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1141 Are You Willing?

The sun rose in the early morning.

In his new house, Su Mo changed into a long moon white robe. Xi'er touched the folds of his clothes gently.

After more than a month's worth of cultivation, Su Mo's essence, qi, and spirit had not fully recovered, but it had no more effect on him so he ended his retreat.

Having spent time with Xi'er for an entire night, Su Mo did not feel the least bit exhausted. If anything, he felt more energetic.

\"Xi'er, how many disciples has your Watermoon Palace recruited?\" Su Mo smiled and asked.

\"More than 3,000 people. However, with the old disciples included, there are now nearly 30,000 disciples in the Watermoon Palace!\" Xi'er said with a smile.

\" Well! \"

Su Mo nodded approvingly. The original 200,000 disciples of the Firmament Palace had been re-divided according to their natural attributes, making development and management easier.

Although the Evergreen Palace, the Thunderous Palace, and the Earth Palace had no descendants, there should not be any problem if protector puppets helped to manage them.

\"By the way, Brother Su Mo, Zhan Luan has been waiting for you for a month in the palace!\" Xi'er suddenly recalled.

\"Zhan Luan?\" Su Mo was suddenly reminded of the time he had invited Zhan Luan to the Firmament Palace the last time he had been in the Emperor Xuan Mountain Range.

Afterwards, Su Mo bade Xi'er goodbye, and left the room to meet Zhan Luan.


In an antique and simple side hall, Su Mo and Zhan Luan were seated.

\"Zhan Luan, long time no see. I hope that you are well!\" Su Mo looked at Zhan Luan amicably. He found that Zhan Luan was very suitable for the Earth Palace.

Zhan Luan was a Twin Martial Souls genius, with a giant martial soul and an earth martial soul. Thus, with such talent, he was very suitable for Earth Palace.

\"Su Mo, what can I do for you?\" Zhan Luan sat still and straight. Even in the face of Su Mo, the invincible existence from the Firmament World, he remained calm.

\"I certainly look for you when I need something!\"

Su Mo nodded and said solemnly, 'How would you like to join the Firmament Palace?' 

Zhan Luan was surprised, then immediately shook his head and said, \"It's impossible. I was born and raised in the Warlord Hall, so I can't betray it!\"

Zhan Luan was a man of principle, so he seldom cracked under peer pressure.

\"No one's asking you to betray anyone!\"

Su Mo chuckled and continued, \"Before long, the Firmament World will be unified, so there is no betrayal involved!\"

\"What? You're going to annex all the big forces?\" Zhan Luan squinted. Su Mo's ambition had taken him by surprise.

In fact, Su Mo was extremely powerful, and the Firmament Palace was invincible. The other big forces would surely bow down to them, at least on the surface.

But that was not enough for Su Mo. He wanted unification, even though he was not in a hurry.

\"The disaster is imminent, so unification is inevitable!\" Su Mo sighed. In fact, if it weren't for the major calamity, he wouldn't bother contending for hegemony. He would rather spend time with his loved one.

\"There are still eight or nine years before the disaster. Besides, even if you unify the Firmament World, it will not help!\"

Zhan Luan shook his head. With the impending arrival of the Trial Tester, the experts in the Firmament World could only try their best to hide. Only in this way, could they have the chance to escape death. Confrontation was tantamount to self-inflicted death.

He doubted that Su Mo was planning to do all that to tackle the major calamity, but for his own ambition and desire. .

\" Are you willing to become a lamb waiting to be killed by the Trial Testers? Are you willing to let all generations in the Firmament World become captive preys of the Sorcerer tribe? Don't you want to resist?\" Su Mo looked Zhan Luan's straight in the eye as he asked.

Zhan Luan frowned. Of course, he was not satisfied with just being a sitting duck. But so what?

According to the records of the ancestors of the Warlord Hall, they could not resist the Sorcerer tribe. They only had to hide and escape for survival.

\"Answer me, are you willing?\" Su Mo suddenly said coldly. A domineering and majestic aura began to emanate from him.

\"I am not!\" Upon seeing Su Mo's sudden change in expression, Zhan Luan said without hesitation.

\"Since you're unwilling, defeat the Trial Tester with me, rush out of the Firmament World and pursue freedom!\" Su Mo proposed solemnly.

Defeat the Trial Tester, rush out of the Firmament World, pursue our freedom--

Su Mo's words reverberated in Zhan Luan's mind.

Once again, Zhan Luan was shocked by Su Mo's ambition. Was what he aimed for even possible?

Countless post-archean ancestors had wanted to do so and had worked hard for it.

But no one had been able to do it for tens of thousands of years.

Without exception, resistance would only bring bloodshed.

Therefore, in the Firmament World, everybody only prepared to hide and escape instead of thinking of ways to resist and confront the major calamity.

\"Can you do it?\" Zhan Luan blankly asked. Although he knew that Su Mo was highly gifted, he did not believe that Su Mo could accomplish this great feat.

Since ancient times, there had been too many extraordinary talents, all of whom were eventually killed by the Trial Testers.

For example, the patriarch of the Dugus and the forger of the Billion Demonic Sword, Dugu Shang.

In post-archean times, Dugu Shang was a peerless and invincible hero. In order to fight against the Trial Testers, he had forged the Billion Demonic Sword.

But in the end, he still met with failure.

However, if it was actually possible to accomplish this feat, Zhan Luan would not refuse. He was also the most outstanding genius in this era, so he had to shoulder the responsibility.

\" Even if you don't succeed, you will still be committing a kind act!\" Su Mo said flatly. He would definitely do it, not only to save the Firmament World but also for his own destiny.

Moreover, Su Mo knew that according to his cultivating situation, it was impossible to break through to the Martial Emperor Realm in the Firmament World.

The resources had been seriously scarce and his Luck had been exhausted.

This was also the reason why it was difficult to see a Martial Emperor in the current world Seeing a Wu Sen was already a miracle.

It would be difficult for him to break through to the Martial Emperor Realm. If he could not do that, he would not be able to save Qian Xunyue's life.

Therefore, considering all kinds of situations, Su Mo had to leave the Firmament World.

Looking at the decisive look in Su Mo's eyes, Zhan Luan felt an adrenaline rush.

\"Do you have any specific plans?\" Zhan Luan asked in a low voice.

\"Any plan is futile. Only by being strong can we stand a chance of winning!\"

With a glint in his eye, Su Mo continued, \"The Firmament Palace has a large number of ancient top martial arts techniques. Based on our talent, eight or nine years is enough!\"

When he heard Su Mo's words, Zhan Luan began to stew silently.

Right. As an ancient overlord power, the Firmament Palace had a large number of ancient supreme martial arts techniques, which was undoubted.

With so many martial arts techniques, talent and the resources available in the Firmament World, their strength would be able to reach perfection within a few years.

At that time, maybe there would be a real hope of victory.

The most important thing was that it was not impossible to accomplish this feat with Su Mo who was a genius.

Moreover, in their current era, as the Firmament World weakened, the coming Trial Testers' strength was also weakening and was not as strong as that of the post-archean times.

\" Okay, I am willing to join the Firmament Palace!\"

After silence for a long time, Zhan Luan nodded his head. He had been convinced!