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Villain Summoning in an Eroge
Author :Broughtwaorld
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59 Summons

Placing his, what Agni liked to call, pompous butt, on the throne, Lucifer held a natural smile as if he had never ravaged all the women seated in the hall.

This time, Layla and even Gloria took their seat while his first companion stood beside Lucifer. Perenna's gorgeous silver hair fell past her thin waist, untied, the bangs covered the sides of her face while the demonic violet eyes regarded everyone in the room calmly.

The head mistresses of the Golden and Blue Flames were also present alongside Gloria, Layla, Agni and Rani.

"Even the Golden and Blue flames fell?"

Forced to see the true scenario of her own Empire, Rani held complicated feelings when she saw the sweet smile on those two mistresses. Almost half of her own foundation was quietly taken over by Lucifer.

"With the Golden and Blue Flames under master's control and the current Empress'... alliance, there are only two entities that threaten our existence."

Perenna opened up while Lucifer smiled and shook his head, correcting her.

"Precisely, three people are a threat to us. Jarul, the elder twin of the Empress, a Rank 6 Treasured Master.

Lucia, the Empress' father and a peak Rank 6 Treasured Master.

And lastly, Agni Blaze, the current vessel of Uriel, one of the four archangels."

Informed about her fate prior to this meeting, Agni was able to keep a calm expression while everyone snapped their heads towards the crimson beauty whose charm wasn't undermined by Gloria's and Perenna's.

"A vessel?"

Varnar, Layla's stepmother, finally frowned as she actively questioned, furthering the meeting.

Making Perenna retreat to her own empty chair, Lucifer sighed and looked at Agni, who, in return, looked at Lucifer's crimson eyes with her pale gold ones with absolute confidence.

Her resentment for getting taken away by Lucia had already turned into gratitude while what she felt like being the worst mistake of hooking up with the devil turned out to be the best one. Evidently, regular sessions with Lucifer was able to change her opinions.

"A vessel." With an affirmative nod, he continued.

"The idea was simple, actually. What would happen if you can control the deity of light?"

Asking a rhetorical question, he looked at Rani and continued.

"In this Deity-less world, you can rule the world with a single archangel. Just one spell and the blood flowing within Agni's veins and arteries would act as the summoning medium to summon Uriel.

Meanwhile, the spell covering her Elemental Space would act as a controlling device to slave the deity."

The hall fell into silence while the mistress of the Blue Flames, the grey-haired seductress, Ginli Blaze licked her petal-red lips, trying to keep her composure, she finally struck the core point of the whole discussion.

"Then why wait till now?" Gazing at Agni, Ginli continued, a little more calmly.

"If the vessel... Agni's blood could be activated any minute, then why isn't the world united yet?"

While Rani already knew the answer, she simply took a deep breath and kept her calm.

"A man's ego is directly linked to his fear. Lucia is an experienced cultivator and he understands that no plan and conspiracy is foolproof... solid.

What would happen if Agni's consciousness opposes Uriel's?"

"Unlikely." Ginli shook her head with a frown.

"Have you seen the future? Who's to say that Uriel wouldn't be able to break free?

What if the controlled Deity meets an untimely demise?

What if Uriel conspires against his masters?

What if Lucia's action trigger something far terrible than he could imagine?"

Unable to counter, Ginli finally fell silent.

"There are too many 'if'. To remain unaffected by so many scenarios, it is easy to understand Lucia's decision of waiting to summon Uriel before reaching Rank 7."

His calm words shook the heart of listeners, Rani, on the other hand, was finally enlightened to why Jarul immediately entered closed-door cultivation to inscribe more skills.

"There is still some time before the Alliance War begins. The Infernal Twilight is due in one month.

Before that, there is a need to identify the location where Lucia is going through his final ascending tribulation.

For that, we need to control the entire Empire. With the two powerhouses gone, the objective of taking over the Empire is easy."

Rani's cold calculations gained an appreciative nod from Lucifer while he smiled and spread his hands.

"So? There is only one thing to do. Rani Blaze, being the Empress of the Empire, you have the right to call the Blazing Assembly, right?"

With a cold smirk, Rani nodded as her eyes finally narrowed.

"I understand... master."


Inside the forest of origin stood a mighty empire belonging to the mighty children of the nature— Elves. Unlike other intelligent creatures present in the Nirvan Continent, the Elves did not create concrete borders around their kingdom.

Symbolising imprisonment and restriction on one's freedom, the borders were banned for eternity while the entire Empire was constructed to seamlessly meld together with nature.

Instead of one Imperial Family ruling over the entire Empire, the Elves were clearly divided by their birth and origins, which induced the leaders of various tribes to form an Elder's Assembly that collectively ruled over the entire Empire.

With her lean and curvaceous body trailing across the narrow streets of the Night Pearl city, her tied up lustrous golden hair dazzled the already beautiful elves and her charm could easily put her a level above the known Elder's.

Ren, the former member of the seven virtues, and now, a weakened general of the Progenitor of Lust, made her way to the residence of one of the Elders of the Elvic Association.

Her jeweled headgear crafted from black gold contrasted well with her pale white skin.

But before she could meet up with her only friend in this Elvic Empire, a calm voice entered her mind. Not only her, but the other five generals also heard the same summons.

"Three days. Reach the Rising Sun Empire in three days."

"Yes, master."

Ren's body shuddered in excitement. Her master finally called her and she was absolutely ready to show her worth. Finally reaching rank 5 once again, the skills carved on her cultivation gem consisted of her otherworldly skills used during her glorious Rank 8 cultivation.

With such a sturdy foundation, she was one of the top experts of the mortal realm in the entire Nirvan Continent.

But more than anything, she was hungry for the love deprived from her during all this time. While her physical constitution did not have half the endurance possessed by other sisters, it did not mean that she did not like her master's rough treatment.

Taking a deep breath, Ren gazed back at the pitch-black temple, the residence of the current leader of the dark elves and sighed before turning her heels.

Her body glowed green momentarily and almost immediately, her body decomposed into a gentle wind, bringing her towards the Rising Sun Empire.

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Just like Ren, other Generals stopped the tasks they were working on and used their own means to leave their clans and kingdoms silently.


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