Villain Summoning in an Eroge
65 You Cannot Destroy Fate 3
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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65 You Cannot Destroy Fate 3

Note: Some bits and pieces may not be fully explained as they will be slowly and gently, unravelled in the future chapters. In this novel, the power system is quite similar to that of Reverend Insanity, as I am an otherworldly fan.


Downed in loose and baggy robes, the four clans' leaders stepped forward with Rani leading them. Their expressions grave as even the rebellious Vayuu failed to have any undue thoughts towards her master.

Blood-red thunders crackled, the world finally raged as the humans broke their limitations once again, expanding a newfound world inside their own bodies, a sinful act.

An unforgivable act!

Accompanying the blood-red flashes inside the dark clouds, heavy, almost pressurising, wind raged the entire Empire. The structures built on mountain's surface crashed, killing a few, injuring many.

Frowning at the sudden change, Lucia finally looked at the top of the Dawn Temple. His eyes widened and nostrils flared at the immediate realisation when he looked five, peak Rank 5 masters standing together, a primal energy, much similar to his', wafting out of their body.

Alas, Jarul and Lucia, in their own indifference, noticed all too late.

"Do it!"

Karma's eyes shone in a pitch-black radiance as the scriptures surrounding the empire cracked apart, forming into ashes of crimson-gold, shooting towards Lucia and Jarul! On the other hand, Rani and the four clans master immediately slammed their palms on their own forehead, their Elemental Space cracked and burst apart, actively communicating with the nature while the flashes of lightning grew in intensity.

A feeling of dread rose within the hearts of citizens and conspirers alike.

Feeling the visible manifestation of the world's rage, Jarul and Lucia immediately sweat-dropped!

Placing his hands on Karma, whose orifices were flooding with blood, Lucifer passed his vitality in huge amount. Something, quite unbelievable since he cherished his own unending vitality. But to achieve his objective, any sacrifice is worth it!

"Destroy the Elemental Space, converge the nature's energy, assimilate the chaos and fuse the skills to create your own realm!

Karma, keep on with the Tribulation Pole Formation!

Agni, you are to stay near me, keep Katharos in your arms!"

Lucifer immediately instructed the group as his face grew paler with every passing moment. Activating such a strong formation needed at least the elemental energy of Rank 6 masters, to actively replace such a high requirement, Lucifer had to infuse his own unending vitality, threatening the end of his own life.

But to achieve something, sacrifice and risk are necessary!

Unable to keep up with the situation, Lucia immediately targeted Rani as the mastermind and gritted his teeth. By now, Jarul and Lucia were already pale as their legs were covered with crimson gold ashes, creating a dreadful feeling inside their hearts.

On the other hand, Rani and the four masters sat on the ground, cross-legged. With their Elemental Space destroy, their Elemental Gems immediately came into contact with the nature, greedily siphoning the nature's energy, enraging the heavens and earth further.

'To achieve their own treasured house, they need to baptise their elemental gems with nature's energy and fuse their skills to structure their own treasured house.


Lucifer looked at Agni, a miniature Katharos in her arms as she looked at the surroundings with a pale expression, a stark contrast to Katharos' innocent one.

"You fool! What are you doing?!!!"

Closer to the group, Jarul screamed, but couldn't act, as she needed to reserve her energy for the incoming tribulation.

"Have you forgotten your own mission?! Acting against your own family, you have no sense of honour!"

Gritting her teeth, Jarul continued!

Smiling coldly, Rani sat silently. If she really replied to Jarul's screams of frustration, it would take away all the fun! After all, arguing with a dead person means respecting one.

And Rani held no respect for Jarul, whose fate is to die.


Her apprehensions gone with Jarul's screams laced with unending hypocrisy, Rani took a deep breath, the primal energy revolving around the group gushed into her body, attaching to herself and creating a physical cocoon of energy. Not just her, even the four clan masters behind them were covered in a cocoon, cutting their connection with the outside world.

Only now, the clouds growled cruelly and sent a lightning strike... towards Jarul!



Jarul's clenched jaws groaned as her gaze turned stern.

"Rank 5: WindMill!"

Clearly dabbing into side elements, fierce wind gathered around Jarul, forming into a large shield of wind rotating at an insane speed, cancelling the lightning strike while she also controlled her elemental energy to wear off the crimson gold ashes on her ankles, alas, to no avail.

"A tribulation pole...."

Her eyes flashed darkly. Being a scholar of her own right, she knew a lot about formation. But to activate such a destructive formation, one must have at least a Rank 6 Treasured Master. Seeing that even her newly emerged Rank 7 father was stuck with this menace, Jarul's countenance turned even uglier.


Accompanying dark clouds, thick, sickly-green droplets of rain fell from the sky, but strangely, none fell on Rani's group as the rain was divided into two, mid-air, as if attracted by two magnetic poles!

Jarul and Lucia.

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"Toxic Tribulation!"

Jarul hissed and she immediately concentrated on a Rank 6 skill, ignoring the formation attached on her legs.

Meanwhile, Lucia, still looked slightly calm. His experienced eyes recognised the seven founders and his own disciples, Lucifer and Perenna. With a flash of confusion, he took off towards the group, a white barrier surrounding him and defending against the Rank 6 Tribulation: Toxic Rain.

"Esteemed Founders, what is the meaning behind your actions?"

Gazing from above, the rain still attracted to the white barrier, sizzling at a rapid pace, Lucia placed his hand behind his back and questioned calmly. Not even for a single moment did he think that Lucifer himself was the mastermind.

In his eyes, Rani must have taken the chance to get the seven virtues on her own side to take action against him and Jarul. Too bad, he can still summon Uriel in a moment's notice.

"Murdering the heir of the Empire and tampering with his lineage, you don't get to question me!"

Gloria smiled coldly as she cut her wrist and let the blood flow into the temple's scriptures, inducing a bright glow from the temple, resulting into a large barrier covering them almost immediately.

"I see... so much is already known. I guess, there is no need for false pretense."

Lucia looked calm and gazed at Agni with a gentle expression.

"Agni... come to grandpa! I still need you!"

Hissing in reply, Agni immediately screamed while Lucifer placed his other hand on Gloria, diverting his vitality to her.

"You LIAR!!! Don't you dare call my name! Never!"

Shaking his head, Lucia smiled gently, his tone polite, but his words cruel.

"You don't get it dear. Your existence is my stepping stone. So stop struggling, because this measly formation cannot stop me."

The earth beneath mountain shook as cracks spread across the whole capital city.

"You don't get it, do you?"

Instead of Agni, Lucifer finally opened his mouth. His crimson pupils eyeing his surroundings greedily... lustfully.

"The devil set his eye on you! You don't get to act superior!"

A horrifying energy spread across the entire Empire, even going towards the Dusk Empire, shaking the entirety of the continent. Cracks spread across the mountains surface, unable to bear the pressure of the existence sealed within while the tribulation, feeling offended, grew further in might, finally invoking a serious expression from Lucia.

Calmly gazing at Vayuu's cocoon, Lucifer commanded the offspring of the Sin of Pride, Vayuu Blaze and created a mental hub with the Mythical Lands of Lion's Pride!

A Rank 8 Mythical Continent!


Vayuu's mind, slowly assimilating with Nature's energy and understanding the law of wind, immediately awakened as a primal growl emerged from within the depths of her consciousness. As if a key to unlock the suppressed memories, Vayuu immediately understood how the Sin of Pride was taken down by Gloria and how the infernal duke's Mythical Continent was sealed within the mountain, alongside Gloria herself.

With her ancestors affected by a single droplet of blood, she became the farthest descendant of the infernal duke herself. Now she understood why, Lucifer took a particular liking to her.

It wasn't her rebellious nature, no. It was her lineage.

Only now did she understand that the fate did not play a cruel joke on her, but she was simply destined to be her master's toy... his servant.


"Hah? Simply unsealing the Mythical Continent wouldn't affect me. Although, I am surprised that you really are an Infernal filth. But that is it!

You cannot summon a Rank 8 continent, how do you plan on defeating me?"

Lucia asked arrogantly.

Smiling at his words, Lucifer finally looked at other Rank 5 servants he simply created for today's events.

"By quantity, of course."

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