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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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-1 Glossary

Important or recurring characters will have their own character descriptions. Only female characters are added while only some male characters are shown.

Ps: The character description of the seven virtues is pending. For now, I will only name them and their origins.


Name: Perenna Moriah

Species: Holy Succubus (Previous: Human)

Age: 31

Gender: Female (Previous: Male)

Likes: Extremely spicy food

Dislikes: Disobedience

A holy succubus with an unique constitution allowing her tow wield the Holy as well as the Infernal Element. With her arrogant heart conquered, she found her thoughts broadened as she went out with her master.

Being one of the highest ranked scholars, she was perceptive and smart enough to collect the data regarding the summoning process of the King of Hell. While her fortune played a major part, nobody can deny her talent in information gathering.

She is passionate about spicy food that can numb her tongue while she is also fond of wearing various designer and exotic clothes.

Although she loves her master's bed sessions, she isn't particularly interested in showing such displays of affection in public.

Although she shows her bright and cheerful side to her comrades, her enemies are the one who gets to see her demonic side. With her purple cold eyes, she wouldn't hesitate to slash a child if it benefits her master's plans.


Name: Layla Blaze

Species: Human

Age: 23

Gender: Female (Original)

Likes: Warm Cuddles

Dislikes: Her Noble Clan

Exiled from her noble clan— the Golden Flame Clan, Layla Blaze had a chance encounter with Lucifer that changed both of their lives. While she gained a beloved partner that she was willing to risk her life for, Lucifer gained a trusted partner that he deemed resolute enough to entrust with the Curse Element.

Layla only holds negative feelings towards her clan due to her past experiences but she didn't let all the society influence her life as she rebelled against the ways of her family actively before she was exiled.

Holding some minor grudges against a few men of lower noble families, she joined the border army and decided to help the empire she loves in her own way.

With her original plan to rise in the ranks of the army and then change the empire scraped away, she is determined to get stronger through her cultivation and finish the task she couldn't complete previously.

In her pastime, she likes to shop for beautiful clothes and hold a small place for various snacks in her 'Lucifer Dominant' heart.

She is particularly disgusted by nobles that look at the female kind for their outer beauty and think that they can conquer a woman's heart by force.

(Ironic or not?)


Name: Shayna

Age: Unidentified

Gender: Female

Species: Druid Elf

Likes: Jeanne and Jet

Dislikes: A male's touch except for the Charming prince visiting her every night.
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Description: For now, the only thing known is that her skin is brown in colour while her curvaceous, buxom body is covered in white robes from head to toe. Her body is extremely enticing, even to Lucifer while it is still a mystery as to how she has been living safe from the villagers' lust.

In the modern terms, she would be the perfect combination of a milf with a youthful, lustrous and buoyant skin while her lips are rumoured to be plump and the living example of 'juicy' lips.


Name: Jeanne

Age: 7

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Likes: Shayna

Dislikes: Being left out while playing with Jet and his friends.

Description: A beautiful blonde, sapphire-eyed girl that is destined to be the heroine of this story if Lucifer didn't know any better. Not much is known about her origins and future companions except for the fact that Jeanne once lived in the Immortal Valley.

Living with her foster mother, Shayna, near the Dusk-Dawn Border, Jeanne loves to play hide and seek in the forest with her other friends. While Shayna has failed to find out the identity of these mysterious friends, it is absolutely sure that Jeanne is a girl full of mystery even to a woman of a mysterious origin like Shayna herself.


Name: Nora (Previously: Nethar- One of the seven founders/Virtue)

Element: Shadow

Race: Human

Gender: Female (Previously: Male)

Age: Unidentified

Likes: Deep Sleep, A Luxurious Starry Night.

Dislikes: Waking up every day, Morning.

Description: As a female, Nora, one of the seven Virtues sports long, luxurious black hair that reflected sunlight, making her back an incarnation of a starry night itself. Her ice-blue eyes spectacularly fail to show her affectionate side.

Her attire consists of a pure black tunic alongside similarly coloured pants while her right forearm is protected by a silver arm guard with the inscription of a dazzling moon. To remain agile in her shadow form, Nora refrains from wearing her full armour until the situation calls for extreme measures.

Her personality of taking long sleeps still exists and she has taken notice of the fact that the best sleep she can ever sleep is only after getting pounded to unconsciousness by her beloved master.


Name: Karma (Previously: Kretta)

Gender: Female (Previous: Male)

Race: Goblin

Age: Unidentifiable

Likes: Engineering

Dislikes: Filthiness

Description: Being the founder of the Goblin Nation, her leadership qualities are undeniable as the Goblins are known for their scattered tribes. Not only that, Karma brought all the creativity of the Goblins a step forward by actively looting the human empires and understanding the technology of other kinds.

The species that remained unaffected after Goblins' thirst for knowledge was the Elves and their myriad kinds. This industrial revolution remained until the world was threatened by the infernal kind under the umbrella of Lucifer.


Name: Thalia (Previously: Thakta)

Gender: Female (Previously: male)

Race: Ogre

Age: Unidentifiable

Likes: Battles

Dislikes: Whining little bi*ches.

Description: Ruling over the war-maniac race, Thalia's own thirst for blood is unquestionable. Her battle arts in various weapons have already reached the realms of Grandmaster, almost touching the mythical realm of Saint. Meanwhile, she has long broken through the Saint Realm with her broadsword.

Of course, the way she handles Lucifer's 'broadsword' is quite an eye-opener for her peers, but still, this war-loving ogress lost to the fairy general under Lucifer's command when it came to enduring the continuous pounding of the said broadsword, creating a newfound rivalry within the group.


Name: Anna (Previously: Atlanta)

Gender: Female (Previously: Male)

Race: Mermaid

Age: Unidentifiable

Likes: Clear Oceans

Dislikes: Industrial Pollutants

Description: As confident she is in real life, Anna holds a soft spot for her own people, comrades and her master. Though, she was a 'bi' before meeting master, now, her body, soul and heart only chant her master's name.

She wields the unquestionable might of Atlantis and secretly, she has even prepared a lot of 'presents' for her master. But of course, that is a story for another day.


Name: Kamala (Previously: Mana)

Gender: Female

Race: Pixie Beast (mutation)

Age: Unidentifiable

Likes: Beautiful gardens

Dislikes: Her master's absence

Description: Previously being the wielder of the virtue of chastity, Kamala seems to be fulfilling the left out desires by having almost nonstop mating sessions with her master. Her endurance has bested the Ogress: Thalia and even the promiscuous Ginli, who has been reigning terror over the mortal group.

Of course, her healing capabilities are comparable to none. Inheriting the might of the world tree herself, Kamala is the renowned daughter of the forest.


Name: Ren (Previously: Ren)

Gender: Female (Previously: Male)

Race: Elf (High-Elf)

Age: Unidentifiable

Likes: Natural Forests

Dislikes: Arrogant Humans

Description: Though frail, Ren's information gathering and scouting capabilities are quite crucial to the whole group. Not only was she one of the major factor for Lucifer's previous downfall, but she also is quite a warrior with most of her skills combined to take up any melee warrior.

Aside from perching up the branches and laying lazily under the clear sky, Ren is quite a gourmet lover. Of course, being an upright Elf, she was restricted by her own virtues to remain a vegan, something she immediately changed after converting into a devil's general.

Now, she can enjoy the dishes of every kind.


Name: Gloria (Previously: Ganthor)

Gender: Female (Previously: Male)

Race: Human

Element: Magma

Age: Unidentifiable

Likes: Her late wife, taking care of Lucifer's needs.

Dislikes: Being ignored, Jarul Blaze

Description: As the founder of the Rising Sun Empire, she is extremely emotional when it comes to her own Empire. Of course, her beauty transcends the realms of mortality. Crimson hair, pale-gold eyes and a face so ravishing that can only belong to a goddess.

That alongside her unnatural and perfect curves put her on top of the beauty ladder.

Nickname: The Legendary Secretary.


Name: Agni Blaze

Gender: Female

Race: Demi-Goddess

Age: 17

Likes: Reading ancient books and literature

Dislikes: Hypocrites!

Description: Just like her ancestor, mother and aunt, Agni is incomparably beautiful and that combined with her charm as a Demi-Goddess almost makes her ethereal. Not only that, she appears to have a body changing ability to mask her appearance. Although, the source of this ability is still unknown.


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