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206 Release the Devouring Martial Soul!

"Are you the Master of the Lis? Come here and apologize to Li Feng!"

Su Mo's calm and commanding voice echoed in the hall.

Everyone was dumbfounded by his words.

"This young boy wants the Master of the Lis to go over and apologize?"

Even Li Tan himself was stunned by this situation. Su Mo acted like he could decide Li Tan's life and death.

"Ha ha! You're truly a reckless kid!"

Li Tan chuckled in rage. He glanced at Su Mo again and asked quietly, "Who are you? Why are you antagonizing the Lis?"

Li Tan wanted to kill Su Mo on the spot, but he mustered all his strength to calm his fury.

This boy was obviously exceptional for having such a high cultivation at such a young age, so he must be a disciple of the four sects. He might even be a top disciple of a master in the True Spirit Realm.

Therefore, Li Tan needed to understand Su Mo thoroughly before acting.

As the master of the Lis, he could not risk the lives of all the Lis just for his son.

At least Li Tan had this shred of consciousness.

"Su Mo, from Gale Island."

Su Mo immediately revealed his identity and continued, "and I'm antagonizing the Lis because Li Feng is my brother."

After Su Mo's discourse, the hall unsurprisingly fell into chaos.

"What? He's Su Mo?"

"That's Su Mo, the one who won 151 battles in a row at Four Seas Arena in Imperial City?"

"Wow! He's so young!"


Everyone was shocked. They had all heard that Su Mo's talent and combat strength were out of this world and that he was the genius of the century.

Now, Su Mo was actually at the Lis!

Even Li Feng was shocked. He had not expected Su Mo to become so famous. Since his limited mobility had isolated him from the world, he had not heard the rumors about Su Mo.

Wu Panxue stood nearby and gazed at Su Mo in awe.

This was a real genius. Compared to Su Mo, Li Feng and Li Xian did not deserve to be called geniuses.

Li Tan's ever-changing expression also revealed a hint of shock.


"Do you have any proof that you're Su Mo?" Li Tan asked with a frown.

Halcyon City was close to Gale Island. Hence, Li Tan knew that Su Mo was the best in the Outer Gate of Gale Island and that he was a disciple of an elder.

He was hesitating about whether he should attack!

Su Mo chuckled. "I have to prove that it's me?"

"Did you not hear what I said?"

Su Mo's expression hardened, and he said coldly, "I want you to repent and apologize to Li Feng!"

Su Mo's words were extremely imposing and flippant.

"You... you shouldn't push it, or I'll kill you!"

Li Tan was furious, and his eyes flashed with killing intent. He was the Master of the Lis. How could he apologize to a piece of trash that had been kicked out by the Lis?

If he really did that, it would completely embarrass the Lis.

"I'm pushing it? I think the Lis are pushing it by bullying my brother!"

Su Mo chuckled, turned around to Li Feng, and said, "Li Feng, what do you want me to do? With your approval, I can avenge your humiliation!"

Su Mo's voice was powerful and dynamic. Li Feng was his brother, and he was only in such a state because of Su Mo. Hence, Su Mo would do everything to help Li Feng.

If Su Mo had his way, he would skip the talking and slaughter the Lis immediately.

However, this was Li Feng's family and problem, so Su Mo needed his permission.

Li Feng took a deep breath and turned to look at Wu Panxue, who was standing close by.


"Panxue, I just want to ask one thing. Do you have any feelings for me?" Li Feng asked low-spiritedly.

Li Feng was asking because he had heard Li Tan's announcement that Wu Panxue and Li Xian were engaged.

Wu Panxue's eyes revealed a hint of disdain.

Feelings? She liked experts and geniuses, so how could she have feelings for a piece of trash?


"The only connection between us is the marriage between our families!" Wu Panxue said flatly.

Li Feng's expression remained calm. He was not disappointed because he had already predicted this!

After a while, Li Feng turned to Li Tan with fiery eyes and said, "Master, I don't blame you for kicking me out of the family. But you need to pay for kicking out my parents and allowing your disciples to humiliate me."


Li Tan chuckled and said with disdain, "You expect me to pay for what I did to a piece of trash?"

He was disgusted by Li Feng's words. He would have killed Li Feng instantly for his outrageous words if Su Mo was not present.

"You're asking to die!"

Su Mo's eyes flashed with killing desire. How dare this guy still call Li Feng a piece of trash?

The Spirit-slayer Sword appeared in Su Mo's hand suddenly, and a sharp stream of sword Qi instantly shot towards Li Tan at lightning speed.


Li Tan did not expect Su Mo to attack, so he could only hurriedly push his palm towards the sword Qi.


The sword Qi tore through the palm print, and the aftershock struck Li Tan.


Li Tan screamed as the sword Qi tore a 7-inch gash in his chest that cut to the bone.

He staggered back heavily and shattered the chair behind him.


Everyone was shocked. Su Mo had injured Li Tan with only one strike!

"Is Su Mo's strength already so terrifyingly powerful?"


Li Tan was looking grim. Su Mo's abilities had shocked him greatly.

Su Mo had attacked so fast that he almost could not respond in time.


"Repent to Li Feng and make amends for his loss, or I'll attack with more force!" Su Mo said coldly.

"Repent? Make amends for his loss?"

Li Tan said with a sudden twisted smile, "You must be tired of living. None of you will leave here alive!"

Then, he turned to Wu Yuansheng and said, "Master Wu, fight this boy with me, and I'll give you 10,000 Lower Spiritual Stones!"

Li Tan could not tolerate the two youngsters acting so disrespectfully.

However, if he wanted to kill Su Mo, he would have to bring Wu Yuansheng into the matter as well. This was to prevent him from spreading the news about the murder and sabotaging the Lis.

"10,000 Lower Spiritual Stones?"

Wu Yuansheng's eyes lit up. 10,000 Lower Spiritual Stones were a huge sum in a small place like Halcyon City.

It was almost equivalent to half of the Wus' yearly income.


"Alright, let's join forces!" Wu Yuansheng answered without hesitation.

Although Su Mo was strong, he had only injured Li Tan because he was unprepared. Faced with both him and Li Tan, Su Mo would be doomed no matter how much of a genius he was.

Li Tan was overjoyed and yelled, "Everyone, attack and kill this man together!"

"Yes, Master!"

Everyone responded. Immediately, every elder and disciple of the Lis erupted with genuine Qi and prepared to attack.

Su Mo chuckled coldly. "Don't blame me for granting your death wishes!"

"Uncle, bring Li Feng to a safe location!"

Su Mo hastily yelled to Li Jiang.

Li Jiang was already frightened by the situation. Upon hearing Su Mo, he did not hesitate to run away swiftly with Li Feng on his back.

"Don't even think of escaping! After I'm done with you, I'll kill those two as well!"

Li Tan laughed and yelled, "Attack!"

He rushed towards Su Mo and swung his palm, instantly releasing a terrifying palm print that flew towards Su Mo.


Everyone yelled and rushed forth.

Wu Yuansheng clawed towards Su Mo's head.

Wu Panxue struck at Su Mo with her sword as well.

Although she was smitten with Su Mo, she was still ruthless towards her enemies.

The attacks of dozens of people merged into a flood of attacks that was about to bury Su Mo.

"Ha ha!"

Su Mo chuckled and remained calm in the face of these attacks.

He then yelled, "Release the Devouring Martial Spirit!"