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66 You Cannot Destroy Fate 4

"By quantity, of course."

Lucifer smiled gently, hearing his words, three other peak Rank 5 members sat down cross-legged in a moment's notice and shattered their Elemental Space, filling the void by siphoning the nature's energy, angering the plane itself.

Thunder rumbled further, intense, crimson-red lightning flashed continuously, slowly turning darker, ominous.

Finally, a primal energy emerged from the dark, blanket of the clouds, finally making Lucia a little grimmer. But his confidence remained.


Instead of Red lightning, a dark, ominous purple lighting forked into two parts, striking at Lucia and an ugly looking Jarul.

Remembering his promise to Rani, Lucifer gazed at Jarul, finally opening his mouth.

"Jarul Blaze, the Tribulation Pole Formation is only set to bind Treasured Masters and other nature siphoning experts."

His loud shout startled the focused Jarul, who, could not understand the intent behind his words as she was fully concentrating on preventing the purple lightning to strike her body.

Meanwhile, Lucia frowned. Didn't this mean that the only way to live is to abandon your cultivation and restart all over again?

A hexagonal, brilliant light shield defended his frail body from the lightning strike as the clouds started rumbling once again, storing more energy, wanting to punish and remove the ungrateful leeches who would suck on the motherland's energy to fulfill their own cultivation.



Jarul was already despairing.

Ordinarily, she only had to face the might of Peak Rank 6 Major Tribulation, but now, the strength of tribulation has already exceeded the limits she can face. The sudden influx of the information from one of the dastardly Ancestor's disciples also failed to make her realise the path of her own survival.

Seeing his own elder daughter's condition, Lucia's eyes remained undisturbed. His eyes fell on Lucifer once again while his thoughts geared into motion. All his last interactions with the infernal filth resurfaced as Lucia's eyes grew brighter and brighter.

"Lucifer... ah, Lucifer. It can only be you. No infernal filth is daring enough to claim itself as the ruler of infernal realm aside from the Emperor of the Infernal Realm himself.

Personally, I don't feel much impressed by you, Lucifer...

Simply bidding for the right time to strike, doesn't this very act opposes your tome of pride?

And not to mention, using your real name to disguise yourself actually happened to be a wonderful strategy, for that, you have my respect."

Smiling in the face of compliment, Lucifer held an undisturbed smile. Gazing at the remaining two rank 5 fake mock (useless skill) cultivators, he immediately commanded them to breakthrough.


The clouds immediately parted in rage, a deep, thick, lifelike dragon constructed of nothing but lightning let out a thunderous roar.

A maelstrom of energy destroyed the surface of the capital, wiping out almost half of the citizens, yet, the group facing the direct brunt of the raging roar remained calm, at least, this was true for the devil's camp.

Jarul, meanwhile, almost lost her consciousness and peed herself into oblivion. But this scare allowed her thoughts to return normal.

Biting her lower lip, she gazed at her father and then at the cocoon that covered her own sow and then finally landed on the ground. With a single thought, her treasured house ruptured and alongside, the other sub-elements she cultivated to stabilise her own Treasured House were slowly removed from existence.

With a mouthful of colourful blood, surpassing a rainbow's colours in number, Jarul finally felt the tag on her legs disappearing.

Lucia, on the other hand, released a sigh of defeat. He knew... that he could not live past this ordeal. He was all too aware of the fact that the moment this lightning dragon appeared, its might had long surpassed his own strength by far.

"A Heavenly Strike?"

Lucifer muttered under his breath.

Minor Tribulations for completing the skill inscriptions.

Major Tribulations to break through a rank.

Heavenly Strike to smite the Law Acquiring Cultivator and finally,

A Chaotic Pool to destroy the Divine Bearer.

Seeing the Heavenly Strike forming in front of his eyes, whose might has long surpassed the power of Rank 9 Cultivator, the peak of this mortal realm, Lucifer smiled happily.

Surprisingly, Lucia himself smiled bitterly before his eyes grew determined.

"I would like to see how you defend against the Heavenly Strike..."

Lucia muttered before he descended away from the Devil's Camp, a long arrow of blood emerged from his mouth, his cultivation digressed and finally stopped at Rank 5 peak.

Unlike Jarul, Lucia held many methods to control his own Cultivation. Him not sharing these methods with his own daughter speaks volumes of his personality.

The mark on his legs vanished as the dragon's head slowly tilted toward Rani's location. Her cocoon had already enlarged to quite a lot of amount. Evidently, she was at the verge of a breakthrough, hence, becoming the Heavenly Strike: Lightning Manipulation's first target.


An earth-shaking cry escaped its mouth while Lucifer looked at Lucia and smiled, using his elemental manipulation abilities, he could easily communicate with the latter.

"I have read a few scriptures... fate is eternal. I am supposed to rule and my destiny will make me a ruler. You, on the other hand, will perish and of course, banished to the Infernal Realm once again."

Lucia spoke calmly. Not a shred of indignance in his voice.

"I see. You follow the belief of eternal fate. I follow the belief of ravaging the fate. Either way, I must show my gratitude for all the preparations you have laid down for my success.

Remember, the next time a heavenly strike emerges, only those from the Heaven can disperse it."

As if understanding his words, Lucia's eyes widened. Before he could speak more, Lucifer's roaring laughter erupted from the Devil's Temple.

"Fate cannot be destroyed... ah... I cannot destroy fate?

Why would I want to destroy her? She has a better purpose in this life... quite ironic if I say that her destiny will lead her to a path of no return.

But the Fate Wheel, that can be destroyed and this is the first step to its destruction."

The moment his words ended, his living artefact, Katharos immediately turned into a crimson liquid before entering Agni's body.

"How about you face this heavenly strike for me, brother?"

Lucifer turned to Agni, who fell on her knees before grabbing her head in pain. Her eyes turned pure white as her breathing turned ragged. But suddenly, her milky white skin took a shade of red. Her crimson hair turned raven, devilish. Meanwhile, the glow in her eyes only increased.

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"Hmm? What is this? An Infernal possession?"

A deep voice struck out of her vocal cords, the panic on her face receded before a calm and cool look emerged on her face, despite the rapidly turning red skin.

"Hi there, Uriel. Did you miss your 'Oni-chan'?"

Lucifer snickered while he looked at Agni, or now possessed by Katharos and Uriel.

Turning his face sideways, Uriel, The Light of God ignored Lucifer before gazing at the Heavenly Strike stopping right in front of them due to Uriel's presence.


A single word emerged from Uriel's mouth before the Heavenly Strike bowed submissively, showing its intelligence and then slowly turning into motes and threads of energy. The energy itself was meant to act as the nourishing force for the giant cocoons siphoning at the mother nature.

The cocoons were immediately nourished, the sky turned calm and starry once again, Jarul fell on her knees in despair as she could do nothing without her cultivation while Lucia gazed at Agni with a complicated expression.

The moment Katharos entered her body, he felt his connection with her own Elemental Space getting severed. Finally, Uriel touched 'her' shoulders and then looked at Lucifer, 'her' expression as calm as the sea.

"Now, Lucifer, you need to return back to the Infernal Realm."

Smiling gently, Lucifer corrected his own younger brother.

"It should be 'Elder brother' for you? Man, did you forget the basic manners to respect your elders? I am like... hmm, maybe, an eon older than you."

Uriel's left hand extended outwards, a mysterious energy slowly moved towards 'her' hand before Uriel spoke once again.

"You want to do this the easy way, or the hard way?"

"How about, my way?"

Lucifer extended his hand in a similar fashion but no mysterious energy wrapped around him, instead, he smiled.

"No guy can possess my women, little firefly."

Hearing his previous nickname once again, old indignation finally resurfaced within Uriel's consciousness and 'her' eyes twitched.

"You shouldn't have said that."