Villain Summoning in an Eroge
63 Nirvan Alliance 1
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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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63 Nirvan Alliance 1

The howls of the dreadful beasts surrounding the border grew louder and louder, terrorizing the hearts of every intelligent creature of the Nirvan Continent.

Each howl burdened the hearts of the warriors. Their shoulders burdened by the responsibility of fighting in the approaching war. The moon hanging on the pitch-black sky looked grim, announcing the unfortunate even falling on the lands of the continent.

The Infernal Twilight!

Seven days of non-stop recovery rate of all infernal creatures walking on the face of the continent, emboldening them to pursue their objectives. Lust Bunnies, Pride Sabers, Gluttonous Apes and many more offsprings of the original seven sins, the dukes of infernal realm, would flood the cities and Empires with their undue advantage.

Seven days of the endless night to traumatise the remaining few!

Truly, a cruel event played out every ten years. But with the emergence of Infernal Twilight, the alliance war is allowed to exist. The annual meetings to set up business conventions and recently discovered trading routes turned into something more.

Something bigger.

Something greater.


With the Dusk Empire hosting this year's alliance meeting, the major powerhouses and the trade guilds, alongside the ruling party of various Empires and nations made their way towards the 'sun-less' Empire.

Rising Sun Empire, on the other hand, had yet to deploy its emissaries and soldiers towards the Dusk Empire. Instead, the citizens of the Empire were commanded to etch a peculiar ritual around the empire in a circular perimeter.

While some of the districts were not included in this new formation, to citizens of the empire, it mattered not. After all, with new policies in place, they were already extremely content.

Inside the Dawn Temple, Lucifer had just completed another round of dual cultivation with others. Unable to even lift a finger after getting their insides drenched with his spunk, the ladies took quite a lot of time to wash-up and change into new clothes.

All, except, Rani and Gloria.

Even Rani's daughter, Agni had a blissful smile on her face while unending streams of off-white demonic liquids streamed out of her lips. But strangely, Rani, who had devoted herself to Lucifer after entering into his Demonic fold did not participate in today's session.

Blood leaking from her tattered robes, Rani could barely summon the strength remaining inside her cells to attack once again. Her cold, silver sword glistened in red and the runes on the blade's surface glowed coldly.

Downed in pure white, Gloria's crimson hair tied into a bun, remained unaffected even after such an intense training session. A deep-blue halberd in her hand looked nothing short of menacing and yet, it failed to blemish her otherworldly charm.

"Even after cultivating for years, you have barely reached master-level in your sword arts. Pathetic!

Not to mention the fact that instead of taking up the Imperial Strikes of Raging Halberd, you chose the inferior Cold Moon Sword Arts.

And look at yourself now.



Is this how you reciprocate master's trust in you?!"

Gloria shot towards Rani as the weight of the oversized halberd failed to impede her movements and agility. The large spear-headed blade came crashing down upon Rani's head, who barely mustered enough energy to extend her sword.


Deflecting her blade, Gloria stopped the tip of her halberd expertly, making Rani gulp as the blade almost pierced through her left eye, if not halted by the uncharacteristically annoyed Gloria.

"Bonding with your successor, I did not think that you still retained such compassion."
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Lucifer clapped lightly, his steps quick and his gait, unsurprisingly, pompous.

With another uncharacteristically grimace, Gloria shook her hand and bowed towards Lucifer before leaving with her long halberd. Not taking offence in her annoyance, he gazed at Rani, who looked somewhat bewildered.

"Don't worry, Gloria is experiencing that time of the month." He chuckled as Rani's face turned even stranger.

"I am joking. Anyway, with her descendants completely killed off, even the Fate Goddess would rage, much less Gloria.

You are fortunate that you entered my demonic fold in time, honestly, Jarul and Lucia are the ones who will truly face her wrath."

With her sweat-filled face contorting into a scowl, Rani couldn't help but speak up.

"But master... how can we even attack them? Jarul will surely reach peak-stage Rank 6 Master and Lucia will finally attain his breakthrough.

Their might..."

Before she could complete, a melodious and clear voice cut her sentence.

"Their might is definitely extinguishable."

Dressed in a black, one-piece, backless dress that hugged her upper body. With her supple green skin shown in full display, her petite figure managed to evoke a filling of dread much greater than Gloria's in Rani's heart.

Luxurious shoulder-length silver hair glistened with water droplets and her enchanting silver eyes peered past Lucifer, falling on her body. An oval face with a cute nose. Strangely, even after covering her curvaceous body in such beautiful clothes, the figure still decorated her pointed ears with skulls of extremely tiny beings.

If not for the feeling of death surrounding her, Rani would definitely be induced to embrace such a petite, yet, heavenly doll.

The goblin founder, Karma. Wielder of the Death Element.

"Quite efficient."

Lucifer commented lightly, seeing her Rank 4 aura.

Smiling sweetly, she held the hem of her dress and curtsied, giggling at the imagination of her own appearance.

"Thank you, master. I simply etched my skills during our session. The resulting energy immediately led to a major breakthrough.

Either way, shouldn't we start the preparation for the Nirvan Alliance?"

Her eyes glimmered in mischief, making Rani even more perplexed.

No matter how broken she was emotionally, just like other women, she prided in her appearance. But after meeting the seven... virtues... collectively, she finally understood that dignity escalates beauty far from the norms of the mortal realm.

No matter their size and appearance, the seven generals under Lucifer's command looked... perfect. If someone could rival them, then it would definitely be her own daughter, Agni and the devil duo besides Lucifer— Layla and Perenna.

Meanwhile, Chuckling at Karma's words, Lucifer finally felt a little relieved and nodded.

"Yeah, it's about time we get our first Treasured Master."

Saying so, he looked at Rani with hidden intentions. Rani, on the other hand, could not keep up with the conversation.


Character Profile

Name: Karma (Previously: Kretta)

Gender: Female (Previous: Male)

Race: Goblin

Age: Unidentifiable

Likes: Engineering

Dislikes: Filthiness

Description: Being the founder of the Goblin Nation, her leadership qualities are undeniable as the Goblins are known for their scattered tribes. Not only that, Karma brought all the creativity of the Goblins a step forward by actively looting the human empires and understanding the technology of other kinds.

The species that remained unaffected after Goblins' thirst for knowledge was the Elves and their myriad kinds. This industrial revolution remained until the world was threatened by the infernal kind under the umbrella of Lucifer.


Name: Thalia (Previously: Thakta)

Gender: Female (Previously: male)

Race: Ogre

Age: Unidentifiable

Likes: Battles

Dislikes: Whining little bi*ches.

Description: Ruling over the war-maniac race, Thalia's own thirst for blood is unquestionable. Her battle arts in various weapons have already reached the realms of Grandmaster, almost touching the mythical realm of Saint. Meanwhile, she has long broken through the Saint Realm with her broadsword.

Of course, the way she handles Lucifer's 'broadsword' is quite an eye-opener for her peers, but still, this war-loving ogress lost to the fairy general under Lucifer's command when it came to enduring the continuous pounding of the said broadsword, creating a newfound rivalry within the group.

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