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1143 You Also Want to Challenge?

The North Sea.

A huge island lied in a vast area of the sea.

The island was hundreds of thousands of miles large, with rolling hills and green trees, like a long teal dragon laying dormant.

This island was called the Qingyu Island, also known as the Qingyu Country because there was a country on the island called the Qingyu Empire.

The Qingyu Empire was very strong in that area and was attached to the Icy Palace of the North Sea.

Imperial City, Qingyu Empire.

The broad streets were crowded with people and vehicles.

Su Mo's face changed slightly as he strolled down the street in a moon-white robe, lest it attract attention.

Although it was very far from the Firmament Land, someone was bound to recognise him.

Therefore, he changed his appearance slightly to avoid being recognized or he would alert the enemy.

Before arriving in the Imperial City, Su Mo went outside and walked around the island, scanning every inch of the place with the Ghostly Magic Sight Martial Soul.

He even examined the sea floor around Qingyu Island but found nothing.

He didn't have much hope. Maybe the people from the Netherworld Devil Sect had really hid here, but they might have left.

In the end, Su Mo returned to the Imperial City. Should he find nothing again, he would return to the Firmament Palace.

\" Well? \"

Walking on the streets of Imperial City, Su Mo raised his eyebrows and found faintly discernible Corpse Qi in the air.

The Corpse Qi was extremely rare, and the general Martial Royal Realm experts should not be able to detect it. But Su Mo's willpower was strong and his perception was extremely keen, so he was able to detect the Corpse Qi in the air.

\"Is this person be from the Corpse Hall? \" Su Mo wondered. There was a possibility that this corpse Qi might also have been left by a naturally-formed Corpse Puppet.

However, since he had come, he would naturally find out.

Then, Su Mo scanned the Imperial City with his spiritual consciousness in search of the corpse Qi.

\"The imperial palace!\"

Soon, Su Mo discovered the source of the corpse Qi, which was the imperial palace of the Qingyu Empire.

\" Interesting! \" Su Mo murmured. Whether this person who exuded Corpse Qi was from the Corpse Hall or a naturally-formed Corpse Puppet, it was intriguing that that person was in the palace.

After that, Su Mo strode ahead, 33 meters at a time, heading for the imperial palace of the Qingyu Emperor.

Before long, he arrived at the palace.

The imperial palace covered an area of thousands of hectares, with several palaces with regal and magnificant designs.

In front of the palace was a vast square, covering an area of more than 30,000 meters. However, at that moment, the square was crowded with people and was noisy and lively.

Su Mo had already used the spiritual consciousness to survey the area. It seemed that there was some kind of contest, so many people had gathered here.

In the middle of the square, a 16m high, a nearly 3,000m long and 3,000m wide square fighting ring was built.

In the fighting ring, a man and a woman who were about 20 years old were fighting fiercely. The man had a rough face and was tall and burly. The woman was slim and beautiful, dressed in a teal velvet skirt, with black hair dancing in the wind.

Both of them had reached the Lv 3 Martial King Realm, so they were rather strong. Each blow was extremely powerful.

However, it was clear that the woman was stronger, and her sword was bright and attractive, making the burly young man retreat with every move.

The formations were arranged on and around the fighting ring, which could isolate the fluctuation of Qi strength, so although their battle power was strong, it would not spread outside the fighting ring.

300m away from the fighting ring, a high spectators stand was built, with dozens of experts sitting in the stands and watching the battle.

Amongst them was a middle-aged man with a solemn face, dressed in a dragon robe. Although he did not show anger, his expression was serious. It was clear that he was the Emperor of the Qingyu Empire.

There were also hundreds of armed soldiers around him, guarding the fighting ring and spectators stand to maintain order.

\"Princess Qing Ya is really amazing. She has defeated nine challengers!\"

\"Right! I think it's very difficult for anyone among the younger generation of our Qingyu Empire to defeat her!\"

\" Ha ha! Our majesty holds the contest for the princess to recruit a spouse. Only when someone defeats the princess can he become the emperor's son-in-law. It is estimated that it will be difficult to realize it in a short period of time.\"

\"Some geniuses from the other islands also come here after hearing the news. I wonder who can eventually marry her!\"

Loud voices were heard one after another. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the square.

At the back of the crowd, Su Mo stood indifferently and did not pay attention to the battle on the stage, but scanned the dozens of experts on the spectators stand.

His eyes first fell on the Emperor of the Qingyu Empire, a Lv 2 Martial Royal Realm expert.

Then, his gaze finally fell on an old man.

The old man was about sixty years old, dressed in a navy blue robe. He was thin, with an aquiline nose. He was sitting expressionlessly beside the Emperor.

\" That's the man! \" Su Mo's eyes flashed. He perceived that the very thin Corpse Qi was emitting from him.

This showed that this person was either practicing the Zombie Skill or was himself a Corpse Puppet.

Su Mo immediately went through the crowds and was ready to directly capture the old man in the spectators stand after bypassing the fighting ring.

Whether he was a man from the Netherworld Devil Sect or not, he could directly question him.

However, just as he was about to walk to the fighting ring, the situation took a sharp turn.

\" You lost! \"

He heard a shout, then saw the teal robed woman on the fighting ring strike quickly with a sword. The teal sword Qi instantly rushed at the burly young man's chest.


With a scream, his blood spurted from the burly young man. He immediately flew backwards and landed in front of Su Mo.


The burly young man fell onto the ground, leaving a crack where he fell.

Fortunately, the woman showed mercy, so he was able to survive.

\" Hum! You're merely a straw bag and you want to be my husband!\"

On the fighting ring, the teal robed woman stood with arrogance and unruliness on her face and snorted in disdain.

Then, she turned to look at Su Mo, who was getting close to the fighting ring, and said haughtily, \"You also want to challenge me? If you do not have the strength, don't waste my time!\"

Su Mo ignored the woman and stepped over the young man's body, intent on going to the spectators stand.

The woman was shocked because she never thought that Su Mo would ignore her.

She simmered with rage. She flew off the fighting ring and stopped in front of Su Mo.

\"I asked you something!\" She gazed coldly at Su Mo and shouted.

As the princess of the Qingyu Empire, she had never been ignored. But today, this guy in front of her had ignored her question. How unbelievable!

\"Not interested!\" Su Mo stopped and glanced nonchalantly at the woman in the teal robe.