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"Only formations can conceal something from the White Tiger Soul-Tracking Technique," Zhou Ninghe said with a sigh. "We're very sure that he hasn't returned to the Great Light Peak, and yet we haven't been able to find him, so he must have hidden in some kind of formation." 

"What you're saying, Elder Zhou, is that only the Tian Luo Sect knows how to use formations in Gale City?" Bai Feng raised her eyebrows and scoffed indignantly. "How is it that even I'm not aware we've become so powerful?"

"There are others who know how to use formations too, but such people are quite rare," Zhou Ninghe replied.

Bai Feng had a sarcastic look on her face. "The Tian Luo Sect must have many disciples who know how to use formations then, right!"

There was nothing Zhou Ninghe could say in response to that. 

Everyone knew that although the Tian Luo Sect cultivated formations too, it would be a hasty generalization to say that all of their disciples knew how to use formations. In reality, the Tian Luo Sect only had very few disciples who were proficient at using formations, and these disciples would be at the sect. Even if they were not there, they would not have come to Gale City anyway. Instead, they would probably have gone to stay in Providence City and Divine Splendor City. 

"The Flaming Sun Sect knows formations too," Bai Feng said coldly. "Why aren't you suspecting the Flaming Sun Sect then? Instead, you've only come to my place. Do you think that just because the Tian Luo Sect consists of only women, we can be easily bullied?"

"What are you saying?" Zhou Ninghe waved a hand and laughed. "That's not what we meant at all. We're just dropping by your place to look around first before going over to the Flaming Sun Sect." 

At the mention of the Flaming Sun Sect, his expression darkened. Fu Yu's expression became grave too.

Bai Feng scoffed and said, "The Tian Luo Sect has always been minding our own business. It seems like you guys have taken this as a sign of weakness, so you've deliberately come here to bully us. Very well then. I'd like to see how impressive your skills are, Senior Fu."

"Okay, okay!" Zhou Ninghe laughed nervously while waving his hands about to calm the situation. "Actually, we do trust you. As for the Flaming Sun Sect… Humph!"

"The Flaming Sun Sect has its own formation masters too, and everyone knows how ambitious they are. Will they let go of this opportunity? Won't they try to take advantage of this situation?"

Bai Feng pursed her luscious red lips and scoffed. "If it were me, I would've gone over and asked them to hand the man over a long time ago!"

"It might not be the Flaming Sun Sect," Zhou Ninghe answered while shaking his head. "Pang Jinshui. You know him, right?"

Bai Feng exhaled sharply and muttered, "That guy's the most annoying person ever. He's deceitful and greedy!"

"Well, he's dead," Zhou Ninghe said. "There are wounds from the Light Blade and the White Tiger Killing Skill on his body, so Zhao Dahe and Tan Jin probably joined forces to kill him. I wonder what he did to meet such an end."

"He must've tried to kill off the two of them," Bai Feng said impatiently. "He must've done something to offend the White Tiger Sect for Tan Jin to try to kill him. That should be why Zhao Dahe was trying to kill him too. I believe he was the one who hid Zhao Dahe away and then decided to turn Zhao Dahe over to the White Tiger Sect later on." 

"Bai Feng, you have quite an imagination." Zhou Ninghe could not help but laugh. Then, a thoughtful look entered his eyes. "However, you're right about one thing. Those people at the Flaming Sun Sect are becoming more and more impatient."

Now that the White Tiger Sect had lost three of their elders and had suffered great loss in terms of power, the Flaming Sun Sect would definitely be thinking of taking their place. 

All these years, the Flaming Sun Sect had always been dissatisfied with their status and had aspired to be the leader among the three sects. Yet, the White Tiger Sect was always more powerful than them. Now that their opportunity had finally come, how could they let go of it? 

"In my opinion, you should be focusing more on dealing with the Flaming Sun Sect first right now rather than the matter of killing Zhao Dahe," Bai Feng curled her red lip and let out a scornful laugh. "Zhao Dahe is a disciple of the Holy Church of Light. If you really murder him, how could the Holy Church of Light not avenge his death? You've already lost three of your elders. If the Holy Church of Light were to kill off another one or two of your elders, is it possible for the Flaming Sun Sect to revolt against you."

"If we don't kill Zhao Dahe, how are we to protect the White Tiger Sect's prestige?"

"It's not a shameful thing to be defeated by the Holy Church of Light," Bai Feng answered. "I've asked around about him. This Zhao Dahe used to be a small-town association disciple, but then he received a fortuitous encounter and became an outer mountain disciple of the Holy Church of Light. He has managed to make a breakthrough into the Grandmaster's Boundary within a few months, so he could be described as a genius at cultivation. Once he re-establishes the Radiance Clan, he'll certainly return to the Great Light Peak and become an inner mountain disciple. He can't keep staying in Gale City."

"That's why he's a menace," Fu Yu muttered coldly. "If we don't kill him now, we'll never be able to kill him in the future."

Bai Feng cast a sidelong glance at him and chuckled mirthlessly. "There are so many other people you can never kill off in the Holy Church of Light. For instance, are you capable of killing their priests and altar leaders?"

Fu Yu scoffed but did not reply.

Bai Feng went on, "Judging by his manner, Zhao Dahe is certainly capable of becoming a senior within the Holy Church of Light, so it's not a disgrace for the Roaring Tiger Clan to be defeated by him. It's not like you've never suffered such losses before anyway. Didn't you guys get crushed by Sun Mingyue multiple times?"

"How can he be compared with Sun Mingyue!" Fu Yu huffed.

Bai Feng responded, "In any case, I'm giving you a sincere piece of advice here. You should stop pursuing a dead end. Don't end up being taken advantage of by those people from the Flaming Sun Sect."

"We're not that stupid," Fu Yu retorted with a scoff.

Bai Feng's intentions might not be so pure too. While the Flaming Sun Sect was becoming more aggressive, the Tian Luo Sect had suffered quite a lot of bullying as well. She was probably trying to make use of them to get rid of the other sect by adding fuel to the fire.

Zhou Ninghe said, "It's impossible for us to stop and turn back now. You can't expect the White Tiger Sect to admit defeat to an outer mountain disciple of the Holy Church of Light."

Bai Feng scoffed and replied, "How great of a loss will you have to suffer in order to kill him? He's not that easy to kill!"

"Ah…" Zhou Ninghe sighed deeply. "With such capabilities, how can he still be an outer mountain disciple?"

"He's like another Sun Mingyue!" Fu Yu muttered angrily.

As an outer mountain disciple, Zhao Dahe had even managed to kill the White Tiger Sect's elders, so he probably had exceptional talent and a promising future. Once he became an inner mountain disciple, there was no way to tell how powerful he might become!

It would be way harder to deal with him when that happened, so they had to kill him off now. 

"Whatever. I don't feel like wasting my time arguing with you anymore. You're not welcome at the Phoenix Goddess Brothel. Please leave. I won't be seeing you out!" Bai Feng waved a hand to dismiss them and said disdainfully, "I'll let it pass this time, but if this were to happen again, I'll make sure your disciples suffer a beating that's ten times worse than this!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she held Yue Ru by the arm and glided away.

Fu Yu frowned and glared after them.

Zhou Ninghe said, "Brother Fu, forget it. We should leave too."

"Something's fishy about them, right?" Fu Yu exhaled sharply.

Zhou Ninghe shook his head and replied, "Whether or not there's anything fishy about them, we can't just start a fight with them for real. We can no longer keep the Flaming Sun Sect under control. If we were to become enemies with the Tian Luo Sect now, we would really find ourselves in an unfavorable situation. We have to be more careful!" 

"This Zhao Dahe!" Fu Yu gritted his teeth.

"Bai Feng's words might not be entirely nonsense." Zhou Ninghe sighed. "If we can't manage to kill him this time, we should just leave him be!"

Fu Yu huffed and said, "I'm sure we'll be able to kill him this time!"

"Four elders are going up against him together this time. If the four of us are still unsuccessful in killing him, I don't think there's anything else we can do!" Zhou Ninghe replied.

"Brother Zhou, you seem afraid!" Fu Yu scoffed.

"I feel like Zhao Dahe is a rather unusual character. He has received a fortuitous encounter, and even possesses such great capabilities…" Zhou Ninghe shook his head. "I'm just afraid he might really turn out to be another Sun Mingyue."

Sun Mingyue was an extremely rare kind of genius at cultivation. When they said that Zhao Dahe was like Sun Mingyue, he had thought that they were just making an analogy. It had never occurred to him that he could have Sun Mingyue's capabilities. 

"I don't believe it!" Fu Yu muttered impassively. "We must kill him!"

"Our priority right now is to find out where he is!" Zhou Ninghe said. "We can't keep wasting our time here."

"What do you have in mind then?" Fu Yu replied, filled with rage. "If I were to find out who had hidden him away, I would never let them off so easily!"

"Let's just find the man first then," Zhou Ninghe said and sighed. 

The two elderly men left the Phoenix Goddess Brothel in resignation.

Chu Li frowned.

His room was right above the room Fu Yu and Zhou Ninghe had been in. Through the Omniscient Mirror, he had been able to read their thoughts very clearly. Four elders of the White Tiger Sect had come to hunt him down. They were determined to murder him.

Yue Ru opened the door and gracefully entered the room. She wore a gentle smile as she said, "The elders of the White Tiger Sect have dropped by again."

Chu Li nodded. "Their room was directly below mine, right?"

Yue Ru said, "Master has tried to probe them to find out what's on their minds. They're determined to kill you this time, and the sect might not have sent just two elders. There might be others who are operating secretly. It's better for you to not leave your room right now. You should avoid them temporarily." 

"Will do." Chu Li slowly nodded.

Four elders had come this time. He would definitely be no match for them, so he should stay out of their sight for now.