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67 I can defeat Fate 5

As the cocoon made of nature's energy slowly wrapped around her body, Rani felt her consciousness connected to a primal source.

The Nature.

This was the most important gain when a cultivator step from Rank 5 to Rank 6. During the process of breakthrough, the Cultivator gets a window of opportunity to interact with the element that the said cultivator cultivates in.

Being the wielder of flames, Rani's consciousness interacted with the primal law of Fire Element. Her thoughts and inspiration for various skills grew more formidable while her previous doubts regarding the various aspects of flames grew clearer.

It wasn't only Rani, but the four clans leader and their ex-wives alongside one remaining elder from the four clans felt the same thing. While the Ex-wives and the remaining elder had to inscribe useless skills during their rank-5 Cultivation session, right now, they were recovering from the loss by the boundless inspiration that increased their mastery over their own elements.

But to finally breakthrough, they needed to digest the primal elemental energy found in nature. To absorb the said energy, they needed to bypass the enraged mother mature and successfully disintegrate the major tribulation into particles of primal elemental energy.

As the ten rank five warriors sat in meditation and waited for the tribulation to pass, they finally received the primal elemental energy in an abundant amount. After all, the quality of the Heavenly Strike couldn't be compared to a meager major tribulation. With the abundance of energy, their eyes opened within their cocoon, the shattered Elemental Space was once again brought together.

But this time, they did not form their elemental cores. Instead, the lingering energy of their skills actively combined with the primal elemental energy, slowly constructing the debris of elemental space into a strange fashion.

Rani's Elemental Space took the shape of a Flaming Phoenix, it's head held high and a clear cry emanated from its throat.


The remaining primal nature energy was quickly absorbed by the flaming phoenix, who let out a cheerful chirp as it started to fly around in the space that once contained the Elemental Space.

Meanwhile, Lutheran formed a fiery court, Vayuu formed a beautiful sphere of emerald wind and the other clan masters formed their own compatible Treasured Houses.

The strangest one of all happened to be Ginli's.

A beautiful, grey-scaled mermaid whose face matched Ginli's itself.

As all of this happened simultaneously, the primal energy revolving around their body slowly strengthened their physical structure. Inside the cocoon, their body grew curvier, fairer and more goddess-like.

Meanwhile, feeling the moment of breakthrough emerging, Lucifer looked at Uriel, who happened to possess a Demi-Goddess and an Infernal Living Artefact. Thinking of the situation, he couldn't help but chuckle, his hand still extended as he matched Uriel's posture.

"We don't have much time to celebrate our reunion."

Smiling softly, Lucifer spoke out. Raising his brows, Uriel nodded in return.

"It appears that you are right."

Letting out a sigh, Uriel lowered his arm and then gazed at 'Agni's' body with a slight reflection of surprise hidden in his pure white eyes.

"Quite a novel artefact, Lucifer. Using an archangel for your own convenience so daringly really isn't like you.

Without any hidden means, your step cannot move forward. I should have expected getting used by you the moment I saw you."

Lowering his own hand in response, Lucifer shrugged quietly.

"Your divine shard is already consumed. Believe me, it was nice meeting you."

Looking up, Uriel suddenly let out a hearty chuckle.

"Now, now. We both know that this is not true. Remember how I almost snapped your head?"

Smirking, Lucifer shook his head.

"You got me. Do you remember how close I came to screwing your first wife? It doesn't matter, the title of Cuck gently levitates above your head akin to the divine halo that protects your divinity."

Before Uriel's eyes could widen in rage, Lucifer snapped his fingers and Agni lost all her glorious glow. Before her knees touched the ground, Lucifer appeared before her and caught her light body in his arms.

With his command, Katharos finally emerged from Agni's body with a blissful smile on her cute little face and she immediately jumped into Lucifer's robe, laying inside his pocket lazily.

"My little Goddess, you really are a lucky one..."

A soft and light kiss found its way to Agni's forehead, who remained unconscious. Placing her on the ground gently, Lucifer finally looked at Gloria, making her deactivate the formation while Lucia remained in his position without any expressive emotions on his face.

"Take care of Jarul."

Patting Ren's back, a pair of devilish feathered wings fleshed out behind his back. The feather themselves look incomparably luxurious and glossy under the moonlight. Bright crimson eyes gazed at Lucia.

"Do you really think that—" Lucia's dry lips parted, his wrinkled face formed a sour look. Alas, he wasn't 'destined' to complete his sentence.

"Earth Spike."

With a plain expression, Lucifer formed the skill chart under Lucia's footing. Unable to reinvigorate himself after destroying the major half of his own Cultivation, Lucia failed to keep up as a thick earthen spike emerged from the ground and pierced his body in between, immediately tearing him into gory, two pieces.

Gooey pale white brain matter splattered on the ground while Lucia's guts remained entangled with the spike, his left half dangling forward while the blood kept on spraying from his ruptured lungs.

"I really think that I can defeat fate... so just keep quiet."

Lucifer's large wings flapped gently, keeping him airborne. Turning his face, he saw Ren smacking Jarul at the back of her head, making her body fall on the ground unceremoniously. Rani and others, meanwhile, started counting their gains as they slowly felt their consciousness emerging from the deep and wonderful state of comprehension.

Clapping his hands, joyously, Lucifer commanded his seven generals and the astonished devilish duo.

"Now people, we need to prepare our Empress as quickly as possible and get her ready for the impending alliance meeting.

Chop, chop, we have less than five hours."


Alluring crimson locks fell on her forehead, droplets of warm water glistened them ever so lightly before falling on Rani's smooth cheek and then following its path to trace her upper body before reuniting with the warm water in the tub.

Rani's slightly dazed eyes gazed at the pure white tiles of the royal bathhouse. After breaking through and finally etching her first Rank 6 skill, she was asked to take a bath to relax her body.

With Jarul placed in the dungeon for an indefinite period, Rani's mind was finally calm. Of course, she would have her own revenge on Jarul, but that sweet needs will have to wait.

In fact, she was quite a fortunate one to get her tired body some rest. The other nine members did not even have the chance to take a rest and immediately had to take control of the situation on the capital's surface and inside the capital.

Moreover, Vayuu would also have to go through the strenuous task of opening a Rank 8 Mythical Continent.


A soft sigh escaped her lips. The most worrisome situation that haunted her heart was Agni's situation. She still hadn't woken up. If it wasn't for Master's orders, she would not have left Agni's side at all.

Opening the doors of the royal bathhouse with a strong push, Lucifer's figure slowly emerged through the steam... his naked glorious figure. With the bathhouse connected to the showers, Lucifer had already cleaned the dirt on the surface of his skin.

His slightly unruly dark hair now fell on his forehead and his whole body gained a healthy and rosy tint, but nothing compared to the Rani, whose glow and aura had grown by leaps and bounds.


She voiced her doubts. Seeing the familiar feet, she finally closed her eyes lazily and waited for her master to dip in.

Smiling, Lucifer finally entered the warm waters as his senses were comforted by Rani's natural scent.

"How is my Empress' body? Is her Highness finally relaxed?"

Since Rani dipped with her back around, Lucifer could trail the slight indentations of her spine till his fingers reached the base of her hips, uproariously curving into soft round hips that could devour a finger if pinched.

Relishing Lucifer's touch, Rani let out a soft 'mmh' and then sighed in relief. Her heart felt undone by the single touch of her master.

With her father literally impaled analised to death, her mind felt lighter.

Gazing at Rani's smooth neck revealed by the luxurious crimson hair tied up, his lips couldn't help but curl up into a devilish smile.

His right hand finally pinched her right butt cheek, his fingers digging into her soft and springy butt that seemed to be even more bountiful after going through a breakthrough.

Moving behind Rani, who smiled happily while keeping her eyes closed, his lips finally connected with her milky white neck blushing a rosy colour.

"Mmmgh haaaaa!"

Resting her cheek on her hands, Rani enjoyed the rare show of gentle care. Of course, she also happened to miss the rough bang where her three holes were at the verge of destruction by the copious amounts of spunk flowing out.

The other hand finally slipped below her raised arms, firmly dominating her left breast. Finally, Rani couldn't remain still, her blissful expression crumbled gradually as her pearly white teeth bit her lower lip, her face gaining a tinge of scarlet, a soft moan escaped her clenched jaws.


Twisting her neck, Rani's gaze soon matched with Lucifer's, proceeding to engage in a long, sensual kiss, Lucifer gently handled her tongue, unlike the previous sessions where his demonic tongue wrapped her fleshy little member and squeezed it dry. Lucifer's tongue slowly pulled her's into his own mouth, allowing him to taste the sweet nectar flowing out of Rani's northern whole.

Feeling her body growing weaker and weaker, Rani felt a mind-blowing sensation filling her mind. Her body twisted naturally while Lucifer's hand repositioned itself to tease the nubile jewel crowning her gushing flower as his other hand moulded and played with her breast accordingly.

Feeling the master's hot throbbing rod pressing her stomach harshly, demanding her attention, she garnered her focus and let her dainty little hands stroke the already lubricated devilkin that handled Lucifer's private matters.

Tracing the thick, bulging vein covered by soft flesh comfortable to stroke, Rani started pumping Lucifer's dick passionately. Her pumps grew wilder and wilder, showcasing her desire to be filled once again. To be pounded into oblivion and to be ravaged like there's no tomorrow.
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She wanted to feel her flesh steaming as her body writhed in sweat and a loose face with her tongue lolling out, covered in a coat of white, delicious elixir that calmed the aching of her womb.

"Alright, looks like you are ready."

Not understanding her master's words, Rani let her arms hang loosely above his broad shoulders, her kiss grew wilder while Lucifer moved his hands towards her waist, repositioning her into a more comfortable position before let her sit atop his member.

"Now that you are all worked up, remember that when you negotiate in the alliance, I only expect the most benefit out of the situation.

I can trust you, right, Rani?"

Lucifer softly whispered as he rubbed his heated road against her worked up pussy. The flesh already bright pink with healthy blush and the inner walls leaked viscous juices that spread a mellow aroma inside the bathhouse.

"Hmm, yes, Master. Rani will always be here to achieve your goals."

Speaking through slight intervals between her kiss, Rani gave her answer, now, impatient for her reward.

Alas, there is no bigger tease than the devil.

"Good, then I'll reward you after your return."

Breaking the kiss, he gently kissed her right cheek before standing up, his hard, bulging rod towered in front of Rani's face, who gulped in expectations only to feel frustrated once again. Lucifer did not even spare another glance in her direction after he gave Rani her objective.

Biting her finger, Rani resisted the urge to employ her own fingers in action. Orgasm with master was the best kind available in the whole realms, she didn't want to disappoint Lucifer by using her pathetic fingers to replace his lower god.