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WARNING! Tsundere President

Author:Shopkeeper Fang

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Updates:200 Where is Lu Zhaoyang?

She was the little chief secretary at Huo Yunting’s office, who carried out jobs both on the table and “under“ the table.

She was also his obedient wife at night, fulfilling his needs.

It was a repentance, a redemption to her sin, Lu Zhaoyang was swallowing all these humiliations as heaven forbade, her mother was the other woman in this ugly affair with the wealthy Huo family, ...
《WARNING! Tsundere President》 Volume 1
1 Dangerous Affairs I
2 Dangerous Affairs II
3 Dangerous Affairs III
4 Dangerous Affairs IV
5 Dangerous Affairs V
6 Dangerous Affairs VI
7 Dangerous Affairs VII
8 Dangerous Affairs VIII
9 Dangerous Affairs IX
10 Dangerous Affairs X
11 You Smell So Good
12 Ah, ah…That’s Gonna Hur
13 Ahhhhhh!!!
14 Aren’t You Passionate?
15 Exposure I
16 Exposure II
17 Exposure III
18 Trouble! I
19 Trouble! II
20 Say That Again?
21 Brother & Sister?! I
22 Brother & Sister ?! II
23 Master Huo, Allow Me
24 Let Me Go!
25 Investigate This Man For Me
26 Take Me Now
27 Benefits
28 They Are Not Actual Siblings
29 Give Me A Kiss
30 Soaring High, With Him
31 Are You Abandoned?
32 I’ll Take You Home Tonigh
33 Lu’s New Boo!?
34 One Day We Will Be Like Her
35 Wouldn’t Mind Gossiping If It’s You.
36 She’s In Love
37 Birthday Bash I
38 Birthday Bash II
39 Birthday Bash III
40 Birthday Bash IV
41 Birthday Bash V
42 Birthday Bash VI
43 Birthday “Bash” VII
44 Birthday “Bash” VIII
45 Birthday “Bash” IX
46 Birthday Bash X
47 Birthday Bash XI
48 Birthday Bash XII
49 Birthday Bash XIII
50 Birthday Bash XIV
51 Birthday Bash XV
52 Shocker!
53 Sister Cares Me Mos
54 How Needy
55 None of Your Business
56 A Couple’s Bantering
57 Feast For the Eyes
58 Ting’s Girlfriend Is So Beautiful
59 You’re So Lovey-dovey
60 Money is All I Have
61 In the Eye of the Storm
62 Smart Ms. Lu, Very Smar
63 Buzz Off!
64 Deceive I
65 Deceive II
66 She’s Finished! Finished!
67 This Body… This Face...
68 I Don’t Care If He Ends Up Dead!
69 Congratulations, Ms Lu
70 Open Your Mouth
71 Huo the Debater
72 Huo the Abnormal I
73 Huo the Abnormal II
74 Testing the Water
75 Were you angry or were you jealous?
76 Behave Well Tonigh
77 You — You! You Shameless B*stard!
78 She’s Your Sister!
79 For My Future Granddaughter-in-law
80 Don’t Move, or I’ll Really Put On a Show
81 A Curious Room
82 Second Master
83 Into Your Hear
84 Huo the Green-eyed Monster
85 You’re Too Wild!
《WARNING! Tsundere President》 Volume 2
86 Tsundere Ting
87 Pushing Him Away Because of That Man
88 Wilfulness I
89 Wilfulness II
90 Look After Me
91 Ting, It Really Is You!
92 Hostile in the Dark
93 How Romantic
94 Old Trick from the Old Dog
95 No Shame and No Limits! I
96 No Shame! No Limits! II
97 Stir Things Up I
98 Stir Things Up II
99 Stir Things Up III
100 Stir Things Up IV
101 Lu Zhaoyang, Who Are You To Me?
102 Give Me a Kiss
103 Mo Shan’s Plan
104 How Can They Do This?
105 Enter the Chick
106 Awkward Situation I
107 Awkward Situation II
108 Awkward Situation III
109 Awkward Situation IV
110 Do You Think This Is My First Rodeo?
111 Hole In One
112 I Did Not Do It!
113 H - the Clickbait Material
114 Can’t Move, Tired...
115 Let’s see if the police trust your side of the story.
116 116、Come to me and I’ll tell you
117 President on the run
118 Things Which Must Not Be Spoken
119 You are sure bored
120 I’m Thirsty
121 Making Things Difficult I
122 Making Things Difficult II
123 Chen, Is That You?
124 A Practical Lesson
125 Who’s The Most Suspicious?
126 Take Him By Surprise I
127 Take Him By Surprise II
128 Take Him By Surprise III
129 Get Out Of My Face
130 Are You Hiding Something From Me?
131 Let’s tell the world then
132 The Old Spinster has her Day
133 Something feels fishy
134 The Biggest Paparazzi I
135 The Biggest Paparazzi II
136 You were turned on?
137 Are You Worrying About me?
138 Socialites are so messed up
139 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… I
140 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… II
141 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… III
142 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… IV
143 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… V
144 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... VI
145 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... VII
146 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... VIII
147 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... IX
148 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... X
149 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... XI
150 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... XII
151 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… XIII
152 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset… XIV
153 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... XV
154 Shocked! Overjoyed! Upset... XVI
155 Lu Zhaoyang could only be mine!
156 156、A lie in a lie
157 157、Sometimes there are things you need to discover them yourself.
158 158、Signed, sealed, delivered.
159 159、A Humiliating Call
160 160、Payback
161 Continue This Struggle Till The Day We Die I
162 Continue This Struggle Till The Day We Die II
163 The Naked Truth I
164 The Naked Truth II
165 The Naked Truth III
166 The Naked Truth IV
167 The Naked Truth V
168 The Naked Truth VI
169 There’s Still Me
170 He Won’t Notice A Thing
171 She’s… At Home?
172 He’s Gone?
173 You Ever Wooed a Girl Before?
174 The Many Personalities of Huo Yunting
175 Cold Violence
176 May I Borrow Your Fingers?
177 Serving a Woman for the First Time
178 Melon Seed Fans
179 Do You Really Have a Choice?
180 Overreaching
181 Only I Can Touch You
182 A Feast!
183 Such Hypocrisy!
184 I’d Rather Have You for Dinner
185 I’m Leaving Huo Yunting Soon?!
186 Lu Zhaoyang’s Guil
187 Leaving the City; Leaving Him I
188 Leaving the City; Leaving Him II
189 Leaving the City; Leaving Him III
190 Leaving the City; Leaving Him IV
191 Leaving the City; Leaving Him V
192 Leaving the City; Leaving Him VI
193 Leaving the City; Leaving Him VII
194 Leaving the City; Leaving Him VIII
195 You Deserve to Die, Lu Zhaoyang!
196 Take A Rest While I’ll Make Dinner
197 Only For Her
198 Trauma
199 Simple Happiness
200 Where is Lu Zhaoyang?