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The pace and level at which Agni and Rani bonded together is nothing short of amazement. Thick demonic spunk was slowly mixed with her own saliva and shared with her daughter, Agni, who laid on the bed with her back while her front pressed by her own mother.

Their busts pressed onto each other and their nipples poked each others. With their hands holding together, they participated in the sinful lust with all their love and feelings bared open to one another. Rani, clearly being an experienced woman, took her time as her fleshy tongue trailed through Agni's mouth, making her mind numb in absolute pleasure.

Lucifer, on the other hand, placed his hands on Rani's raised buttocks and let his thumbs stretch her entrance, allowing him to witness the Empress' twitching glory.

His long tongue stretched out of her mouth while he sealed his lips with her sloppy pussy, gushing with sweet nectar that even lubricated her inner walls. Satisfied, Lucifer's fleshy tongue reached even further, evoking major reactions by her dripping 'Demi-God maker'.

His equally fleshy tail pierced Agni's tight snatch, making her gasp in amazement. Her eyes closed once again as she let her heart dip into the debauched waters of an incestuous relationship, making her body even more excited... hotter and even needier.

Finally finishing his treat, they both hugged each other tighter, bringing their hearts closer to each other while Rani's eyes opened in amazement. She fell into the delusion of literally being 'filled' as Rani's curvaceous, almost buxom, body convulsed in a bout of trembling orgasm.

Trailing his fingers down her back, Lucifer gave another deep thrust as his motion was slightly off-set by the gushing juices, making the womb shaped according to Lucifer's dick grip tighter onto him, almost clenching.


Her mouth filled, fortunately, her shout was suppressed into a loud moan let straight into Agni's mouth with another bout of saliva. As if wanting to serve Rani and finally enjoy being a filial child, Agni embraced Rani tighter and shifted the battleground to Rani's mouth.

With the sound of flesh hitting against each other and the continuous 'sloshing' noise, it was rather hard to concentrate when Rani's and Agni's moans combined together to form a beautiful music while the sweat-covered ladies sat far in the corner of the room, attempting to utilise all the received from Lucifer's spunk to increase their cultivation.


With a low grunt, Lucifer finally released another load of demonic seeds into Agni's furnace of a pussy that no ordinary mortal can leave out of unharmed, allowing Agni to sink into the nine-layered hell of pleasure.

Her skin visibly glowed as all the pure, neutral elemental energy was immediately sucked by her cultivation space, not requiring her focus at all. Rani, on the other hand, had to stop and cultivate once again while only Agni and Lucifer embraced each other.

In endurance, after Thalia the ogress and Ginli Blaze, the head of the Blue Flame Clan, Agni stood at the third number proudly. With Lucifer hugging Agni's body upfront, their genitals were already connected into a deeper level, allowing Agni and Lucifer to fall into the sink of the heavenly sin of lust just by grinding their thighs against each other.

Taking her supple, left breast, Lucifer continued to play with her right nipple, while Agni took her revenge by biting on Lucifer's shoulder, then sucking. Leaving a long stream of hickies that Lucifer refused to heal, just yet.

By now, Agni's unrestrained moans had already set the mood for Ginli, Varnar and Perenna.

Sadly, Lucifer finally ended the cultivation session after this load of spunk, allowing Agni to take the advantage by hogging it all, and finally closed his eyes to cultivate the myriad elements within his body.


"Quick! We have less than an hour."

The imperial eunuch screamed and pointed at the royal decorators as the courtroom was being cleaned and renovated at an insane pace to accommodate the sudden set-up of the Blazing Alliance.

Recognised as the celebration of the highest order, all the elders and heads of the noble clans of all the levels entered into the assembly.

But even being the gathering of such an honour, many nobles perish before they even have the chance to enter into such an assembly due to it being unannounced for almost two hundred years.

Clearly, the Imperial couple had something to announce, something that required the attention of all the Empire.

While many noble heads thought that there may finally be the good news of Empress being pregnant with his Highness' child, they simply shook their heads at the thought.

Being married for almost 20 years, they have yet to produce any offspring. Without using certain... special means, obtaining the heir to the throne is almost a lost cause. But still, the Noble heads and their mistress and concubines dressed accordingly. Even the four Flame clans were no exceptions and all the Elders slowly emerged out of their long slumbers.


"How do I look?"

Lutheran's pitch-black hair fell on... 'her' shoulder as she asked another blue-haired woman with an impassive expression.

Reduced from the noble head of the strongest noble clan to being Lucifer's meat slave, ready to please his... outrageous desires at his beck and call, Lutheran would have honestly lost her mind if her new companion hadn't joined her shortly.

Dressed in an equally skimpy bikini adorned with ornaments on its edges, Vayuu, the previous head of the Blue flames had already been used by Lucifer.

Her hips more curvaceous than the dark-eyed Lutheran while Lutheran trumped Vayuu in her upper body.

"What do you mean 'How do I look?' ?
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You look like a woman! Have some goddamn shame before even asking such embarrassing things!"

Vayuu's ocean blue hair only reached the nape of her neck, quite different from the long-haired elegant beauty that her sister, Varnar Blaze, sported.

Her expression still held her defiance while Lutheran's eyes twitched.

"I finally find out why..." Lutheran struggled a little before speaking out.

"... master loves playing with you..."

Gazing at Lutheran's pitch-black eyes filled with comprehension and enlightenment, Vayuu narrowed her gaze and placed her hands on her wide hips, her modest breasts jiggled by the motion, causing dark lines to appear on her beautiful and ravishing face.

Honestly, Vayuu did like one thing about her new female body.

She didn't have to maintain her facial hair any longer. Long gone were the days where she had to trim her long beard into perfection, showcasing that she was rough enough to use hard means to expand her business while also scholarly enough to handle negotiations calmly.

"Your meaning?"

Lutheran shook her head at Vayuu's question and smiled sadly.

"Every guy loves to destroy a girl's resistance. It is the satisfaction of conquering you that master enjoys deeply. Look at me, I already understand that there is no way out.

So, I have accepted the facts and have become twisted enough to enjoy getting ravished by master. Honestly, there already is an itch that can't be scratched away by fingers anymore.

But you? You are still defiant... rebellious.

What is more enticing than a beautiful woman to a man?"

Lutheran asked while Vayuu took a moment to understand her true position. Her expression fell while her body shuddered at the thought of going through his mouth getting utilised by her ex-wife's cum-filled mouth while her... little sister stretched to its extremities just to accommodate that hellish rod of pain and pleasure.

Gazing at the changes of her expression, Lutheran nodded.

"That's right. Aside from a beautiful woman, a devil-like master loves tainting an unwilling... beautiful woman."


Character Profile

Name: Shayna

Age: Unidentified

Species: Druid Elf

Likes: Jeanne and Jet

Dislikes: A male's touch except for the Charming prince visiting her every night.

Description: For now, the only thing known is that her skin is brown in colour while her curvaceous, buxom body is covered in white robes from head to toe. Her body is extremely enticing, even to Lucifer while it is still a mystery as to how she has been living safe from the villagers' lust.

In the modern terms, she would be the perfect combination of a milf with a youthful, lustrous and buoyant skin while her lips are rumoured to be plump and the living example of 'juicy' lips.