Virtual Sword God!
167 No Program
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Virtual Sword God!
Author :JKSManga
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167 No Program

The five contestants who had passed the test stood in the centre of the arena proud. The rest were told to go home, while Lucas, Novis, Baseball boy, Large man and the girl were stood out on the field.

Through playing the game and getting through to the finals with them, Novis eventually learnt their names. The baseball boy was named Phil, the large man was named Bob, and lastly, the female was named Yaz.

"Well done!" Biden said standing in front of them with Josh by his side. "I have to say congratulations to you all. You have finally made it into the Titan university. But the truth is, all of you still have a long way to go before you are even considered for selection on the team."

The five of them were then told that later on they would be sent further information about what was to happen next. Once the school term would begin again. But just before Novis and Lucas left, Josh grabbed Novis's sleeve.

"Wait, Novis." Josh said." It's been a while. I won't keep you here with all this wishy-washy stuff, but I will be waiting for you to become a regular on the Titan team university. I know you will do big things."


While the others had gone through the selection process to enter the Titan University, Scarlett was currently doing her own thing as well.

She had just finished taking the entrance exam for one of the universities, as she handed in her paper at the top it read. Titan university.

Although she wasn't planning to enter the University for its esports section, she planned to do something else. She couldn't wait to see the look on Novis face when she was standing right by his side on entrance day.

Standing outside the hall, all candidates were to have an interview with a couple of members off staff. Suddenly her name was called, and she ventured inside the room. There were two teachers, one male and one female at the desk and a seat opposite for her to sit down.

"Now we see you have done very well. I must say your score is above average when it comes to the academic side of Titan university. Now I just have to ask, what course were you planning to aim for?" the teacher asked.

"I was hoping to join your Nursing degree program," Scarlett replied with a smile on her face.

The two teachers then looked at each other before giving a reply.

"I'm sorry Scarlett but did you check our university out properly, our University has no such course."

The next day, the group decided they would meet up for old times sake. It was the summer holidays, so they had no commitments they needed to go to at the moment. The meeting spot was the same coffee shop they had gone to when they had experienced their loss against Westgate.

It had been a whole two years since they went to this place.

As Novis entered the shop, He could see Ashley, Dan, Alex and Frank all sitting at the table. Scarlett had yet to arrive.

"Dan was just telling us about how tough the selection process was to get into Titan," Ashley said. "I can't believe you actually made it!"

"Thanks," Novis said with a massive grin on his face, but then when he looked at Dan and Alex sad face, he quickly remembered that they had failed.

"Don't worry about us," Dan replied. "I already signed for that gym. "

"And my backup university has accepted me," Alex said. "So it looks like we will see each other at some point after all."

"What are you doing, Frank?" Novis asked.

"I made up with my farther, and it looks like I'm going to help out the Hershel team. After our team managed to beat them easily this year, my father finally understood that the team needed a change, he was the one who actually contacted me which I was surprised about."

As the group continued to talk it turns out that Frank and Dan would be going to the same University as Alex. Not with the attention of joining the team but if that were to happen then it happened.

While Ashley had stopped playing the game nearly altogether. She had become the poster child of her Dojo, and it had become so popular after the two tournaments, that her father needed to expand and opened up another dojo.

Ashley was busy teaching the students from one while her father taught the students from the other.

"Does anyone know what happened to Scarlett?" Novis asked.

"Didn't you hear," Ashley replied. "Apparently, she got into Titan university's entrance exam, but she didn't realise that they didn't have a nursing program for her to study in. Right now, she's deciding whether to still go or not."

'Why would she choose not to go.' Novis though. 'Wasn't that her dream to follow in her mother's footsteps.'

Arthur and George who were listening to the whole thing, knew straight away why. It was love. Scarlett didn't want to be separated from Novis, and right now she needed to make a decision, was her future more important or seeing Novis.

There was a clear answer, but when people were young, they often chose mistakes and picked the now option rather than the later.

The group continued to talk, but it seemed like Scarlett just never showed up that day. It was rare for her to do something like this without giving any notice. Although the others also knew why Scarlett was acting the way she was.

Perhaps the only one that didn't know was Novis.

On the walk home, Novis managed to spot Scarlett walking back to her house with a grocery bag in her hand.

"Scarlett wait!" Novis shouted. As she turned around Novis could see she had a concerned look on her face. One who's mind was deep with thoughts. "Tell me, why are you planning to go to Titan university if there's no nursing program. It doesn't make any sense."


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