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68 An Empress Servan

Under the dim moonlight, a bright entourage made its way towards the Dusk-Dawn Border. Flaming red carriages imprinted with an intricately designed golden sun pulled by dashing flame Pegasus, the strongest one of their herds at that.


Their natural affinity being light and warmth, the flame Pegasuses failed to find their comfort in the cold night. The long line of carriage made its way towards the border, not affecting the nearby cities that were still reeling in from the shock of the emergence of the Heavenly Strike.

Inside the centre most carriage, the biggest one out of all, Rani laid on the luxurious bed with a frustrated expression. Biting her nails, she failed to keep her calm. Her innards were itching to get lubricated while her mind constantly drifted towards the worry for her own daughter, making her even more anxious.

Her left hand kept on touching the area slightly below her navel through the beautiful gown.

Sighing deeply, she closed her eyes to rest her thoughts, that to, failed spectacularly. Her body moved unconsciously, her right hand started rubbing her own undressed crotch through the gowns, making her waist arch up in expectations.

'Settle down!'

A gentle, yet overbearing tone suppressed her anxiousness, much to Rani's relief only to get riled up once again.

'You want to get your little cunt stretched, right? You want to gag and gulp on my spunk, don't you?'

The mocking words caused an excited smile to form on her beautiful face, her pale gold eyes went wild in excitement.

"Yes! Master, yes! I want it! I want it everywhere!
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From my dirty cunt to my thirsty throat! Master, please! It's too hard this way!"

Her screams failed to affect the female workers who protected the carriage. After all, they all had already been tasted by Lucifer, becoming his loyal follower. In fact, Rani's words only made their own dripping pussies twitch, making it harder for them to follow the carriage with a calm expression.

'Then show me your true worth. Of course, should you fail to do so, I won't throw you away, no. I will keep you by my side as I ravish your daughter and maybe your elder sister.

Who knows, Jarul might just be better than you.'

Finally, Rani's eyes widened in disbelief. She immediately sat and adopted a noble posture. Her slutty look was reigned in, her lolling tongue receded into her warm fleshy pleasure hole and finally, she spoke politely, not a shred of emotion within her voice.

"I apologise for my behaviour, master."

'Good, now tell me once again. Who are you?'

"I am Rani Blaze. The rightful ruler of the Rising Sun Empire."

'And what are you?'

"I am master's loyal supporter. My holes are destined to be filled by you, aside from Agni, all my future descendants are the fortunate beings to hold your blood."

'Good. Now don't disappoint me.'


Lucifer stopped communicating with Rani. In reality, he wouldn't care much if she fails to get the maximum benefit. Rani was already marked by him and as the bearer of the winged mark, she is one of the fortunate beings that will get regularly filled in all the three of her holes.

Lucifer himself sat on the leading carriage, his gaze drifting across the exotic crops grown on the outer lands of the empire.

This was one of the rare moments where he could sit calmly, close his eyes and enjoy Layla's exotic blowjobs.

Looking down, he could see Layla gently serving his rod by giving it deep, yet, slow pumps while she took it upon herself to suck on his full balls. Perenna, on the other hand, pushed up Layla's dress and stuck her long demonic tongue inside Layla's juicy cunt, exploring every nook and corner of her sweet hole, relishing in the taste of her nectar.

Perenna's eyes were closed, too, as she kept her hands on Layla's perky and springy butt, her fingers digging into her plump ass while the musky, yet, sweet and alluring scent itched her heart.


Continuous slurping sounds, akin to the sexual symphony of the Lust Demon's instrumental seduction, calmed Lucifer's heart. His hand gently resting on Layla's head, not indulging in any rough play, simply resting.

Layla, on the other hand, finally gave Lucifer's balls one last suckle before moving her face and gently licking the veiny back of his rod.

Licking her lips, Layla relished the feeling of the gentle oral exam given by Perenna while she smiled at Lucifer.

"Let's try these for a change."

Pulling the neckline of her dress down, Layla revealed her healthy, round bosoms. Large and perky, a man's dream.

Of course, her large breasts could finally wrap around Lucifer's dick, but couldn't cover it completely as almost half of the veiny glory remained uncovered, demanding the attention of Layla's accursed mouth that held the potential of sucking any man dry, except her lover.

Indulging in the warm feeling of her breasts, a relieved sigh escaped his lips. Leaning his back on the seat, Lucifer left his little brother in Layla's care.

"Hehe! Let's see your endurance with this technique!"

She giggled, hir lips gently taking in Lucifer's head, lubricating it with her own thick saliva before letting it drip onto the entirety of his rod, curving down her breasts in an erotic fashion.

Her hands slowly moved her breasts upwards before smacking them down, right on the base of his crotch.


A pleased moan leaked out of Layla's lips who was getting her pussy eaten by extremely experienced Perenna. Layla's body trembled ever so gently, the grip of her butt, even then, remained firm. Her walls started dripping sweet nectar that was immediately taken in by Perenna, her own expression extremely pleased with the taste.

The aroma in the entire carriage grew heavier, barely able to move her body, Layla controlled her energy and started moving her breasts, which were lubricated by her own viscous saliva.

Her mouth covering the remaining overlord, her tongue immediately played with the tip and shaft expertly. Her mouth bulged even more thoroughly as she felt Lucifer getting even harder.

Just like this, the group kept on giving their mouth to each other, devolving into the bliss of fleshy desires while the surrounding maids barely kept her calm as their breaths grew rhythmic alongside the moans of their supervisors— Perenna and Layla.


Dusk-Dawn Border

"I thought that you would not even grace us with your presence."

Naga Dusk, the ruling emperor of the Dusk Emperor smiled politely. Staring at the gorgeous beauty in front of him, he couldn't help but marvel at how the desires of the flesh can affect a man's thoughts.

Long crimson hair, ravishing lips and beautiful pale-gold eyes. A heavy suppression surrounded Rani as he eyes Naga and his entourage coldly, not a shred of emotion in her eyes. Befitting an Empress, she gracefully questioned the Emperor in front of her.

"Without my presence, how can this meeting even get any result?"

Stunned at her words, an amused smile took an arc on Naga's lips.

"I see. A strong woman indeed."

Rani turned her heels and moved back into her carriage as her words echoed past the borders, where Naga stood.

"Women are strong. Get your delusions checked, O'Mighty Emperor of the Dark."

With twitching eyes, Naga moved back into his own carriage pulled by Northern Demon Bulls reared by the Imperial Dusk Family.

Neon Blue mane surrounded the bulls' large, tough necks as they made their way towards the capital city of stars while being followed by the flaming Pegasus that looked particularly eye-catching in the Dusk Empire.

Meanwhile, Lucifer's wings flapped ever so gently, his figure looked mystified as his long wings reflected the moonlight.

Behind him, Perenna floated mid-air with flushed face while Layla, hugging Perenna by her waist, did not look much better.

Turning his head, Lucifer smiled at the duo gently.

"Now, let's go and meet up with nature's child, shall we?"


Character Profile

Name: Gloria (Previously: Ganthor)

Gender: Female (Previously: Male)

Race: Human

Element: Magma

Age: Unidentifiable

Likes: Her late wife, taking care of Lucifer's needs.

Dislikes: Being ignored, Jarul Blaze

Description: As the founder of the Rising Sun Empire, she is extremely emotional when it comes to her own Empire. Of course, her beauty transcends the realms of mortality. Crimson hair, pale-gold eyes and a face so ravishing that can only belong to a goddess.

That alongside her unnatural and perfect curves put her on top of the beauty ladder.

Nickname: The Legendary Secretary.


Name: Agni Blaze

Gender: Female

Race: Demi-Goddess

Age: 17

Likes: Reading ancient books and literature

Dislikes: Hypocrites!

Description: Just like her ancestor, mother and aunt, Agni is incomparably beautiful and that combined with her charm as a Demi-Goddess almost makes her ethereal. Not only that, she appears to have a body changing ability to mask her appearance. Although, the source of this ability is still unknown.