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"Alright, now try and concentrate on the Elements surrounding you. The element your body has high affinity with will feel comfortable to your skin, no matter their actual temperature or chemical state."

A sagely old man calmly instructed while the basic Cultivation initiation class students followed. Almost sixty students sat cross-legged as their teacher could visibly see the Elemental particles glowing around their body as the students worked hard to make contact with their destined element.

Eyes closed, Jet felt his body congested with the sheer amount of elements trying to invade his physical body. It felt as if his body possessed something that made elements fight against each other.

And even then, he failed to initiate with a single element. Of course, interacting with the said element was simply the basic of activities that a student needs to be proficient in before the said student actually intake an elemental essence to activate the elemental space locked within.

Somehow, his body kept rejecting the elements throwing themselves at him. No matter how much he tried, he simply couldn't communicate with the elements.

Just like that, a whole hour passed away. Noting the time, the sagely old man struck his cane on the floor. His voice, gentle yet, strangely overbearing broke the students out of their meditation.

Some had victorious grins plastered on their faces while many felt disheartened.

This expression was the difference between a talent and an untalented individual.

"We will start with the Theories of Economics. Those who have not subscribed to my class may leave."

Everyone's gaze fell on a beautiful blonde boy who stood up without any expression on his face. Jet was lucky enough to even enter the academy due to his lucky incident.

Knowing that every benefit required an equal sacrifice, Jet did not feel an undue emotion towards the professor. Bowing, he left the class and made his way through the corridors before entering the basic training chambers.

Of course, these chambers were free of cost and could be accessed at any point in time.

Tracing the hilt of the sword attached to the belt on his waist, Jet stepped into the plain training chamber. Even though the chamber itself was devoid of any other training service, Jet, who has battled mindless beasts for the better half of his life did not need any unmovable dummy.

His real-life experiences were plenty.

Closing his eyes, Jet felt himself surrounded by a lush forest, almost suffocating. The large trees blocked the sunlight and the moist air stuck to his skin, creating an uncomfortable feeling inside his mind.


Without looking back, Jet sidestepped in reality as the imaginary claws barely grazed his shoulders. With his right hand shooting towards the left side of his waist, he took out a plain, reinforced, steel sword. The glint of the blade spoke volumes of its care.


The air screamed at his slash as the claws were cut while Jet found himself turning to a wounded red-striped lion. Its unruly pitch-black mane looked nothing but terrifying.

Suddenly, Jet's movements stopped and his eyes snapped open. Instead of the terrifying lion, he found himself standing in front of a black-clothed woman with her face covered by a white mask.

The tight, form-hugging dress impressed Jet, who had seen his share of beauties. Unlike the harlots of the Pink-Fleshed Devils, the kady in front of him, though masked, carried a strange air around herself.

A Noble.


While his hands rested, the lady immediately shot towards Jet. A dagger, beautiful blue-bladed dagger, materialized in her hands out of thin air.


The dagger and the sword clashed simultaneously while Jet frowned at the strange behaviour. But his thoughts were sent out of his consciousness when he saw the sword, his partner, getting easily cut by the elemental dagger.


His mind tingled at the sight and he immediately retreated as the dagger barely made a mark on his chin.

This sight alarmed him further.

"Oi! Wait! We have no reason to fight!"

Of course, they didn't!

Jet had already marked the woman in front of him mentally unstable. He simply shouted because this was the most basic chamber without even the basic facility of soundproofing.

Jet wanted to attract a crowd before something dangerous occurred.

With a swish, the woman dived towards Jet as the dagger screamed through the air. Not minding his nonsensical shouts, the woman let her dagger slash towards his throat only for him to avoid her strike again.

While Jet may pride in his sword skills, the best thing he knew how to do was in fact— Evading.

Evading the claws of beasts, maws of serpents and arrows of infernal goblins. Most of the parts of his life, to survive, he evaded.

He evaded as much as he could.

As Jet's body fell towards his left, his left kicked up, making his body roll mid-air while the strangely, a deep blue slash passed through the location where his lower body remained.


Not only maniacal bitch, but the woman was also quite dangerous.

She was fatal.



See, the thing about the basic training chambers is their small size. Only now did Jet curse the uselessness of this chamber. His back against the wall as he saw the woman stepping towards him slowly. Her dagger glowing coldly, begging for blood.

His blood.

'Am I... going to die?'

Jet was all too aware with the killing intent raging furiously within the small training chamber, poking his body, pressurised his thoughts and burdening his heart.

Image of a white-clothed woman appeared within the depths of his mind. Her burning body as she slowly turned to ashes. The maniacal laughter of that white-haired devil and the cries of his friends that he once played with.

'Mom! Mom... I am sorry. I couldn't avenge you. Sis... I'll meet you shortly, if I am lucky enough.

I am sorry, Dro, Kar, Bon, Mino... I am sorry uncles and aunties... I cannot.'

As the woman raised her blade high, Jet lowered his head in defeat. He didn't know why he was being targeted like that. And honestly, he didn't care.

Living was too tiring.

Carrying the burden of vengeance tore him from inside, tore his happiness in two and shredded his innocence.

'It's... too hard.'


"Eh? Where am I?"

Jet looked around. All he could gaze upon were some ruins. Although this wasn't his own village, a tug on his heart didn't vanish but his frustrations grew by a lot. This place... felt warm, even though there was nothing but ruins, the sky was covered in a blanket of red... even when the deep valley that plunged into darkness looked nothing but scary.

Jet felt warm.

Suddenly, his vision changed once again.

Memories flew within his mind as he slowly understood that this place was the Legendary Immortal Valley.

He understood that this was his birthplace and he understood that the same white-haired devil may be the reason why his original homeland was destroyed.

'Are you willing?'
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Suddenly, a melodious voice struck within the depths of his raging heart.

"Am I willing?"

'Are you willing to let those sinners live while you die? They killed your family, didn't they?'

Images of Jeanne and Shayna interlaced with the ruins as his heart felt even more despair.

"Why did you show me this if my home, my loved ones are no more!?

Don't you try screwing around with me! That white-haired devil killed my family! What else I can do?

What else can I ever hope to do?

Avenge them?

Then what?

Live a life of emptiness?

No! I want to die, but I am too afraid to kill myself. I am a coward and if that maniacal bitch can kill me, I'll gladly accept her blade."

Tears streamed down his soft cheeks as he fell on the ground. He blamed his own cowardice in the delay for his family's reunion.

If he was only strong enough, he could have used his partner to pierce his own heart.

'Emptiness? Boy, your family member exists. He is waiting for you... for decades.

His holds the key to your destiny, your answers.

Look deep within yourself. Call out the name of the element that loves you! Protects you and embraces you.

Boy, don't let your family members down.'

The melodious voice slowly stopped as he felt a current of warm energy flowing within him. Soft whispers grazed past his ears as his eyes snapped open.

'Fate... Element?'


Character Profile:

(Since these aren't that important and their use only suffice a slaves and tools, the description wouldn't be too much)

Name: Lutheran Blaze

Name: Mintra Blaze

Name: Ronin Blaze

Gender: Female (Previously: Male)

Age: 34—40

Description: These three are the previous clan leaders of Golden, Red and Black Flames.


Name: Vayuu Blaze

Gender: Female (Previously: Male)

Race: Human

Age: 36

Likes: Archery, Swift Horses.

Dislikes: Slavery

Description: The previous leader of the Blue Flames, Vayuu Blaze has shown her resilience to Lucifer's slave mark repeatedly. It is speculated that her long distance blood relationship with one of the fallen Infernal dukes may he the reason.

But no matter what, as a female, Vayuu has succumbed to Lucifer's might, his pleasure and his gentle affection. After becoming a rank 6 Treasured Master and gaining the heritage of the infernal duke, her foundations have grown by leaps and bounds.