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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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62 Return

In the throne room filled with unconscious and tired beauties, a single man stood tall. The crimson mist spread around him, the shadows of his body's defined muscles comparable to a streamlined monster and his continuous, rough thrusts into a blue-haired beauty created a heavenly sound of full balls kissing her butt cheeks.

With her blue-hair in a disarray, Vayuu, restrained her bodily emotions expertly and kept her lip bitten, only leaking a few moans that would have been shouts if not for Lucifer taking a little interest in her.

Behind the openly ravaged Vayuu, the previous clan masters and heirs of all the noble clans laid with their newfound petals filled with his unending demonic spunk, slowly leaking out.

Till now, our of all the woman Lucifer has been with, Vayuu, the previous master of the Blue Flames and Ginli's ex-husband, was the only one to ever control her urges so well. Even though Lucifer didn't take control of her mind, he enjoyed taking an unwilling rank-5 beauty again and again.


Pressing her womb full, Lucifer did wonder at times how Vayuu can be so tenacious. Of course, he liked this trait in the blue-haired beauty that made her more appealing to Lucifer than her sister, Varnar, whose ex-husband, by the way, laid in a pool of cum just a little bit away.

With Lutheran and other two clan masters already unconscious, Vayuu did feel her mind slowly slipping in wild moments of passion and almost immediately, her thoughts would drift towards the expression made by Ginli and Varnar when Lucifer went through them.

Honestly, Vayuu's rage and hatred would return the moment she recalled that she wasn't good enough for her ex-wife and did feel pity for Lutheran for sharing the same fate.
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Why did the fate played her so cruelly?

Vayuu was one of the good noble. A loving husband, yet, unfortunately, still childless. But now, in the depths of her heart, she mustered her remaining hope to thank her suppressed fortune to not present her with a child.

Or else... Vayuu shivered at the thought of her unborn child's fate.

"You know... you are more resilient than Ginli."

With a deep pound, Lucifer pressed her back against the wall while her knees rested on his shoulders. Each thrust bringing her to a higher phase of pleasure, Vayuu could barely keep her eyes straight, her jaws already losing their strength after such a long clench let out her fleshy tongue lolling out.

Her melodious moan finally started to emerge once again, bringing Vayuu the shame and embarrassment needed to tighten her hold, unconsciously, on Lucifer's little lady killer.

"There it is! Now... why don't we continue your training?

You know what happens after you open your mouth, right?"

With his lips softly grazing up her neck, Lucifer smiled devilishly and thrusted once again, evoking a loud moan comparable to a shout in volume.

"St- Hnnnngghhhhh!"


He asked, yet, his expression told that he already knew Vayuu's dilemma. Just like that, the master-servant training continued with Vayuu gripping onto her remaining sanity as hard as her pussy gripped onto Lucifer's member.


With creating the last of the basic Elemental space inside his body, Lucifer finally concluded the saga of the much dreaded spunk-filled week. Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Stellar, Space and Time.

These were the most basic elements, at least, these ten elements constituted the most basic elements in Lucifer's vocabulary. Other elements known for their variations simply came to existence after the interaction of these ten elements in the natural surroundings.

If one took Gloria's Magma Element into account, it was simply a combination of Rock and Fire Element.

Life and Death Element emerged from the variation and combination of Time and Space Element and one of the most ethereal combination— Yin Yang Element, emerged from the rarest breed of Light, Dark, Holy and Infernal Element.

In his chamber, alone, Lucifer's body continuously and violently flashed with ethereal lights. His expression calm and his body distributing the neutral element energy gained after ravaging the blazing alliance. Of course, it would take a lot of time to cultivate the Elemental skills properly but by now, Lucifer already had a set direction to cultivate in and also had a lot of skills, that could be converted into different elements, in his hands.

Ending his rare 'single' cultivation session, Lucifer made his way out of the chamber where his seven generals stood with their left knee on the ground and right knee bent, patiently waiting for his emergence.

"Greetings, master."


The sudden news of all the heirs, heiresses, Elders and Clan Lords of most of the top-tier noble clans entering into a closed-door cultivation for an indefinite period shook the whole empire.

While this news gave way to the rays of hope for the various corrupt officers to finally embezzle some of the Sun Gold ores and live a happy life ever after, they quickly face the reality after their comrades were beheaded the day after the embezzlement.

The laws and regulations of the whole empire became more stringent. No miners from the lowest level of mountain was allowed to leave the interior of the mountain and the trading rights under the Blue Flames Guild slowly expanded and aggressively took over the lesser guild, finally unifying the trade rights of the Empire and achieving monopoly, something, that would have been impossible if not for Rani changing her priorities from the whole Empire to Lucifer's kind and gentle embrace.

Meanwhile, the public of the Empire remained confused as to how the Director of the Dawn Academy would respond to the whole shift in the situation. Unfortunately, Lucia Blaze never made any appearance.

Black Flame Clan, on the other hand, mobilised all of their resources and networks to conduct a covert search in the entire Empire. While the capital city slowly transformed into an impregnable fortress, the National Army and the ministers were deployed to the borders with their intentions unknown.

Although the citizens dread of unknown remained unnaturally high, they didn't leave the Empire for their lives remained the same even after all the political shifts. The taxes remained the same and the military officers did not exploit their livelihood. Something, that the public was quite grateful for.


Tapping onto the table gently, Lucia's forehead looked soaked in his sweat.

"Why? Why? Why?

The moment Lucia leaves for the final tribulation, all of this shitstorm is raised!

Was it Jarul and Rani?

Probably. Those two gals should be thrown into the fiery pits of the infernal realm to get their souls tortured for eternity!

If Lucia finds out that my management is... unsatisfactory then Yassak maybe..."

The old man ceased that train of thought. His panicked expression remained unknown to the whole world while another peculiarity could be seen in the whole room.

Lucia's reflection could not be seen.

Be it the mirror, the glass and even the metallic surface, his reflection simply did not exist.


Character Profile:

Name: Nora (Previously: Nethar- One of the seven founders/Virtue)

Element: Shadow

Race: Human

Gender: Female (Previously: Male)

Age: Unidentified

Likes: Deep Sleep, A Luxurious Starry Night.

Dislikes: Waking up every day, Morning.

Description: As a female, Nora, one of the seven Virtues sports long, luxurious black hair that reflected sunlight, making her back an incarnation of a starry night itself. Her ice-blue eyes spectacularly fail to show her affectionate side.

Her attire consists of a pure black tunic alongside similarly coloured pants while her right forearm is protected by a silver arm guard with the inscription of a dazzling moon. To remain agile in her shadow form, Nora refrains from wearing her full armour until the situation calls for extreme measures.

Her personality of taking long sleeps still exists and she has taken notice of the fact that the best sleep she can ever sleep is only after getting pounded to unconsciousness by her beloved master.

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