When She Finds Love In Music!
128 Familier vibes!
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When She Finds Love In Music!
Author :Chandani_Thanki
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128 Familier vibes!

@@Aits already noon, when athira reached at airport,

She took her phone from her pocket and dial number, " I hope everything is ready as per the plan. I don't want them to know That I am already around them. " 

A husky voice replied from another side, " Yes, Mam. Everything is ready as per your plan. Have a safe journey! "

Athira cut the phone and put back in pocket. Still she have an hour left before borded a flight so she walk towards cafeteria too grab something..

She is very tired and exhausted because of the mission of last night. But still she in high spirit. Because she knows this journey to Thailand clear soo many of her doubt and finally she'll be from the promise she made to her big brother.

But only God knows what this trip have in store for her.

It's already 5 in the evening when she leave the Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to go to the hotel. 

While she is walking towards parking area suddenly her heart froze and a chill wide passed her from behind.

She is shocked and froze, she gef back to her self in a next moment and turn to see.

But there is nothing there.

She felt an familer vibes for a minute and her was started to bit loudly.. but now she feels like it's just her Illusion.

So she put aside her thought and walk towards the black car.

While Allen is waiting for his ride at the entrance of the main gate of airport. Suddenly his phone rang and he started to walk aimlessly for a while.

He didn't realize when he reached at to he parking area, as he was totally busy on his phone.

It feels like he never lost his direction,but today don't know how but he end up at this place.

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