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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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70 Beginning

"I am sorry!"

A clear and melodious voice struck Jet's ears as his vision filled with fire morphed into a flaming woman smiling at him gently, her hands moving towards his face, wanting to touch his cheeks as her clear words rang once more.


Immediately, he fell into the fiery pits of hell as the soul of his late friends tormented him. His guts slashed out by a blonde girl while above him, a cruel figure laughed ever so arrogantly.

Her beautiful white hair and natural beauty garnered no mercy in Jet's heart. He roared and roared only to get his neck snapped into two by a white-clothed figure covered in flames.

"It's all because of you!!!!"



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A blonde boy woke with his body covered in sweat, his breathing ragged and his eyes dazed.

"Oh? You up already?"

A bespectacled boy looked at Jet's nervous sapphire blue eyes and remained calm. Goldy has already seen this scene for quite a few days.

"Sorry... about that."

Jet nodded politely and then looked up at the wooden ceiling. Taking a deep breath, Jet stood up from the bed and made his way to the public bathhouse. Soon, he entered the bustling region emanating a bit of warmth. Removing his plain tunic, Jet saw his scarred body in the mirror, lean muscles and a flawless face that has been protected by fate itself.

After all, during all his training, his body looked pretty beaten up, but his face... this fact still shocked Jet to his core.

Washing the sweat off of his body, he soon found his way inside the naturally formed hot spring divided into boys and girls section.

Of course, to prevent any type of accidents, the bathing time of both the gender is different.

The Dusk Academy can be pretty strict when it comes to such a topic. Jet had even heard a few rumours that a couple of years back, the crown princess ran away from the Imperial Family for another man.

Of course, nobody dared to openly speak of such a matter but it seemed like the rumours were in fact, based on actual events of the past.

The moment he dipped his restless body into the warm pool, a relieved sigh escaped his lips. But his aversion of heat made it hard for him to actually enjoy the feeling mentally.

"Look who it is? Our little exam crasher!"

A generic bulky youth with spiky black hair towered in front of Jet.

'At least cover your crotch, you little willy!'

Jet sighed in distress and stood up from the bath with his hands spread.

"You are Castrate, aren't you?"

Grinning, Castrate placed his huge hands on Jet's relatively thin shoulders. Even though Castrate felt quite awkward how Jet's own willy seemed to be his willy's senior, he still passed that state of awkwardness with a grin.

"Yeah, man. By the way, you were awesome! Talking back at Academy elder and what's with your Element?

I mean, you simply kicked a pebble but a sword almost decapitated that stuck-up fool!"

Surprised by the sudden reversal of expression, Jet's lips couldn't help but twitch.

"Aha... thanks, brother."

"So? Tell us about your Element?"

Unknowingly, a plethora of naked boys surrounded Jet with expectations as clear as the sun in the sky. But many of the students still hadn't ever seen the sun in Dusk Empire.

Taking a step back, Jet's eyes narrowed a little. The situation turned too dangerous, too suddenly.

"My Element... believe me, I haven't even started cultivating yet."


Castrate looked a little confused, just like the others.

"For real?"

They asked simultaneously, to which, Jet nodded plainly.


Meanwhile, to the south of the Nirvan Continent, a jeweled palace constructed by Pressure Ores stood tall in the deepest of water. A flickering, yet constant, blue barrier kept the water outside the palace while the exotic mermaids and mermen lived their regular life in the empire.

Inside a large and beautiful temple with the top coronated by a deep blue trident laid a beautiful blue-haired girl with golden scales covering the part of her cheeks while her naked, flushed body laid on a soft bed. Her holes south to her face leaked copious amounts of demonic spunk while she slept soundly.

Just beside her, a tall youth, muscular and well endowed, kept on pounding a green-haired mermaid as his long tongue ravaged the mouth of yet another blue-haired mermaid.

Her body bent and pussy getting stretched to its core, womb filled and penetrated again and again made the green-haired mermaid lose control of her transformation.

Her legs were replaced by a large, luxurious fin while her innards tightened accordingly.

"Mmmghhhh! Aaaah aahhh aahhhhh!"

Groans of pleasure leaked with every pound while the devil's middle finger played with her warm anus. With a deep grunt, the black-haired devil finally released yet another load of spunk as the mermaid's expression turned otherworldly.

Taking his soaked penis out, the youth let his tip lubricate the unused back holed before pushing his unnaturally thick genital inside her butt.

The mermaid clenched the bedsheets tightly, the sudden penetration felt too painful, but the gushing liquid of her master's semen and her own nectar's combination felt too good to focus on the pain.

Grabbing her hair, he started pounding roughly, unconcerned that she might just be unable to walk for a few days.

But why should he care?

Isn't she a mermaid? If she can't walk, she can swim.

Pak pak pak

The tight butt rippled with each smack as his full balls kissed her butt, again and again, deep pounding her till the base of his thick rod. Slowly, the mermaid's body started accepting his shape, remembering it and making it easier for movement.

"Good girl."

The youth softly whispered. Even though the woman beneath him looked completely ripe and mature, the ring on her finger gave the possibility that she might be someone's mother.

And yet.


Her lips parted, her hands moved back as her body trembled for the umpteenth time, her gaping pussy squirted once again while she kept on getting pounded. Her body was pulled up by the youth as his left hand kept a tight leash on her dishevelled hair while his right hand played with her large bust. The blue-haired mermaid had already fallen unconscious, laying beside the youth as the spunk kept on splattering all over her face.

"Aren't you needy? Your daughter has already fallen unconscious and you?"

He smacked deep into her unending anus, evoking yet another groan of pleasure from the thick milf of a mermaid.

"Yeeeshhhh! I am needdddddy! Aaaiiiiiiiii!"

Suddenly, he felt a particular Elemental Space within him tingle, but after that, no thoughts were given as the youth kept satiating himself with one pussy and then another.


"Where... am I?"

A beautiful, ravishing even, blonde woman opened her eyes deep inside a gorgeous forest. A beautiful, crystal clear lake right beside her gave off a brilliant aroma while the luscious fruits hung on branches that were as thick as her own milky smooth thighs.

Suddenly, her head started stinging, with a pained expression, she grabbed her head as memories started flooding into her mind. It wasn't her memories, it was someone else's. Someone close to her.

"I see... I am Jeanne. My mother... sent me here."

Standing up, she dusted her plain blue tunic that hugged her body loosely and yet, looked enchanting enough. Her clear blue eyes gazed at the sky, her thoughts unknown.

But the image of a black-haired youth kept on flashing in front of her mind again and again. A small arc curved up her lips and a brilliant smile formed on her face.

"He's so cute when he acts like an all-knowing douche bag!"

She muttered light-heartedly and then looked at the small golden squirrel running towards her and then gently rubbing its head against her foot.

"Oh? Squirrels here so cute! Heaven really is a mesmerising place."

Picking up the squirrel before placing it on her golden hair, Jeanne finally started strolling through the forest. If there is a place where she is most comfortable in, then it is definitely her adorable douche bag's laps and a beautiful forest.

Pumping her fists high, she smiled victoriously!

"Alright, let's conquer those bitches and return back!"

She giggled and hummed a little tune before walking carefreely.


Character Profile

Name: Rani Blaze

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 31

Likes: Agni, Tangy Soup

Dislikes: Jarul, Lucia

Description: A beautiful woman and a natural ruler. Of course, this is in front of public. When alone with Lucifer, she embraces her insecurity as she get her daily elixir to satiate her itching womb. The favourite place where she likes her master's deep loving is in fact, the throne room.


Name: Jarul Blaze

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 31

Likes: Dominating weaker people

Dislikes: Prison

Description: Rani's elder twin, she once was a ravishing figure of her own right until she was forced to destroy her cultivation by Lucifer. Currently, her condition is unknown.


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