please Hurry Up?!
Chapter 127: Is Your Ranking System Even Legit?
Chapter 128: I'm Not Your King!
Chapter 129: It Doesn't Suit Me Here
Chapter 130: Farewell
Chapter 131: On Their Way Back
Chapter 132: Whose Turn Is It This Time?
Chapter 133: He's the Most Suitable Candidate
Chapter 134: A Peculiar Life
Chapter 135: The Skies Set You Aflame
Chapter 136: When Efficiency Hits its Limits, Change the Method
Chapter 137: Handsome Rewards
Chapter 138: 138. A Grieving Loss
Chapter 139: A Relatively Normal Night
Chapter 140: Why Are All Your Talents so Weird?
Chapter 141: Looks like His Taste is Quite Commendable
Chapter 142: Magic is Dangerous
Chapter 143: Childish Gods
Chapter 144: There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel
Chapter 145: A Sweet Dream
Chapter 146: She's Not My Type!
Chapter 147: Small Favors
Chapter 148: I Will Not Allow Such Thing to Happen
Chapter 149: I'll Agree to This Deal
Chapter 150: Do Not Take the Little Girl Too Seriously
Chapter 151: I Like Your Method of Thanking Me
Chapter 152: This Plushie is Evolving Again!
Chapter 153: Write Your Life Story Down
Chapter 154: 154. Your Arch Nemesis
Chapter 155: Round One—Baiyi Lose
Chapter 156: Instrumentality
Chapter 157: A Sudden Festival
Chapter 158: Somehow It Looks Normal to Me
Chapter 159: Strange
Chapter 160: His Fifth Surprise
Chapter 161: Not a Job for Your Average Man
Chapter 162: The Void Does Not Shy Away from A Challenge
Chapter 163: Great Aim!
Chapter 164: On-Site Lecture
Chapter 165: You Shouldn't be So Strong
Chapter 166: Thank You for Telling Me
Chapter 167: That Sounded so Wrong
Chapter 168: Coming in Contact with the Enemy
Chapter 169: The Last Tranquility of Our Vacation
Chapter 170: A New Semester
Chapter 171: Peaceful Times
Chapter 172: A Very Pleasant Morning
Chapter 173: This is a Very Deep Game
Chapter 174: Do You Know Who Their Dad Is?
Chapter 175: Why?
Chapter 176: He's the Most Terrifying Person of All
Chapter 177: Interruption
Chapter 178: Grim
Chapter 179: Confidential Meeting
Chapter 180: You People are Looking Down on Me, huh?
Chapter 181: A Storm is Coming
Chapter 182: Double Stunned
Chapter 183: The Path to Salvation
Chapter 184: The Truth
Chapter 185: Revolt
Chapter 186: A Prophecy that Comes True
Chapter 187: The Technique We Have All Been Waiting For
Chapter 188: A Tie in Strength
Chapter 189: This Opponent is Truly Impressive
Chapter 190: Heir
Chapter 191: Have You Ever Seen Such Unbridled Power?
Chapter 192: Let’s Enjoy A Few Games, Shall We?
Chapter 193: The Price of a Smuggle
Chapter 194: What You Get For Saving The World
Chapter 195: They Still Did The Right Thing
Chapter 196: We Find Each Other Kindred Spirits
Chapter 197: Two Tales
Chapter 198: The Benevolence of the Church
Chapter 199: Holiday!
Chapter 200: Shall I Take You To Heaven?
Chapter 201: This is the Perfect Place for a Vacation!
Chapter 202: A Big Guy with Courage
Chapter 203: Dragon Knights: Fun Facts
Chapter 204: This Trip Was Totally Worth It
Chapter 205: Sightseeing
Chapter 206: I Came Here Just To Relax, Guys!
Chapter 207: This Species is Bonkers in the Head
Chapter 208: Baiyi Has Come
Chapter 209: A Different Attitude Towards The Descendants
Chapter 210: What Has He Done To You?
Chapter 211: What Does He See In Me?
Chapter 212: She's Still At That Imaginative Age
Chapter 213: Are You Thinking about Riding Me?
Chapter 214: Are You Here Just to be Adorable?
Chapter 215: The Laws - A Perilous Fire Pit Indeed
Chapter 216: Details
Chapter 217: No One Gets Spared for Their Mistakes
Chapter 218: All Manner of Preparations are Complete
Chapter 219: What About Me?
Chapter 220: Good Things Rarely Come Without A Price
Chapter 221: Going With the Flow
Chapter 222: Unrequited Love
Chapter 223: So, the Apocalypse Happened. Are You Free Enough To Save the Day?
Chapter 224: The Silver Lining Amidst the Thunderstorm
Chapter 225: Heed Me
Chapter 226: The Kind of Ideas Some People would Harbor
Chapter 227: How Is This Fair?
Chapter 228: Success