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806 Teaching a Lesson

Yue Ru exchanged a few words with him and then left the room to let Chu Li recuperate in peace.

In the following days, Chu Li stayed in his room to focus on treating injuries and Yue Ru came to deliver his meals once every three days. Aside from that, she did not disturb his rest. 

Chu Li could tell that Yue Ru had become fonder of him. Obviously, she was grateful to him for murdering Tan Jin.

Seven days passed by in a flash.

After Chu Li had fully recovered from his injuries, he devoted all his attention to cultivating and advancing his Great Light Scripture.

The White Tiger Sect would certainly not let the matter drop and would send over a more formidable martial arts master who might wear the White Tiger Armor next time round. It would be very challenging for him to succeed just by using his Light Blade then. He would need to fight with all his might, so what he could fall back on was his cultivation level.

In the early evening, when the lanterns were first lit, two elderly men stepped into the Phoenix Goddess Brothel.

These two elderly men were very noticeable as they stood together. Since one of them was tall and big while the other had a thin and small physique, it looked as though an adult was walking alongside a child. Nonetheless, they each gave off such a natural air of dignity and power that no one dared to make fun of them. 

When they entered the Phoenix Goddess Brothel, a servant came to welcome them. The short elderly man said, "We're here to see Yue Ru."

"Miss Yue Ru? Sure, please come with me." The servant quickly led the two men into a room on the second floor.

Yue Ru gracefully entered the room dressed in a spotless white gown. She gave them a curtsy and smiled sweetly as she said, "I'm Yue Ru. Greetings, masters."

"We're from the White Tiger Sect," the short elderly man said in a grave voice. "Miss Yue Ru, you're a disciple of the Tian Luo Sect, right?" 

Yue Ru gave a slight nod. "You're a senior from the White Tiger Sect. Forgive me for not having recognized you. I'm indeed a disciple of the Tian Luo Sect. May I know what brings you here?"

"Tan Jin has come and spoken to you before, hasn't he?"

"Elder Tan? Yes."

"What did he say?"

"He came to ask me about Zhao Dahe's whereabouts."

"Anything else?"

Yue Ru shook her head. "When Zhao Dahe dropped by this place, I used the opportunity to plot against him but unfortunately, the Musical Assassination Technique did not work on him, so I didn't manage to kill him. He escaped right away and I've not seen him ever since. I haven't seen Senior Tan over the past few days as well." 

"Tan Jin is dead," the short elderly man said. "I'm Zhou Ninghe. I have a few questions to ask you. Do you really not know where Zhao Dahe is right now?" 

Yue Ru seemed surprised. "Senior Zhou, what makes you ask that?"

"Someone saw you delivering meals to a person staying on the third floor," Zhou Ninghe replied with a scoff. "May I know who that person is?"

"Well…" Yue Ru shook her head and said, "Forgive me, but I cannot answer that question."

"It's Zhao Dahe, isn't it?" Zhou Ninghe muttered coldly.

Yue Ru nibbled on her lower lip and gently shook her head. "It's not him."

Anger rose in her heart. It seemed like there were spies from the White Tiger Sect in the Phoenix Goddess Brothel!

This Phoenix Goddess Brothel belonged to the Tian Luo Sect but the White Tiger Sect had bribed some people in the brothel to become their spies. What were they up to! 

"Bring us to this person!" the tall elderly man demanded impassively. "I'm Fu Yu. You would've heard of me before." 

"So you're Senior Fu." Yue Ru's heart trembled slightly.

Indeed, she had heard of the name Fu Yu before. It was said that he was a cruel and ruthless man.

"Tan Jin is an enemy of yours, right?" Fu Yu questioned.

Yue Ru was puzzled. "Senior Fu, what makes you say that? I've never met Senior Tan before. How can he be my enemy?"

"Humph, you've been wanting to kill him to avenge the death of your father," Fu Yu stated coldly. "It's no surprise that you've decided to help Zhao Dahe for the sake of revenge."

A perplexed expression appeared on Yue Ru's face. "Senior Fu, I don't understand what you're talking about. What do you mean avenging my father's death?"

Fu Yu stared at her intently before he shook his head and said, "Bring us to the third floor and let us see who you've been delivering those meals to."

"Forgive me, but I cannot oblige," Yue Ru replied with a shake of her head.

Fu Yu asked coldly, "You dare disobey me?"

"Senior Fu isn't a senior of my sect. Why should I listen to Senior Fu's orders?" Yue Ru calmly shook her head.

"You're rather bold!" Fu Yu exclaimed. "You think I wouldn't dare to teach you a lesson?"

Yue Ru answered, "The White Tiger Sect may be strong, but the Tian Luo Sect aren't pushovers who can be easily bullied. If Senior Fu insists on teaching me a lesson, the seniors from my sect will certainly come and find Senior Fu to seek justice on my behalf." 

"How naive!" Fu Yu laughed cruelly. "I'd like to see who would dare to come and look for me to seek justice."

Right after he had finished speaking, he joined his palms together and a tiger silhouette appeared immediately. It looked so realistic and vivid like a real white tiger as it abruptly shot toward Yue Ru. 

Yue Ru avoided it with graceful steps. She moved about elegantly as if she was treading water, but the tiger silhouette was just as agile and continued to pursue her.

She had been moving all around the room, but still failed to outrun it in the end. With a loud "bang," she was sent flying and crashed through the door.

"Senior Fu is domineering indeed!" A cold, tender voice could be heard as a beautiful young married woman suddenly appeared before the two elderly men. "You're beating up a disciple of our sect as you like, and you're even taking advantage of your seniority to bully a younger person!" 

"Bai Feng?" Zhou Ninghe and Fu Yu frowned at the sight of her.

Bai Feng laughed coldly. "Senior Fu, what has Yue Ru done so wrong to deserve such a beating from you?"

"This young lady is arrogant and disrespectful, so I've decided to discipline her on your behalf," Fu Yu said in anger.

Bai Feng retorted impassively, "You've decided to discipline her on my behalf? You're neither her senior in the sect nor her relative. What gives you the right to discipline her, you old bastard?"

"Bai Feng, stop this impudence at once!" Fu Yu commanded. 

"No matter how impudent I am, I can never compare to you!" Bai Feng scoffed. "You're just flaunting your seniority. What a joke!" 

"Bai Feng, cut it out already!" Zhou Ninghe waved a hand dismissively. "He was just teaching her a small lesson. She didn't suffer any severe injuries anyway." 

Yue Ru was already back on her feet and felt some discomfort in her chest. Her internal organs had suffered minor injuries.

Bai Feng's charming eyes glared at Zhou Ninghe. "Old Man Zhou, you're pretending to be the good guy again, as if you're not involved in this. What has my disciple done to offend the two of you?"

"Hehe, it was all a misunderstanding." Zhou Ninghe waved a hand and laughed awkwardly. "Just a misunderstanding."

They had realized their misunderstanding very quickly. The person to whom Yue Ru had been delivering the meals had obviously been her master, Bai Feng.

Bai Feng let out a scoff. "My disciple had suffered a beating for nothing? I shall go to the territory of the White Tiger Sect, teach your disciples a lesson, and then say it's a misunderstanding as well!" 

"Stop making a scene," Fu Yu said with rage. "You guys have seen Zhao Dahe, haven't you?"

"Yes, we've seen him." Bai Feng nodded. "We have not only seen him but have also helped him deal with Tan Jin. After having Tan Jin killed, we've now gained a huge advantage… Are you happy with this answer?"

"Bai Feng, stop fooling around. We have to track down this Zhao Dahe," Zhou Ninghe said.

Bai Feng scoffed and replied, "I'm not fooling around. You've beaten up my disciple and I can't even say anything about it? You people of the White Tiger Sect are too used to your high and mighty ways. Are you trying to lord over all three sects? Even the Holy Church of Light isn't so bold!"

"Alright, alright, knock it off," Zhou Ninghe said while still waving his hand. "Yue Ru hasn't been seriously injured anyway. Do you actually know where Zhao Dahe is right now?"

"The White Tiger Sect has informants hidden everywhere and you can't even find him. How are we to know where he is?" Bai Feng replied impatiently. "The White Tiger Sect is such a weak tyrant. You can't even handle a lowly disciple from the Holy Church of Light, and you still have the nerve to come here and teach my disciple a lesson!"

Fu Yu remained expressionless as he knew that he should not carry on arguing with Bai Feng. Otherwise, there would be no end to this.

Her master was the sect leader of the Tian Luo Sect and was extremely quick to cover her faults. If he had known that Bai Feng was here, he would not have started a fight and would have just left after making a few threats.

Bai Feng was crafty and unruly. If she really planned on beating up his disciples, there was nothing he could do about it. It was not that big of a deal to teach Yue Ru a lesson, but if he were to teach Bai Feng a lesson too, he would be plagued by endless troubles.