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805 Imitating the Tiger

Chu Li did not try to avoid the attack. Just as the palm energy was about to hit him, he suddenly joined his hands together and then drew them apart. Instantly, a tiger silhouette appeared and charged toward the ruddy-faced old man. 

The old man immediately became taken aback. "You…" 

He rapidly moved his body to the side and dodged the tiger silhouette.

"Bang!" Chu Li was sent flying.

The ruddy-faced old man sighed in relief but in the next instant, a blade sliced through his throat at lightning speed.

The old man widened his eyes in disbelief. Soon after, the tiger silhouette that had been coming at him struck his back, and the impact produced a loud explosion that sent him flying toward Chu Li.

Chu Li rolled once on the ground and forced himself to rise to his feet before joining his hands together and then drawing them apart again. Another tiger silhouette appeared between his palms and hit the old man on his back once more.

When he had first encountered Fang Qingyang back then, the Divine Light Body had prevented him from learning the man's martial art heart technique. However, he had been able to see the heart technique circulating within everyone in the White Tiger Sect, so he had already learned the White Tiger Killing Skill. It was just that he had never performed it since Zhao Dahe should not have such capabilities.

There was no one else around them at that moment, so he had felt a sudden urge to try out its effects. The skill was indeed marvelous. 

The ruddy-faced old man decided to channel his inner energy and lock it around his throat, but just as he was about to take out a spirit medicine from his inner pocket, this tiger silhouette interrupted his movements.

"Bang!" The ruddy-faced old man was sent crashing to the ground.

Chu Li drew in a deep breath and vomited another mouthful of black blood.

This ruddy-faced old man's skills were very impressive. The palm energy he had suffered earlier caused his injuries to become more severe. 

He sat cross-legged on the ground and did not rush to use his recuperation technique.

He saw Yue Ru hurrying over from a great distance through his Omniscient Mirror.

A few moments later, Yue Ru appeared before him clad in green and looked rather valiant and formidable. She asked anxiously, "Young Master Zhao, are you okay?"

Chu Li shook his head. "I'll be fine… Tan Jin's over there. You can go and take a look."

"Thank you, Young Master Zhao!" Yue Ru's expression changed at once as she hurriedly glided over to Tan Jin. 

Tan Jin appeared to be in a miserable state but Yue Ru was overjoyed by this sight. 

"Is he really dead?" Yue Ru asked.

Chu Li replied, "He should be dead already. Miss Yue Ru, please take the robe off of him. I wish to keep it!"

"... Okay." Yue Ru nodded.

She showed absolutely no fear at Tan Jin's miserable appearance as she stripped him of his outer robe in a somewhat clumsy manner before handing the robe to Chu Li.

Chu Li explained, "This is a treasured robe that's capable of blocking my flying blade. I cannot let it fall into the hands of others."

"That's an article of extraordinary treasured clothing," Yue Ru said with an admirable sigh.

Chu Li nodded.

Yue Ru continued, "Let's hurry up and go back now so that you can recuperate properly."

Chu Li shook his head. "I can do that here. I still need to collect my flying blades. These are precious blades that can cut through iron as though it were mud."

"What if more people come over?" 

"It's okay," Chu Li answered.

Then, he closed his eyes and started channeling.

Yue Ru came to take a look at the ruddy-faced old man. Upon seeing his face, she cried out involuntarily. "Pang Jinshui!"

Chu Li did not pay any attention to her.

Yue Ru examined Pang Jinshui's injuries and then lifted her head to look at Chu Li.

Chu Li was cultivating with his eyes shut. Soon, white steam began to rise out from the top of his head which covered his face as it grew thicker.

Yue Ru turned her gaze back to Pang Jinshui and looked extremely puzzled.

Judging by his injuries, he had not only been wounded by a flying blade but had also suffered a few blows from the White Tiger Killing Skill.

It was very easy to recognize an injury caused by the White Tiger Killing Skill. There would be a tiger silhouette on the wound, so one would be able to tell at a glance. 

Pang Jinshui had clearly arrived here before her. It was no surprise that he had been wounded by the flying blade. Since the Flaming Sun Sect and the White Tiger Sect shared the same view of things, it would make sense for him to help Tan Jin kill Zhao Dahe. 

However, why would there be a wound from the White Tiger Killing Skill on his body as well?

Could it be that Tan Jin had regarded him as an enemy?

No matter how she thought about it, she could not find a way to explain this situation.

Based on the condition of his injuries, she could only deduce that both Tan Jin and Zhao Dahe had treated him as the enemy. Was it possible that he had intended to kill the two of them while they were injured and so the other two had joined forces to kill him first?

Chu Li did not use the Life and Death Scripture. Instead, he depended only on the Divine Light Body and the Great Light Scripture to heal himself.

Even so, his injuries recovered at an astonishing rate. 

The Divine Light Body was undeniably strong, so it could very quickly recover from any injury.

Meanwhile, as the Buddha in his mind's void kept chanting the Great Light Scripture and Maha-Vairocana's Immobility Scripture, the lotuses that had been transformed from the words of the scriptures seemed to materialize and fall upon his real body. On top of that, he also possessed the Heavenly Demon Scripture. The lotuses from the three scriptures kept descending upon him and rapidly revitalized his body. 

An hour later, the white steam at the top of Chu Li's head quickly vanished as it turned into numerous bouts of energy that went into his hair. There was a fine glow in his eyes that was gradually hidden away when he slowly opened it.

Yue Ru anxiously asked, "Do you feel better?"

Chu Li stood up. "I'm okay now."

He slowly walked over to Tan Jin's dead body. Then, he drew his long sword from his waist and cut off Tan Jin's head in a flash. "This time, he's dead through and through!"

Yue Ru looked at him in confusion.

Chu Li exhaled sharply and said, "It's not impossible that the White Tiger Sect may have some way to revive the dead. I can only be at ease once I've cut off his head."

With a flash of his sword, he chopped off Pang Jinshui's head as well. After that, he sheathed his sword. "Let's go. I'm going to collect my flying blades now."

As he glided forward, he would occasionally stretch out a hand and a flying blade on the ground would fly into his hand like a swallow returning to the woods.

He glided from the mountain top all the way down to the foot of the mountain. As he collected his flying blades along the edge of the forest on the outskirts of Gale City, he sighed gratefully for his foresight. It was a good thing he had asked for an extra set of flying blades or else there would not have been enough blades for him to throw.

If he ran out of blades during the fight, he could have lost his life!

Yue Ru became speechless as she watched him.

She had been in Gale City for a long time. Though she had never really had any business with the Holy Church of Light, she had heard that the Light Blade could not be used more than a few times in one go, because the skill consumed way too much spiritual energy. However, Zhao Dahe had actually managed to launch so many blades!

Chu Li heaved a long sigh of relief as he kept the flying blades back into his leather wristband. He had finally collected all of them. If someone were to pass by so coincidentally and pick them up, then he would have felt really sad.

Yue Ru asked, "Young Master Zhao, is the condition of your injury really under control?"

She had noticed Chu Li's pale complexion.

With one leap, Chu Li was able to travel over a distance of more than ten meters, as if the place had been reduced to mere inches. It made him look very elegant and unrestrained. He shook his head and replied, "It's just some minor injuries. I'll be fine after a few days." 

"Please return with me." Yue Ru glided alongside him in a graceful and elegant manner as if walking on air. She lowered her voice and said, "Now that Tan Jin is dead, the White Tiger Sect will really go crazy." 

Chu Li scoffed. "They're not that powerful anyway!"

Regardless of what he had said, his heart was in fearful awe at how high Tan Jin's cultivation level was. His victory had not come easily this time.

If anyone more powerful were to come after him, it would be hard to predict the outcome.

Yue Ru said, "Tan Jin had worn the treasured clothing but didn't put on the White Tiger Armor. If someone else were to come wearing the White Tiger Armor, that would be a very dangerous situation." 

Chu Li briefly examined the treasured clothing he had put on. "This treasured clothing is very impressive too."

He did not mind at all that it had been worn by a dead man. He had put it on right away and immediately felt more at ease.

"This treasured clothing is indeed impressive, but it provides no protection for the throat and the head. That's why you were able to defeat him, Young Master Zhao," Yue Ru said. "The White Tiger Armor, on the other hand, protects the entire body and only exposes the eyes!" 

Chu Li knitted his brows together. "White Tiger Armor. Might as well call it a tortoiseshell!"

Yue Ri pursed her lips into a smile as she chuckled. "Be it the White Tiger Armor or a tortoiseshell, it can restrain the powers of the Light Blade in any case."

"Alright then. Let's return to the Phoenix Goddess Brothel," Chu Li said.

It was already twilight at that time and a thick evening mist surrounded them while the sky grew darker. 

When they went back into the city, the first round of lanterns had already been lit. 

The two of them entered the Phoenix Goddess Brothel through the back door and went up to the third floor. Chu Li then returned to his room which was protected by the Wondrous Light Formation.

Yue Ru poured a cup of tea and then served it to him. Suddenly, she hesitated for a moment before she asked, "What's the deal with that Pang Jinshui from the Flaming Sun Sect?"

"He was just trying to take advantage of the situation." Chu Li received the cup of tea from her and took a quick sip. "Since when has it been that easy to take advantage of any situation? This guy was too greedy!"

"No wonder." Yue Ru nodded. "Things are going to get interesting between the Flaming Sun Sect and the White Tiger Sect after this."

"Let them fight among themselves for now, so that I can take a breather," Chu Li said with a grin.