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Chapter 1087: Reward
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"Spirit fruits?" Xiong Quan was stunned when he took the Spatial Ring. When he performed Blood Ownership Claim on the Spatial Ring and saw the spirit fruits, his eyes immediately brightened like a hunter who had spotted his prey.

"Y-Young Master, all these spirit fruits are for me?" Xiong Quan turned to look at Duan Ling Tian and asked as his breath quickened.

It was his first time seeing so many spirit fruits.

"Who should I give these to if not you? Tian Wu and I can't use these spirit fruits anyway," Duan Ling Tian said rhetorically.

Although Xiong Quan knew Duan Ling Tian would say something like that, he still felt inexplicably excited when he heard the confirmation from Duan Ling Tian's mouth. He hastily expressed his gratitude to Duan Ling Tian, "Thank you, Young Master! Thank you!"

"Take the spirit fruits, and go back to your room to cultivate," Duan Ling Tian said.

Xiong Quan could not wait to go back to his room to cultivate. When he heard Duan Ling Tian's reply, he immediately left after he said respectfully, "Yes."

Now that he had these spirit fruits, his cultivation base would be able to progress quickly.

"I'll be able to help Young Master when my strength grows." Xiong Quan's heart was filled with excitement the entire time he was walking back to his room.

If he did not want to be a burden to his Young Master by staying by his side, he must quickly raise his cultivation base.

After Xiong Quan left, Duan Ling Tian looked at Feng Tian Wu who was still trying to control her own energy. "Tian Wu, I'll be going into closed-door cultivation for a few days. Just stay inside the residence these few days."

The moment Feng Tian Wu heard Duan Ling Tian's words, the coldness on her face dissipated a little as she nodded.

"Tian Wu doesn't know how to control her own strength at all after she lost her memory. I think she'll have to spend quite some time to master the strength that she possessed at her peak." After Feng Tian Wu acceded to Duan Ling Tian's request, he took another glance at the flame that soared up from her body before turning to leave.

After he arrived in his room, he took out a crystal-clear spirit fruit.

This spirit fruit was the only one spirit fruit suitable for consumption by Void Transformation Stage martial artists among all the spirit fruits that Lu Rui gave him.

"I think this spirit fruit is called the Red Phosphorus Fruit." After ransacking the Rebirth Martial Emperor's memory, Duan Ling Tian quickly identified the spirit fruit that was gleaming with crimson luster as though it was lit from within.

"Among the various spirit fruits that are suitable for Void Transformation Stage martial artists' consumption, the Red Phosphorus Fruits are only ranked in the middle. It's hard for an ordinary Sixth Level Void Transformation Stage martial artist to break through to the Seventh Level Void Transformation Stage by consuming it." Duan Ling Tian raised his brow as he muttered to himself, "After all, the gap between the Sixth and Seventh Level Void Transformation Stage is like a wide dividing crest that's extremely hard to cross. However, this only applies to ordinary Sixth Level Void Transformation Stage martial artists. In my case, although I'm a Sixth Level Void Transformation Stage martial artist as well, I can trigger the tyrannical medicinal efficacy of the Rebirth Pill to aid me in breaking through to the Seventh Level Void Transformation Stage after I consume the Red Phosphorous Fruit."

Duan Ling Tian had no doubts about this at all.

'Moreover, I don't think it'll take long for me to get my hands on more spirit fruits to raise my cultivation base to the Ninth Level Void Transformation Stage with the rewards that the Lu Clan is offering! As for Concepts... Well, as long as there's the Profound Assimilation Formation and a huge number of Concept Fragments, I can just comprehend them one by one until they reach the Ninth Level Advance Stage.' The moment Duan Ling Tian thought of this, his eyes brightened. It was as though he could already see his cultivation base being raised to the peak of the Void.

'As long as my cultivation base makes a breakthrough to the Ninth Level Void Transformation Stage, and one of my Concepts reaches the Ninth Level Advance Stage, I'll be able to transform it into Profundity through the Profundity Fragment! At that time, my cultivation base will be able to make a breakthrough to the Martial Monarch Stage as long as I continue to consume spirit fruits! Once I've made a breakthrough to the Martial Monarch Stage and become a Martial Monarch powerhouse, the Rebirth Pill's medicinal efficacy will also be fully displayed! Then, my cultivation base will enter a period of rapid improvement!' The more Duan Ling Tian thought about it, the brighter his eyes became.

Up until now, the medicinal efficacy that the Rebirth Pill exerted was still limited. Majority of it remained dormant in his body. Sometimes it released a wave of medicinal efficacy to aid him in raising his cultivation base.

Although his advancement was greater than other ordinary Void Transformation Stage martial artists, it was still awfully slow. However, once his cultivation base made a breakthrough to the Martial Monarch Stage, the medicinal efficacy of the Rebirth Pill would also enter a new explosive stage.

At that time, the difference between him and other Martial Monarch powerhouses would be quite distinct!

"It's time to begin my cultivation." Duan Ling Tian took a deep breath to calm his excitement. He swallowed the Red Phosphorus Fruit in his hand in a go and allowed it to merge with his body as it turned into medicinal efficacy.

At the same time, Duan Ling Tin could clearly feel the medicinal efficacy of the Rebirth Pill hidden deep inside his Dantian begin to react.

Soon after, the medicinal efficacies of the Rebirth Pill and the Red Phosphorus Fruit convened and catalyzed the Origin Energy to move as fast as lightning as it circled around his meridians.

Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique, Roving Dragon Form!

Without any hesitation, Duan Ling Tian used the mental cultivation method and closed his eyes to cultivate in total tranquility.

Somehow, three Concept Fragments appeared in his hand.

If there was another person in the room, he would definitely be surprised to see the three Concept Fragments in Duan Ling Tian's hand were three different types of Concept Fragments. Moreover, he was holding the three different Concept Fragments and comprehending three different Concepts simultaneously without feeling any pressure.

If this story spread out, it would take all the martial artists on Cloud Continent by surprise. This was because, in the long history of Cloud Continent, there had not been such humans or demons before.

Let alone comprehending three different Concepts with the help of three different Concept Fragments, a person who could comprehend two different Concepts with the two different Concept Fragments did not even appear in the history of Cloud Continent before.

"Three types of Concepts…" Duan Ling Tian was fully engrossed in comprehending the three different Concepts. He enjoyed himself as he sensed their profoundness. He wanted to master them so he could raise the Concepts he was comprehending.

Meanwhile, the Origin Energy in his body did not remain idle. Under the urging of the medicinal efficacies of the Rebirth Pill and the Red Phosphorus Fruit, it was rising quickly.

When Duan Ling Tian was cultivating, the entire Lu Clan was in an uproar.

It was not just the Lu Clan!

In the vast land that was owned by the Lu Clan with the Lu Clan's residence as the center, the shocking news traveled quickly. It took everyone who heard it by surprise.

The Lu Clan had previously announced a shocking reward, and it continued to announce another shocking reward.

There was a small village situated 500 kilometers north of the Lu Clan's land. Although the village was small, it was extremely lively. This was because it was the only place within 5000 kilometers north of the Lu Clan's land that housed a restaurant.

Due to the fact that it was the only restaurant there, it was always crowded.

"Hey, did you all hear about it? The Lu Clan just announced another shocking reward!" A sturdy man who had just entered the restaurant and sat down on a wine table grinned.

"Lu Clan? Reward?" His words immediately attracted the attention of many people. The gazes were mostly filled with curiosity.

"What reward? What reward?" Somebody could not help but ask.

"Hurmph!" Before the sturdy man had time to respond, somebody snorted in disdain. "Since the reward that the Lu Clan is offering this time is shocking as well, I'm sure the difficulty of the task is certainly not any easier than the previous task!"

"I also heard that the reward the Lu Clan offered previously was for the sake of finding some grass or something. However, the characteristics of the grass are extremely rare. I've never heard of anyone who has seen that kind of grass before."

"For the sake of this grass, the Lu Clan even promised a grade one spirit weapon and ten grade one Life Recovery Pills. Many people in our Northern Mountain Land were shocked and went crazy in search of that grass."

Many people began to chime in.

"I wonder if the Lu Clan deliberately announced such rewards to toy with us… I know quite a number of people… Some of them have even traveled the length and breadth of the country, but none of them have seen such grass before," a middle-aged man suddenly chimed in.

"Hurmph! The Lu Clan is one of the two strongest clans in our Northern Mountain Land. Moreover, they're a distinguished family of alchemists! Do you think they're so free that they would toy with us?" Someone retorted soon after.

"The Lu Clan has always had a good name in the 10,000 years they existed in our Northern Mountain Land. There's no way they're toying with us!" Many people echoed.

"What's the reward that the Lu Clan offered this time?" Somebody asked the sturdy man who brought them the news.

"Ha! Speaking of that, the task for the reward this time is simpler than the one they announced previously," the sturdy man said as he drank his wine.

"Oh?" Many people became interested when they heard the sturdy man's words. They remembered the sturdy man said that the reward the Lu Clan offered this time was pretty shocking too. The reward had to be very good for it to be called shocking.

"This time, the Lu Clan has publicly announced that they're searching for spirit fruits suitable for Void Transformation martial artists. It's not limited to amount or type," the sturdy man said without beating around the bush.

"That's all?" Everyone present was surprised by the sturdy man's words. All of them found it unbelievable.

In their opinion, spirit fruits suitable for Void Transformation Stage martial artists were not rare even though they were valuable. In fact, some of the people present had even consumed some not too long ago.

"That's right. That's all!" The sturdy man nodded.

"What's the reward that the Lu Clan offered?" This was what everyone was most concerned about.

"The Lu Clan announced that martial artists who present them with a spirit fruit suitable for Void Transformation Stage martial artists will be able to receive a grade one Life Recovery Pill," the sturdy man said.

Silence descended the moment the words left his mouth.

A few moments later, everyone regained their senses and began to sneer.