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WARNING! Tsundere President

Author:Shopkeeper Fang

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She was the little chief secretary at Huo Yunting’s office, who carried out jobs both on the table and “under“ the table.

She was also his obedient wife at night, fulfilling his needs.

It was a repentance, a redemption to her sin, Lu Zhaoyang was swallowing all these humiliations as heaven forbade, her mother was the other woman in this ugly affair with the wealthy Huo family, ...
《WARNING! Tsundere President》 Volume 1
1 Dangerous Affairs I
2 Dangerous Affairs II
3 Dangerous Affairs III
4 Dangerous Affairs IV
5 Dangerous Affairs V
6 Dangerous Affairs VI
7 Dangerous Affairs VII
8 Dangerous Affairs VIII
9 Dangerous Affairs IX
10 Dangerous Affairs X
11 You Smell So Good
12 Ah, ah…That’s Gonna Hur
13 Ahhhhhh!!!
14 Aren’t You Passionate?
15 Exposure I
16 Exposure II
17 Exposure III
18 Trouble! I
19 Trouble! II
20 Say That Again?
21 Brother & Sister?! I
22 Brother & Sister ?! II
23 Master Huo, Allow Me
24 Let Me Go!
25 Investigate This Man For Me
26 Take Me Now
27 Benefits
28 They Are Not Actual Siblings
29 Give Me A Kiss
30 Soaring High, With Him
31 Are You Abandoned?
32 I’ll Take You Home Tonigh
33 Lu’s New Boo!?
34 One Day We Will Be Like Her
35 Wouldn’t Mind Gossiping If It’s You.
36 She’s In Love
37 Birthday Bash I
38 Birthday Bash II
39 Birthday Bash III
40 Birthday Bash IV
41 Birthday Bash V
42 Birthday Bash VI
43 Birthday “Bash” VII
44 Birthday “Bash” VIII
45 Birthday “Bash” IX
46 Birthday Bash X
47 Birthday Bash XI
48 Birthday Bash XII
49 Birthday Bash XIII
50 Birthday Bash XIV
51 Birthday Bash XV
52 Shocker!
53 Sister Cares Me Mos
54 How Needy
55 None of Your Business
56 A Couple’s Bantering
57 Feast For the Eyes
58 Ting’s Girlfriend Is So Beautiful
59 You’re So Lovey-dovey
60 Money is All I Have
61 In the Eye of the Storm
62 Smart Ms. Lu, Very Smar
63 Buzz Off!
64 Deceive I
65 Deceive II
66 She’s Finished! Finished!
67 This Body… This Face...
68 I Don’t Care If He Ends Up Dead!
69 Congratulations, Ms Lu
70 Open Your Mouth
71 Huo the Debater
72 Huo the Abnormal I
73 Huo the Abnormal II
74 Testing the Water
75 Were you angry or were you jealous?
76 Behave Well Tonigh
77 You — You! You Shameless B*stard!
78 She’s Your Sister!
79 For My Future Granddaughter-in-law
80 Don’t Move, or I’ll Really Put On a Show
81 A Curious Room
82 Second Master
83 Into Your Hear
84 Huo the Green-eyed Monster
85 You’re Too Wild!
《WARNING! Tsundere President》 Volume 2
86 Tsundere Ting
87 Pushing Him Away Because of That Man
88 Wilfulness I
89 Wilfulness II
90 Look After Me
91 Ting, It Really Is You!
92 Hostile in the Dark
93 How Romantic
94 Old Trick from the Old Dog
95 No Shame and No Limits! I
96 No Shame! No Limits! II
97 Stir Things Up I
98 Stir Things Up II
99 Stir Things Up III
100 Stir Things Up IV
101 Lu Zhaoyang, Who Are You To Me?
102 Give Me a Kiss
103 Mo Shan’s Plan
104 How Can They Do This?
105 Enter the Chick
106 Awkward Situation I
107 Awkward Situation II
108 Awkward Situation III
109 Awkward Situation IV
110 Do You Think This Is My First Rodeo?
111 Hole In One
112 I Did Not Do It!
113 H - the Clickbait Material
114 Can’t Move, Tired...
115 Let’s see if the police trust your side of the story.
116 116、Come to me and I’ll tell you
117 President on the run
118 Things Which Must Not Be Spoken
119 You are sure bored
120 I’m Thirsty
121 Making Things Difficult I
122 Making Things Difficult II
123 Chen, Is That You?
124 A Practical Lesson
125 Who’s The Most Suspicious?
126 Take Him By Surprise I
127 Take Him By Surprise II
128 Take Him By Surprise III
129 Get Out Of My Face
130 Are You Hiding Something From Me?
131 Let’s tell the world then
132 The Old Spinster has her Day
133 Something feels fishy
134 The Biggest Paparazzi I
135 The Biggest Paparazzi II
136 You were turned on?
137 Are You Worrying About me?
138 Socialites are so messed up
139 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… I
140 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… II
141 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… III
142 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… IV
143 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… V
144 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... VI
145 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... VII
146 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... VIII
147 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... IX
148 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... X
149 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... XI
150 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... XII
151 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… XIII
152 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… XIV
153 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... XV
154 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... XVI
155 Lu Zhaoyang could only be mine!
156 156、A lie in a lie
157 157、Sometimes there are things you need to discover them yourself.
158 158、Signed, sealed, delivered.
159 159、A Humiliating Call
160 160、Payback
161 Continue This Struggle Till The Day We Die I
162 Continue This Struggle Till The Day We Die II
163 The Naked Truth I
164 The Naked Truth II
165 The Naked Truth III
166 The Naked Truth IV
167 The Naked Truth V
168 The Naked Truth VI
169 There’s Still Me
170 He Won’t Notice A Thing
171 She’s… At Home?
172 He’s Gone?
173 You Ever Wooed a Girl Before?
174 The Many Personalities of Huo Yunting
175 Cold Violence
176 May I Borrow Your Fingers?
177 Serving a Woman for the First Time
178 Melon Seed Fans
179 Do You Really Have a Choice?
180 Overreaching
181 Only I Can Touch You
182 A Feast!
183 Such Hypocrisy!
184 I’d Rather Have You for Dinner
185 I’m Leaving Huo Yunting Soon?!
186 Lu Zhaoyang’s Guil
187 Leaving the City; Leaving Him I
188 Leaving the City; Leaving Him II
189 Leaving the City; Leaving Him III
190 Leaving the City; Leaving Him IV
191 Leaving the City; Leaving Him V
192 Leaving the City; Leaving Him VI
193 Leaving the City; Leaving Him VII
194 Leaving the City; Leaving Him VIII
195 You Deserve to Die, Lu Zhaoyang!
196 Take A Rest While I’ll Make Dinner
197 Only For Her
198 Trauma
199 Simple Happiness
200 Where is Lu Zhaoyang?
201 It’s All My Fault!
202 F*ck, I Must Be Seeing Things!
203 Fallen In Love With Her? Impossible!
204 Get Yourself Another One
205 Tormen
206 Annoying Woman
207 Evil Scheme I
208 Evil Scheme II
209 Evil Scheme III
210 Evil Scheme IV
211 Evil Scheme V
212 Evil Scheme VI
213 213、Defending Her I
214 Defending Her II
215 Coerced I
216 Coerced II
217 Coerced III
218 Coerced IV
219 I Have Let You Down
220 The Law of Family Will Speak!
221 You aren’t supposed to call tha
222 It Must Have Been Him!
223 223、Don’t Call Me Tha
224 224、Never See Him Again!
225 225、Alienation
226 Greed
227 Spite I
228 Spite II
229 Spite III
230 Spite IV
231 Spite V
232 Spite VI
233 How Dare They Bully His Wife! I
234 How Dare They Bully His Wife! II
235 How Dare They Bully His Wife! III
236 How Dare They Bully His Wife! IV
237 Hurtful Words I
238 Hurtful Words II
239 Arrogant Pr*ck
240 Domestic Violence
241 Kissy Kissy
242 Eating You Up
243 It’s Been A Long Time
244 What is Huo Yunting Up To?
245 The Application of ”Domestic Violence” I
246 The Application of ”Domestic Violence” II
247 The Application of ”Domestic Violence” III
248 The Application of ”Domestic Violence” IV
249 Eat You Up
250 250、Godd*mmit, I’ve been fooled!
251 251、Ruthless Zhaoyang, so Ruthless
252 252、He was feeling sorry!
253 253、President Huo the Peculiar
254 254、Birthday Gift I
255 255、Birthday Gift II
256 Women and Petty Men Are Hard to Please
257 257, Are You Acting Cute?
258 258, Feel Like Throwing Up
259 259、Naked
260 260、Perver
261 261、At Long Las
262 Huo Yunting’s Brand of Caring I
263 Huo Yunting’s Brand of Caring II
264 Huo Yunting’s Brand of Caring III
265 Hard to Please
266 Unforgettable Reward I
267 Unforgettable Reward II
268 I’m Pregnan
269 The Actor and Actress
270 The President's Roasting Session
271 Not up to you
272 Just Mind Your Own Business!
273 The Bracelet Out of the Bag I
274 The Bracelet Out of the Bag II
275 The Bracelet Out of the Bag III
276 The Bracelet Out of the Bag IV
277 I’ll Sleep Better with You
278 I’ll See How Long She can Las
279 I Should’ve Come Home Earlier
280 A Punishment to Warn the World
281 Hot n’ Spicy
282 Beauty and Beasts I
283 Beauty and Beasts II
284 Beauty and Beasts III
285 Don’t think about i
286 What are you waiting for? Hit it!
287 Like Jack & Rose
288 Miscarriage I
289 Miscarriage II
290 Miscarriage III
291 Miscarriage IV
292 Miscarriage V
293 Miscarriage VI
294 Miscarriage VII
295 295、Resignation I
296 Resignation II
297 Like Strangers They Saw Each Other
298 Hated How Weak He Was
299 The Mysterious New Boss I
300 The Mysterious New Boss II
301 301, New Boss Has Arrived
302 302, It’s the Game
303 303, You are the Man, Brother Ting
304 304, She Must be having an Illusion!
305 305, I am not Interested in Her. Absolutely Not!
306 306, Missing Her
307 307, Hot Pursuit 1
308 308, Hot Pursuit 2
309 309, Hot Pursuit 3
310 310, Hard Truth 1
311 311, Hard Truth 2
312 312, Hard Truth 3
313 You Cannot Fool Me with Amateur Tricks and Clumsy Acting
314 Atone with Your Body
315 Don’t Blame Me for Wearing You Ou
316 Well Done, My Man!
317 I Hate You!!
318 You’ve Gotten Arrogant, Lu Zhaoyang
319 It Felt Almost... Cozy
320 Unwelcome Guest I
321 Unwelcome Guest II
322 What an Obnoxious Woman
323 323、Under the Spotlight Again
324 Kiss You to Death in Public
325 325, I Am Going to Bring Her Back One Day
326 326, Blackmailing
327 327, God Knows What He Is Going Through
328 328, The Best Actor, Huo Yunting 1
329 329, The Best Actor, Huo Yunting 2
330 330, The Best Actor, Huo Yunting 3
331 331, The Best Actor, Huo Yunting 4
332 332, The Best Actor, Huo Yunting 5
333 333, I’m Here for Business, Not to Sell My Body
334 334, Getting into Bed Acquiescently
335 335, Huo Chen Misses Her
336 336, It is Flirting, Really
337 Can You Borrow Me Ten Yuan?
338 This President Is A Little Weird I
339 This President Is A Little Weird II
340 Attacked!
341 Time Could Mend Hearts, But Also Break Them
342 Moving In
343 Making Trouble I
344 Making Trouble II
345 Are You Satisfied?
346 I’m Really… Flattered
347 Current and Ex I
348 Current and Ex II
349 349、Envy is Privy I
350 350、Envy is Privy II
351 351、I’m in Love with You I
352 352、I’m in Love with You II
353 353、How Uncute of you!
354 354、A Mysterious Organization I
355 355、A Mysterious Organization II
356 A Mysterious Organization III
357 You Changed!!!
358 You Finally Care About Me
359 It’s Miss Mo. I must.
360 Match in the Making
361 A Convenient Brother-in-law 1
362 A Convenient Brother-in-law 2
363 A Convenient Brother-in-law 3
364 A Convenient Brother-in-law 4
365 Huo Yunting, You Are Bleeding!
366 His Entire Family Must Die!
367 How Are you?
368 I Will Feed You
369 Keep Your Hands Off Her!
370 A Tes
371 Wicked 1
372 Wicked 2
373 Promiscuous W*nch
374 You Will Die A Horrible Death
375 A Man with a Story
376 Do You Want Me to be Alright?
377 Gluttonous Bodyguard I
378 Gluttonous Bodyguard II
379 Hey There, Handsome
380 Huo Yunting… Xiang Jinxi...
381 Trouble Comes Knocking I
382 Trouble Comes Knocking II
383 Trouble Comes Knocking III
384 Trouble Comes Knocking IV
385 Do You Know Who He Is?
386 Green-eyed Jealousy
387 I Am Asking You!
388 One More Move, He Will Lose I
389 Plot Twist I
390 Plot Twist II
391 Sir, You Are Inhuman!
392 I Can’t Hold It In Anymore
393 Ouch, It Hurts!
394 Don’t Question a Man’s Capability
395 You Get What You Deserve I
396 You Get What You Deserve II
397 You Get What You Deserve III
398 You Get What You Deserve IV
399 You Get What You Deserve V
400 You Get What You Deserve VI
401 An Eye for an Eye I
402 An Eye for an Eye II
403 An Eye for an Eye III
404 An Eye for an Eye IV
405 An Eye for an Eye V
406 Madam is being Discharged?
407 A Lie
408 So Dirty!
409 Suicide! Guilt! I
410 Suicide! Guilty! II
411 Suicide! Guilt! III
412 Suicide! Guilt! IV
413 Barely Alive
414 She Stays Home Until I Said Otherwise
415 Huo Yunting's Revenge I
416 Huo Yunting’s Revenge II
417 Huo Yunting’s Revenge III
418 Huo Yunting’s Revenge IV
419 Huo Yunting’s Revenge V
420 GET OUT!
422 He doesn’t mind it but I do!
423 423、A Peaceful Dinner Needs a Peaceful Treaty
424 Insomnia?
425 Treated me nice because of guil
426 All on Huo Yunting’s bill
427 Oddball judges
428 Are You Jealous, Yang Yang?
429 Lady Rabbit I
430 Lady Rabbit II
431 Feeding
432 Silent Temptation
433 Prayer
434 Good Job, Bai!
435 Lu Zhaoyang Can Only Be His!
436 Say “Ah”...
437 Enmity Between Father and Son I
438 Enmity Between Father and Son II
439 Are they…somehow related?
440 The Debts Are Growing
441 Gunshot Again
442 Sir, I knew I was wrong
443 Come Again?
444 Gotten Daring Lately
445 My comrade, may I join you at your base?
446 Stop following me now!
447 The Kept Man Fights Too
448 Huo Yunting, the Frigid Man?
449 Women are not to be crossed I
450 Women are not to be crossed II
451 A Complete Humiliation
452 Take Your Dirty Hands Off Me
453 Mr. President, I Didn’t Know That You Like Gossips
454 Birthday Surprise I
455 Birthday Surprise II
456 Birthday Surprise III
457 Birthday Surprise IV
458 458. Thank You, Huo Yunting
459 The Best Way to Relieve Itching
460 Take It Off
461 She Is Not the Bride I
462 She Is Not the Bride II
463 She Is Not The Bride III
464 She Is Not The Bride IV
465 Don’t Worry, I’m Not Here to Cause Trouble
466 Someone Else Marry Her!
467 The Handsome Back-up
468 Danger, Danger
469 You’re Under Arres
470 Huo Yunting Delivers the Killer Blow!
471 Caught “Red-handed” I
472 Caught “Red-handed” II
473 Lu Zhaoyang, Let’s Have a Child I
474 Lu Zhaoyang, Let’s Have a Child II
475 This Woman Stole Everything from Me!
476 Heating Up
477 Girl, stop pretending!
478 Big Brother...
479 Guilty Spell
480 Truth & Conspiracy I
481 Truth and Conspiracy II
482 Truth and Conspiracy III
483 Truth and Conspiracy IV
484 Truth and Conspiracy V
485 Truth and Conspiracy VI
486 Truth and Conspiracy VII
487 Sorry, We Have Done All We Could
488 Someone Is Going To Die
489 Huo Yunting, Stop Scaring Me
490 Don’t Be Afraid, I Will Help You
491 I Just Want To Call Your Name
492 Don’t Try To Dodge, You Have To Repay What You Owe Me
493 Whose Attention Are You After?
494 Going Off The Deep End I
495 Going Off The Deep End II
496 Bastard! Stop It!
497 Taking Her Away I
498 Taking Her Away II
499 Taking Her Away III
500 I am Asking You: Where is Lu Zhaoyang?
501 Losing His Wits
502 Giving Up On Finding Her I
503 Giving Up On Finding Her II
504 Pregnancy I
505 Pregnancy II
506 Giving Birth! Regaining vision! I
507 Giving Birth! Regaining Vision! II
508 Huo Xu, Perhaps…
509 My Little Gentleman
510 I Will Take Care of You When I Grow Up!
511 Returning Home I
512 Returning Home II
513 The Tidbit About Huo Yunting
514 Laying It On The Line
515 That’s Scary
516 Huo Yunting Is The Steadiest Patron!
517 I Don’t Like Grandma At All
518 You Must Know When To Stop. Don’t Try My Patience
519 He Loves Someone Else
520 The Encounter of Husband And Wife, And Father And Son
521 An Affair and a Child
522 … It Hurts!
523 This is from Mr Huo
524 Please Don’t Look at Me Like That, I’m Shy
525 Was it… Him?
526 Laughing Along with the Adulterer’s Son
527 527、The Actual Mistress is Home
528 528、Because of her that Ming Yue became like this
529 529、Marie Antoinette Syndrome
530 530、Must be difficult for you to remember her name.
531 531、A Ridiculous Pas
532 532、No one’s savage as Yunting
533 A Ruse
534 Killing Her With Her Eyes
535 Not His Child
536 She Comes to Work, Not Sleeping With Me
537 What’s Mine Is Yours
538 Mmmmm...
539 The Cravings of the Presiden
540 I Want A Morning Kiss
541 Half-hearted
542 Right Up At Her Doorstep
543 Never Say “No” To Men; Never Say “Flat” To Women
544 Now That You’re Awake, Can I Continue?
545 I “Love” You
546 Father and Son Talking
547 Stealing a Glance at Him
548 Family Walk
549 Uncle Yunting Is One of Us
550 Getting Fooled by Him
551 Good Job, Kid!
552 The Mysterious Mr. Ma
553 Have Money To Burn
554 Do You Need A Girlfriend?
555 Let’s Not Pretend; We Have Even Kissed Before
556 Teasing
557 Who Says That This Is My First Time?
558 The Child Is A Mystery
559 It’s Hard To Get Intimate
560 Getting Huo Yunting
561 Seducing Him
562 The Talented, Snubbing Little Demon
563 The Aunt Is Rude
565 A New Method to Quench Spiciness
566 I Can’t Stand It Anymore
567 567. The Pigheaded, Silly Son Finally Wises Up
568 Negotiation
569 569、I Want Lu Zhaoyang
570 570、To Conquer or to Die
571 571、Plot Twis
572 572、Threatened
573 573、I’m always pumped
574 574、We Meet Again
575 I Will Accept The Unspoken Rules If You Agree
576 Why Did You Do That To My Son?
577 Why Do You Think You Can See Again, Lu Zhaoyang?
578 Loving Her In His Own Way
579 Skating On Thin Ice
580 Huo Xu Is His Son?
581 You Are An Abbreviated Piece of Nothing Apart from Your Looks
582 Paternity Tes
583 Huo Xu Is Not His Son
584 Drowning His Sorrows
585 Yunting, I Love You…
586 Making the Headlines!
587 Accusations in the Air
588 She Must Pay the Price
589 Well, Are You Looking to Reminisce the Past?
590 Acciden
591 591、A Kiss Too Real
592 592、Seen this everyday. Had enough
593 593、When did she become my girlfriend?
594 594、The Envy Unknown yet Resolved
595 595、Flirt is Quirk
596 596、Good Use of Blackmailing
597 Keeping The Satyr Out!
598 A Sizzling Hot Nigh
599 Please Don’t Overestimate Me by Underestimating Your Weigh
600 It's a Blatant Brother-Sister Love Affair
601 Let Me First Put Out Your Fire
602 How Could She Be So Cute?
603 A Plaster In Human Form
604 The Inexplicable Girlfriend I
605 The Inexplicable Girlfriend II
606 A Loved-Up Display
607 Holy Cow! This Is The Reason He Can’t Go Back!?
608 Her Heart Aches
609 Scheming
610 What a Bold Lady
611 She Has Principles!
612 Good News
613 The More You Want Something, The More You’re Afraid of Losing I
614 Buck Up and Don’t Disappoint Me
615 Wishing You Happiness