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Why Did You Summon Me?

Author:Sixteenth Basket of Mantaos

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UpdateTime:6/21/2020 10:01:29 AM

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Imagine being forced to live, after death, as incorporeal bodies trapped in a vast space of nothingness for thousands of years, with nothing to do but exchanging past memories with other cohabitants (read: weirdos). Everybody wanted out, but there was no way to leave the Void...

Until one day, a young man was finally summoned, as a powerful but reluctant mentor, by a bubbly and motivat...
《Why Did You Summon Me?》 Volume 1
1 We Are Waiting
2 The Opportunity that Came Abruptly
3 She's a Good Kid
4 What a Boring Life You Led
5 This is the Perfect Age!
6 Men in Opulence
7 Let the Show Commence
8 This is All I Could Do For You
9 What Kind of Game Do You Guys Think This is?
10 Is This What You Meant By Being Professional?
11 The Paid and the Green Service Lane
12 This is Youth!
13 Where the Hell Are You Guys Focusing At?
14 This Is Too Good to be True!
15 This is the Advantage of Being a Woman
16 A Marvelous Adventure
17 A Social Exper
18 Even Thieves have Their Day
19 A Confident Facade is the Deadliest Weapon
20 Nothing is Impossible When You are Young!
21 Not You Too!
22 What Do You Plan To Do With That?!
23 Pero Pero
24 Let's Switch the Armour
25 I'm Gonna Tear You into Pieces!
26 What the Hell Did You Come Here For?
27 Life is a Theater
28 It All Depends on the Theatrics
29 This is a Tricky Situation!
30 Really, I’m not that kind of person!
31 Massively Multiplayer Online Games MMOG
32 A Man's Way of Communication
33 I'm Turning Into a Taoist Today!
34 The Boss has Levelled Up!
35 You Guys Have Gone Too Far!
36 Don't You Feel Even The Slightest Bit Of Shame?
37 Perhaps He's a Nice Guy?
38 Of Course I'll Forgive You!
39 An Unexpected Surprise
40 It's M-M-Moving?
41 Mr. Sorry
42 YES! I'm Cured!
43 43. The Profession I Once Envied
44 What An Intriguing Suggestion
45 Stop Mentioning the Past Please
46 Oh Missy! You Have Been Thinking Too Much!
47 If Only He's Mine
48 My Tiny Little Wish
49 A Generous Fat Cash Cow
50 This is Truly Remarkable!
51 Do You Really Want to Wake Her Up?
52 You're Putting Me in a Very Difficult Situation!
53 Get Lost!
54 It Looks Like this Outfit is Far More Impressive than I Though
55 The Trump Card
56 Farewell
57 Isn't this Simple?
58 Ahhh Justice is Going Down Soon!
59 This is an Option!
60 I'm a Good-Natured Person
61 These Stories are All Fake
62 A Surprise Encounter
63 A Pledge of 6000 Years Old
64 Loyalty is a Beautiful Thing
65 The Last Survivor
66 The Second Day of the Holiday
67 Let's PK!
68 It's a Success!
69 There are No Shortcuts to Success
70 70. Our Promise
71 A Greeting Gif
72 A Simple Research Finding
73 E-Er... Is This Kind of Battle Even Allowed?
74 Mia's First Victory
75 A Fair and Square Match
76 A Special Throwing Skill
77 One Last Hope
78 Instant Kill
79 Vidomina
80 The Fateful Match
81 What Happens if She Doesn’t Believe You?
《Why Did You Summon Me?》 Volume 2
82 What’s With That Trinket?
83 Sharkie! Bite Her!
84 No fury like a Hammerhead Shark
85 This One’s Limited Edition
86 How Lucky I Am to Have These Two as My Students
87 This is So Unfair!
88 Warm-Up
89 Quarterstaff Fighting
90 Please... Have mercy on me!
91 What Am I Supposed to Do? Life’s Just Ridiculous!
92 92.I-It... It's You?
93 You Must Be the One I'm Looking For!
94 He's Worthy to be Won Over
95 A Simple Happiness
96 This Game is Not For You!
97 A Reason to Be Obdurate
98 There's Still Hope for Her
99 I'll Be in Charge
100 I'd Like an Expedition Like This Too!
101 Please Don’t Tell Me He is That Kind of Guy!
102 They Are Not Cannibals!
103 A Surprise Attack
104 We Do Not Share the Same Beauty Standards
105 Look At That Colorful Man
106 I Have a Unique Wall-Climbing Skill
107 Ancestor
108 A Slight Disappointmen
109 Let’s Not Be Too Violen
110 Having a Language Barrier is Downright Troublesome
111 Singing is Our Ultimate Problem-Solver
112 The Arrangemen
113 In an Awkward Predicamen
114 The First Step of the Plan
115 You’re Overthinking
116 Having Teenage Fantasies Amidst Chaos
117 Nobody Can Defeat Her Here
118 Let Us Have a Thorough Look At Her First!
119 Great Minds Think Alike
120 I Didn't Mean to Do That!
121 What Are You Trying to Do?
122 An Important Discovery in Her Body
123 He's Not As Good As You Described
124 A Dire Situation
125 I think she’s kinda cute!
126 Can You Guys Please Hurry Up?!
127 Is Your Ranking System Even Legit?
128 I'm Not Your King!
129 It Doesn't Suit Me Here
130 Farewell
131 On Their Way Back
132 Whose Turn Is It This Time?
133 He's the Most Suitable Candidate
134 A Peculiar Life
135 The Skies Set You Aflame
136 When Efficiency Hits its Limits, Change the Method
137 Handsome Rewards
138 138. A Grieving Loss
139 A Relatively Normal Nigh
140 Why Are All Your Talents so Weird?
141 Looks like His Taste is Quite Commendable
142 Magic is Dangerous
143 Childish Gods
144 There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel
145 A Sweet Dream
146 She's Not My Type!
147 Small Favors
148 I Will Not Allow Such Thing to Happen
149 I'll Agree to This Deal
150 Do Not Take the Little Girl Too Seriously
151 I Like Your Method of Thanking Me
152 This Plushie is Evolving Again!
153 Write Your Life Story Down
154 154. Your Arch Nemesis
155 Round One—Baiyi Lose
156 Instrumentality
157 A Sudden Festival
158 Somehow It Looks Normal to Me
159 Strange
160 His Fifth Surprise
161 Not a Job for Your Average Man
162 The Void Does Not Shy Away from A Challenge
163 Great Aim!
164 On-Site Lecture
165 You Shouldn't be So Strong
166 Thank You for Telling Me
167 That Sounded so Wrong
168 Coming in Contact with the Enemy
169 The Last Tranquility of Our Vacation
《Why Did You Summon Me?》 Volume 3
170 A New Semester
171 Peaceful Times
172 A Very Pleasant Morning
173 This is a Very Deep Game
174 Do You Know Who Their Dad Is?
175 Why?
176 He's the Most Terrifying Person of All
177 Interruption
178 Grim
179 Confidential Meeting
180 You People are Looking Down on Me, huh?
181 A Storm is Coming
182 Double Stunned
183 The Path to Salvation
184 The Truth
185 Revol
186 A Prophecy that Comes True
187 The Technique We Have All Been Waiting For
188 A Tie in Strength
189 This Opponent is Truly Impressive
190 Heir
191 Have You Ever Seen Such Unbridled Power?
192 Let’s Enjoy A Few Games, Shall We?
193 The Price of a Smuggle
194 What You Get For Saving The World
195 They Still Did The Right Thing
196 We Find Each Other Kindred Spirits
197 Two Tales
198 The Benevolence of the Church
199 Holiday!
200 Shall I Take You To Heaven?
201 This is the Perfect Place for a Vacation!
202 A Big Guy with Courage
203 Dragon Knights: Fun Facts
204 This Trip Was Totally Worth I
205 Sightseeing
206 I Came Here Just To Relax, Guys!
207 This Species is Bonkers in the Head
208 Baiyi Has Come
209 A Different Attitude Towards The Descendants
210 What Has He Done To You?
211 What Does He See In Me?
212 She's Still At That Imaginative Age
213 Are You Thinking about Riding Me?
214 Are You Here Just to be Adorable?
215 The Laws - A Perilous Fire Pit Indeed
216 Details
217 No One Gets Spared for Their Mistakes
218 All Manner of Preparations are Complete
219 What About Me?
220 Good Things Rarely Come Without A Price
221 Going With the Flow
222 Unrequited Love
223 So, the Apocalypse Happened. Are You Free Enough To Save the Day?
224 The Silver Lining Amidst the Thunderstorm
225 Heed Me
226 The Kind of Ideas Some People would Harbor
227 How Is This Fair?
228 Success
229 Thank You
230 The Old Geezer Cheats Again!
231 Give Up That Unrealistic Dream Of Yours
232 Not Really A Position For Me
233 Exquisite Taste in Women
234 234. I Knew This Elder…
235 Baiyi’s Professional Accomplishmen
236 This is the Real Beginning of a New Semester
237 Don’t Go Against the Curren
238 Something Is Wrong With This Scene
239 We Can Get Along, Right?
240 The New Students Were Not Simple At All
241 There Are Some Things That Even I Don’t Know Abou
242 Testing the Water
243 Resume Testing...
244 A Kind of Happiness Worth Fighting For
245 A Common Man Would Not Be Able to Get To This Position
246 Doub
247 Mother, Daughter
248 Left On His Own
249 Fatal Attraction
250 A Tough Problem
251 Let’s Exchange Some Secrets
252 Don’t Scare Yourself Shitless, Okay?
253 The Numbering for the Last Chapter Was Wrong Again
254 Just Stick To What You’ve Been Calling Me
255 The Wholesom and the Sinister
256 It’s Impolite To Talk Behind Someone’s Back, Mmkay?
257 Are You Really Just A Sorcerer?
258 Mercy
259 The Bar A Master Assassin Should Achieve
260 Would Anyone Believe Me Even if I Come Clean?
261 Why Are You Here So Early In The Morning?
262 Do You Wanna Go Home?
263 A Comparison Between Peers
264 Is Master Hope An Animal?
265 When It Comes To This, Everyone Can Reach A Consensus
266 The Plot Thickens
267 Legally Defending Your Rights
268 Don't Try To Recreate What's Shown in This Chapter
269 The Babel Tower and the City in the Clouds
270 An Unexpectedly Smooth Success
271 This Place Is Not Exactly As You’d Imagined
272 Old Faces in A New Place
273 A Determined Decision
274 Stop Making Things Harder to Explain
275 Prize and Punishmen
276 A Guaranteed Triumph
277 Everybody Is Very Interested In You
278 The Two Decisions
279 A Misunderstanding About Identity
280 Critically Acclaimed
281 The Three Candidates
282 What? A Sudden Interest In Boys?
283 An Apt Candidate
284 An Offer You Can’t Rejec
285 Wanna Give It A Go With Me?
286 A Riveting Game
287 Now That’s A Balanced Way of Teaming Up!
288 The Game Is In Full Swing
289 The Final Battle Royale
290 Life Goes On Even After A Game Has Ended
291 You Can Always Find Someone Like This In Any World
292 A Good Choice Is Already Right In Front of You
293 The Grand Overture
294 Tour de Force
295 A Sudden Change of Events
296 No Bloody Way!
297 Tying Up Loose Ends
298 A Proper Self-Introduction Is In Order
299 A Near Miss
300 Delivering Yourself Right To Their Doorstep
301 A Little Entertainment and Warm-up
302 A Sinister Hunch
303 On My Honor As A Warrior
304 A Pretty Novel Way of Communication
305 Inescapable
306 You Can’t Beat Me That Easily
307 There’s No Need To Look Back When You Utter Your Critical Hit Quote
308 A Pretty Fulfilling Payoff
309 Well, Some Friends We Could Talk To
310 Stylistic Dissonance
311 There’s Still Some Hope Lef
312 This Is A Good Location
313 How Did You Turn Into Something This Surreal?
314 A Long Way To Go
315 Little Bit of This, Little Bit of Tha
316 Let’s Decide It This Way
317 Clash of the Demigods: Round One
318 Clash of the Demigods: Round Two
319 Clash of the Demigods: Round Three
320 The Master and His Apprentice
321 The Birth of A Peregrination
322 A Simple Prep Before The Excursion
323 This Stage Is Tremendous
324 Planting Seeds For Future Plans
325 An Unexpected Meeting
326 The Smarter Choice
327 A Unique Way To Fly
328 Not A Man We Should Fear
329 An Abrupt Lead
330 A Conjecture with Basic Certainty
331 Is That What He Was Thinking?
332 An Ineluctable Awakening
333 A Place That Made The Void Gasp
334 I Want To Play A Game With Them
335 Not All Bald Guys Can Throw A Serious Punch
336 From the Land of Anguish, Comes Anguish
337 Attack
338 This Is The Ulterior Reason
339 Scripted
340 Fin
341 A Little Stain In A Series of Perfect Executions
342 Dating at Midnigh
343 How About You Take A Guess?
344 Why Won’t You Believe Me?
345 Long Time No See, Ms. Certain Character
346 Everything Is In Order
347 There Shall Not Be A Single Shortcoming in This Academy
348 The Students’ Favorite Activity
349 You Jump, I Jump With You
350 Methinks the Two of You Have A Very Different Regard of Each Other
351 Should I Come In?
352 I Am Not Your Grandpa
353 Bursting Shots
354 Blessed By The Woods
355 There Is Something I Would Like To Speak About To Him
356 Who Would Accept This Mission?
357 The Homecoming Vagabond
358 There Will Be Riots
359 I, The Proud Fairy King!
360 Are All Of Your Creatures Like This?
361 A Mission Without Rewards Is Still Worth A Try
362 As Bustling As A Festival
363 Ambush
364 The Noose Is Tightening
365 A Dilemma
366 My Script Was Perfec
367 Traitor
368 People Do Improve
369 They Are More Than Just Moe
370 And... He Was More Than Just A Gentleman
371 It’s Not Over Ye
372 Will This Team-up Even Work?
373 That Is Exactly How Confident I Am!
374 A Bad Case of Paranoia
375 A Sensible Analysis
376 Something Wicked This Way Comes
377 A Fog of Mystery
378 Destruction From The Sky
379 A Difficult Decision Was Made
380 This Version Doesn’t Fit You
381 This Monstrosity Is So Overpowered
382 Understanding
383 You Can’t Possibly Be This Pathetic, Can You?
384 How Did It All Started
385 Locked Into A Stuggle
386 Put Your Best Foot Forward
387 This Teammate Has the Unreliability of Godly Proportions
388 Looks Can Be Deceiving
389 389. His First Battle Reward
390 390. This Is An Unexpected Reward
391 391. An Emperor’s End
392 392. Impunity
393 393. Post-even
394 394. You Are Venerating The Wrong Person, You Know?
395 Checking Off The Lis
396 The Construction Is Completed
397 There’s Always An Entrance Exam
398 The Exam Is In Progress
399 You Actually Did That?!
400 The World Shall Hear My Voice
《Why Did You Summon Me?》 Volume 4
401 Ten Years Later
402 The Stumbling Block
403 The Tale of A Promising Studen
404 Not Found
405 The Sisterhood's Little Gathering
406 Lemme Tell You About The Dragon Knights
407 Gifts
408 An Important Business
409 A Bad And Basic Bait For Baiyi
410 Here Comes Another Major Mission
411 Hello, Pillow. Meet, Sleep
412 What He Did The Night Before
413 A Different Kind of Meeting Between the Voidwalkers
414 Gathering clues
415 Exploring the Ruins
416 An Augury
417 Two Separate Adventures Begin
418 An Epic Battle!
419 You Ungracious Traitor of a Student!
420 Arrival
421 First Encounter
422 A Blatant Instigation
423 Rebellion Against My Beautiful Father
424 A Terrifying Enemy
425 Homecoming
426 Guys, This Is Not The Plot You Remembered
427 I'll End This War My Own Way
428 Baiyi's Servant s
429 Baiyi's Great Plan
430 Five Days Since Arrival
431 Why Don't You Go Home With Me?
432 Wait, What The Heck Did I Miss?!
433 Each Battle, From Their Own Perspective
434 Don't Look Down On The Fairer Sex
435 When Things Don't Go Their Way... Grow in Size!
436 The Hitman Walker's Dignity
437 P-poison...
438 Confusion Over His Profession
439 Let's Not Bring Her To The Battlefield Next Time
440 The Eldest Daughter Has Matured
441 This Is Not An Act of Callousness
442 She Is Going To Fly Straight Until Morning
443 A Different Transformation
444 Don't Take His Story Seriously Enough To Emulate I
445 This Is My Last Resor
446 Why Did You Summon Me?
447 Use Quick Attack, Now!
448 This One Strike Might Be Your End
449 What Is The Point Of Getting This Reward?
450 Please Do Not Throw Everything You See
451 It's A Key Invention!
452 What Tremendous Naming Skills!
453 A Family Argumen
454 The Real Precious Gif
455 The Correct Way To Start A Council
456 The Current Situation
457 Sit Back, and Enjoy The Show
458 It's Not Urgent Ye
459 Bad Timing Could Really Cause Misunderstandings
460 The Gaps Between Them
461 You Enjoy More Luxury Than I Do!
462 Studying In The Company of Radiant Beauty
463 Your Latest Invention Seems Promising
464 A Pioneer Will Always Suffer Some Setbacks
465 The Trick Is To Grind For More Points
466 We're Just Friends...
467 Let The Performance Commence!
468 Sorry, But This Time, None of You Will Join In On The Fun.
469 Simplistic, Yet Hardly Simple
470 Have You Even Seen The Genuine Article Before?
471 The End of The Auction
472 Are You Sure This Isn't Too Much?
473 Wow, She's Good At Overthinking, Too
474 I'm Not The Sort of Person You Imagined!
475 Putting Up An Ac
476 The Source of Her Struggles
477 It's Nice To Have Someone Waiting For You Back Home
478 Presents Made With One's Heart and Soul
479 Principal Bai Is Bad At Understanding Others
480 The Preparation Before The Trial
481 What Is With These Cheesy Names?
482 So Ambitious!
483 The Word of the Chapter is... Stick!
484 A Lucky Finding!
485 Mm, So Tasty~
486 The Fright of the Nigh
487 The Things Boys Talk About At Nigh
488 The Contras
489 We're In An Agreemen
490 This Is a Tad Bit Illogical
491 A Mystery
492 A Special Way To Summon God
493 The Truth About the Voidwalkers
494 The Strategy Against Our Enemies
495 Fanning the Flames
496 I Changed Into A New Outfi
497 The Start Of A Bizzare Adventure
498 Have Mercy, Ma'am!
499 I Finally Get To Say That Out Loud
500 A Plea
501 The Divine Regalia Is Not Responding
502 The Emperor's Anxiety
503 How Did Your Descendant End Up So Beautiful?
504 We're Going Ou
505 Hey Old Geezer, Can You Please Chill?
506 A Famous Figure in History
507 This Alias Might Not Be As Helpful As I Though
508 It Will Be Fine, So Don't Worry!
509 The Siege
510 What's Going On At Mia's Side?
511 Please Use This Responsibly
512 The Defense Crumbled In An Instan
513 It's A One-of-a-kind Gift!
514 Now That's A Hell of An Experience!
515 A Simple And Direct Reques
516 Farewell
517 Meeting Someone A Thousand Years In The Pas
518 Sent To The Dungeon
519 Why Do You Treat Me So Differently?
520 Tired Already?
521 Did You Target The Wrong Enemy?
522 The Path to Heaven
523 Seemingly Harmonic
524 Terrible News
525 Unexpected Defiance
526 The Mystery of the Angel
527 How Did You Become An Apostle?!
528 A Half-serious Battle
529 A Battle That Subverts Stereotypes
530 After The Battle
531 Visiting The Prisoner
532 Entering the Plushie
533 Disagreemen
534 An Unexpected Homecoming
535 Everything Is Fine
536 Are You Sure This Info Is Useful?
537 She Arrives
538 One-winged Angel
539 How Intriguing...
540 The Dark Side of Humanity
541 Come; Take the Bai
542 He Who The Angel Looks Up To
543 Let's See If You Dodge This!
544 Oof, It's All Just A Misunderstanding!
545 Fly Higher! Fly Faster!
546 An Incorrect Method
547 Oh, This is Bad.
548 A Very Risky Decision
549 Sinking Into A Deep Sleep
550 Banishmen
551 I'm Not Leaving Your Side
552 With All Of Our Efforts
553 This One's Not Afraid To Die
554 What Is Faith?
555 Divine Wrath
556 A Bit of A Panic
557 We Fight For What We Believe In!
558 A Comparison of Power
559 We Can't Be Defeated
560 Behold, One of Earth's Finest Tactics!
561 Fine, I'll Make Do
562 Humans Have Limits
563 What The Hell Just Happened?
564 I Renounce My Humanity
565 Gaining Allies Against Expectations
566 The Void's Counterattacks
567 A Terror to Behold
566 The Voidwalkers Counterattack
567 Terrifying to Behold
568 The Next Battle Is Upon Us
569 The Day Before The Final Battle
570 The Enemy's First Move
571 Shattering the Stars
572 Allow Me To Go Firs
573 You Actually Ambushed Us?
574 Everything Is Easily Under Control
575 The Next Day
576 A Holy Woman's Last Prayer
577 Rejecting Salvation
《Why Did You Summon Me?》 Text
578 Cruelty Is Approaching
579 An Outrageous Act of Wickedness
580 A Silent But Drastic Change
581 The War Escalates
582 A Bleak Battle With Bleaker Prospects
583 Going Gian
584 The Reinforcement No One Expected
585 A Clarion Call for Retaliation
586 Off With His Hand!
587 He Returns
588 The Battle For Control
589 What Happens Next?
590 Hope
591 Assets for A New World
592 This Is An Expansive Game
593 Different People, Different Choices
594 Time Flies
595 The World Changes So Quickly
596 This is Where We Part Ways
597 A Quandary, Indeed
598 A Ship That Sails On Clouds
599 Quite A Handsome Fortune
600 A Dying World
601 Does This Battle Remind You Of Something?
602 Busy, Busy, Busy
603 Are You People Going To Start a War... Again?
604 You're Really Going to Do It?
605 The Beginning
606 Baiyi's Civilization
607 Another Ten Years Later
608 We've Got A Problem
609 A Curious Feature of the Empire
610 A Sudden Affair
611 Why Did This Happen?
612 A Friend in a Foreign Land
613 You're My Favorite Big Sister!
614 It Went Pretty Smoothly, Didn't It?
615 An Epic Quest... At Home
616 Meet My Father
617 A Small Token of Gratitude
618 Sorry, I Was Distracted
619 Cronies
620 We’re Known To Be Very Kind To Our War Prisoners
621 The End: What a Good Life