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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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61 The Fall 2

Adorned with dazzling gems and rocks on their ornaments, the head mistresses of the noble families looked nothing short of ravishing. Their hair carefully straightened while some took the moment to indulge in their exotic fantasies with curling their hair, looking different from others and gaining attention far more easily and quickly.

But even then, for mere attention that could be used by their husbands to form contacts more easily, no women easily entered into a physical contact with any men other than their husband.

In reality, aside from a few luxurious harlots, all the noble mistresses were comparable to a distant delicacy wrapped in luxurious robes that covered every inch of their skin, leaving everything to the imagination of their pursuers. Some women wore jeweled chokers to cover their neck while others boldly showed this much of skin.

Their hands holding onto the glasses of flowery fruit wine that caused healthy blush on their exposed skin, many youths accompanying their parents felt enamored by the scene. The silk pants young master had long lost the thought of their own maidens waiting for them in the red light streets.

Only now did the youths understand that a woman putting out while wearing skanky outfits didn't come close to the elegant and gentle smiles of these mature beauties. Their curved eyelashes trembled with soft laughs.

Heck, these Mistresses did not even wear as much make-up as those needy women. With minimal products, their natural beauty grew up to another level.

While the ignorant youths mingled and discussed their own experiences, their elders and parents didn't have the thought of discussing any political issue. Failing to feel the tension rising in the courtroom, the youths, who only kept their eyes on the bountiful chests and astonishing curves of other mature noblewomen, did not feel the absence of the Golden Flames and the Blue Flames strange.

"All kneel to the Emperor and the Empress!"

A loud voice suppressed the rising thoughts of the noblemen and women. From the upper gates behind the throne, Rani Blaze emerged with her eyes and expression filled with dignity.

Her crimson hair tied up and held by a golden phoenix clip while she wore an equally crimson robe that was plain except for the large sun imprint on her back. Her natural beauty overshadowed everything in the room and her subjects immediately knelt on the ground.

"Your Highness!"

The greeted respectfully.


Her imperial charm prevented those with ridiculous thoughts to look at her face twice, their heads lowered. The only exception to this formless suppression were the members of the Black Flames and Red Flames.

"The Blazing Alliance has been called to inform the subjects of two things."

The lights of the courtroom dimmed almost immediately as a strange mixture of pitch-black mist and crimson mist covered every noblemen in the courtroom at a fast pace. Males fell on the ground with their body feeling so much that they failed to notice the violet flames covering their bodies. Meanwhile, the noblewomen felt their desires arousing at a breathtaking speed.

Their apprehensions, just like their clothes, slowly left their body only to find that there were no more men in the room.

Glowing brightly, Rani looked unperturbed and looked at the Demonic man standing next to her. Her gaze flashed fanatically for a moment before she forced herself to turn calm and then looked at her Master's... her everything's loyal subjects.

"First, I would love to introduce you to your new Emperor.

Second, from now on, the Rising Sun Empire has unofficially fallen and the Black Feathered Empire has unofficially taken its place."

Taking a deep breath to suppress her rising jubilation, from the fact that she could finally announce her faith to the man next to her, she continued.

"Being the Empress of the defeated Empire, my body, heart and soul belong to him, the new Emperor of the Empire, Lucifer.

And so, my loyal subjects, I expect nothing less of you."

Turning her face sideways, Rani looked at Lucifer wanting to see her expression at her declaration. Long has she wanted to belong to someone, a person who showed her genuine appreciation. Sure, every woman together with Lucifer knew that they weren't his love, but merely an object of obsession and love.

But was it not the same for them.

Each woman together with Lucifer knew the cold and hard facts of life.

Just like love never lasts eternally, they slowly turned their emotions for Lucifer from romance to obsession.

Obsessive of his touch, his care and his devilish smile that should be protected at all cost.

Even if the cost is to wash the Continent with the blood of innocents, it is worth it if his face never loses that smile of his.

To Rani's fortune, she almost shuddered in absolute pleasure when Lucifer gave her a 'beautiful' grin. Closing the distance to hold her curving waist, their lips sealed.

"Don't forget what you said. Don't regret what you said.

From now on, even your heart belongs to me."


Stroking her back affectionately, Lucifer's cruel gaze moved towards the new subjects that needed to he forced into unorthodox contracts before they are allowed to leave.

"Wait for me in the temple. It will take some time before I am finished."

Nodding, Rani took her leave after gazing at the rising little demonic general, something that needed to be protected other than Lucifer's smile.

"Now, then. I should finally allow you to feel the loyalty I feel towards my Empire."

Lucifer smiled as he slowly descended.

In the dim courtroom, his piercing crimson eyes made the sultry noblewomen tremble in expectations while the youths and men who have turned into their female self shuddered in fear when their hungry gazes fell onto the rod slowly being unclothed.

They just stepped into their own demise!


A conspicuous blue-haired youth could be seen travelling around the Dusk-Dawn Border. His eyes scanning his surroundings vigilantly as he took each of his steps with caution.

Hiding his presence, he slowly spied on the army stationed at the border while he did not forget to observe the destroyed district of Kannon that was overturned by the sudden emergence of lust demons.

Finding nothing interesting, he slowly walked back and traced his steps towards the empty patch of forest where his camp had been set-up.

Taking his seat on the ground, the youth took a deep breath before lighting campfire to prepare his food. All this time, he still couldn't understand why he was selected by the old director for the mission.

But he knew one thing for sure.

If the director suspected something, then it is sure to happen.

And that is also the reason why the youth did not leave for the academy right after unable to find anything of importance. As he remained in his thoughts, he suddenly felt a spike of elemental energy surrounding him.

His eyes snapped open and almost immediately, an elemental barrier started to form. Alas, he was a step too late.
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A huge earthen hand immediately slapped on the tent, destroying the youth in a single move, not even leaving him the courtesy to get a funeral.

Gazing at the broken tent, Yassak narrowed his eyes before his elemental energy gushed forth. A large skill chart could be seen above the destroyed area and immediately, the open patch of forest was transformed into a patch of quicksand, that engulfed everything.

Destroying his traces, Yassak immediately left for the Empire while his heart still couldn't shake off the feeling of dread that appeared the moment his connection was cut off from its original body.


Character Profile

Name: Jeanne

Age: 7

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Likes: Shayna

Dislikes: Being left out while playing with Jet and his friends.

Description: A beautiful blonde, sapphire-eyed girl that is destined to be the heroine of this story if Lucifer didn't know any better. Not much is known about her origins and future companions except for the fact that Jeanne once lived in the Immortal Valley.

Living with her foster mother, Shayna, near the Dusk-Dawn Border, Jeanne loves to play hide and seek in the forest with her other friends. While Shayna has failed to find out the identity of these mysterious friends, it is absolutely sure that Jeanne is a girl full of mystery even to a woman of a mysterious origin like Shayna herself.


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